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There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be. And then you accept it. Or you kill yourself. Or you stop looking in mirrors.

Nobody sees anybody truly but all through the flaws of their own egos. That is the way we all see ...each other in life. Vanity, fear, desire, competition-- all such distortions within our own egos-- condition our vision of those in relation to us. Add to those distortions to our own egos the corresponding distortions in the egos of others, and you see how cloudy the glass must become through which we look at each other. That's how it is in all living relationships except when there is that rare case of two people who love intensely enough to burn through all those layers of opacity and see each other's naked hearts.

Blindness    Ego    Fear    Heart    Life    Love    Vanity

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.

Logic    People    Prejudice    Pride    Relationships    Vanity

Clichés so often befall vain people.

Clichés    Vain    Vanity

Lockhart'll sign anything if it stands still long enough.

Had I been in love, I could not have been more wretchedly blind. But vanity, not love, has been my folly.

Affection    Blindness    Denial    Folly    Love    Refusal    Romance    Vanity

A man's vanity is more fragile that you might think. It's easy for us to mistake shyness for coldness, and silence for indifference.

Devil in Winter

Lisa Kleypas - El diablo no invierno

Devil in Winter

If you spend your life sparing people’s feelings and feeding their vanity, you get so you can’t distinguish what should be respected in them.

Boundaries    Feelings    Life    People    Relationships    Respect    Vanity

The alchemist picked up a book that someone in the caravan had brought. Leafing through the pages, he found a story about Narcissus.
The alchemist knew the legend of Narcissus, a youth who knelt daily beside a lake to contemplate his own beauty. He was so fascinated by himself that, one morning, he fell into the lake and drowned. At the spot where he fell, a flower was born, which was called the narcissus.
But this was not how the author of the book ended the story.
He said that when Narcissus died, the goddesses of the forest appeared and found the lake, which had been fresh water, transformed into a lake of salty tears.
'Why do you weep?' the goddesses asked.
'I weep for Narcissus," the lake replied.
'Ah, it is no surprise that you weep for Narcissus,' they said, 'for though we always pursued him in the forest, you alone could contemplate his beauty close at hand.'
'But... was Narcissus beautiful?' the lake asked.
'Who better than you to know that?' the goddesses asked in wonder. 'After all, it was by your banks that he knelt each day to contemplate himself!'
The lake was silent for some time. Finally, it said:
'I weep for Narcissus, but I never noticed that Narcissus was beautiful. I weep because, each time he knelt beside my banks, I could see, in the depths of his eyes, my own beauty reflected.'
'What a lovely story,' the alchemist thought.

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

Curiosity is only vanity. We usually only want to know something so that we can talk about it.


Blaise Pascal

Which of us is happy in this world? Which of us has his desire? or, having it, is satisfied?

Vanity Fair

William Makepeace Thackeray

Vanity Fair
Classics    Humor    Satire    Vanity

Or, rather, let us be more simple and less vain.

Ego    Emile    Life    Simplicity    Vanity

Look. Survey. Inspect. My hair is ruined! I look like a pan of bacon and eggs!

Howl's Moving Castle

Diana Wynne Jones

Howl's Moving Castle

She was heartily ashamed of her ignorance - a misplaced shame. Where people wish to attach, they should always be ignorant. To come with a well−informed mind is to come with an inability of administering to the vanity of others, which a sensible person would always wish to avoid. A woman especially, if she have the misfortune of knowing anything, should conceal it as well as she can.

Northanger Abbey

Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey

Vanity is becoming a nuisance, I can see why women give it up, eventually. But I'm not ready for that yet.

Cat's Eye

Margaret Atwood

Cat's Eye

There's something ugly about a pretty boy who knows he's pretty and assumes everyone else knows it too.

Do you wish people to think well of you? Don't speak well of yourself.

I was sorry for her; I was amazed, disgusted at her heartless vanity; I wondered why so much beauty should be given to those who made so bad a use of it, and denied to some who would make it a benefit to both themselves and others.
But, God knows best, I concluded. There are, I suppose, some men as vain, as selfish, and as heartless as she is, and, perhaps, such women may be useful to punish them.

Agnes Grey

Anne Brontë

Agnes Grey

The way you think about yourself determines your reality. You are not being hurt by the way people think about you. Many of those people are a reflection of how you think about yourself.

I'm so pretty, it's hard for me to think of myself as intelligent.

Dead Beat

Jim Butcher

Dead Beat

Nothing makes one so vain as being told that one is a sinner.

Sin    Vanity

I'm amazing and studly, but I have limits.

Grave Peril

Jim Butcher

Grave Peril

He had the vanity to believe men did not like him – while men simply did not know him.




Never trust someone that claims they care nothing of what society thinks of them. Instead of conquering obstacles, they simply pretend they don't exist.

You are not permitted to kill a woman who has wronged you, but nothing forbids you to reflect that she is growing older every minute.

Humorous    Revenge    Vanity    Women

But then one regrets the loss even of one's worst habits. Perhaps one regrets them the most. They are such an essential part of one's personality.

The tyrant is a child of Pride
Who drinks from his sickening cup
Recklessness and vanity,
Until from his high crest headlong
He plummets to the dust of hope.

Destruction    Evil    Pride    Recklessness    Ruin    Tyranny    Vanity

Vanity, thy name is vampire.

Women that can work a camera with ease often work men just as effortlessly for both require the same commitment to vanity and manipulation.

Female    Men    Model    Photography    Relationships    Vanity    Women

One sticks to an opinion because he prides himself on having come to it on his own, and another because he has taken great pains to learn it and is proud to have grasped it: and so both do so out of vanity.

I'm brilliant as well as skilled," he said modestly. "It's a great burden, all of that on top of my angelic good looks. But I try to soldier on as best I can.

Dead Beat

Jim Butcher

Dead Beat

She also considered very seriously what she would look like in a little cottage in the middle of the forest, dressed in a melancholy gray and holding communion only with the birds and trees; a life of retirement away from the vain world; a life into which no man came. It had its attractions, but she decided that gray did not suit her.

We all know you're beautiful, Scott.

Agatha: "If you say anything smug or stuck-up or shallow, I'll have Reaper follow you home."
Sophie: "But then I can't talk!

Agatha    Funny    Sophie    Vanity

I am jealous of everything whose beauty does not die. I am jealous of the portrait you have painted of me. Why should it keep what I must lose? Every moment that passes takes something from me and gives something to it. Oh, if it were only the other way! If the picture could change, and I could be always what I am now! Why did you paint it? It will mock me some day—mock me horribly!

Whenever an occasion arose in which she needed an opinion on something in the wider world, she borrowed her husband's. If this had been all there was to her, she wouldn't have bothered anyone, but as is so often the case with such women, she suffered from an incurable case of of pretentiousness. Lacking any internalized values of her own, such people can arrive at a standpoint only by adopting other people's standards or views. The only principle that governs their minds is the question "How do I look?

In some situations, if you say nothing, you are called dull; if you talk, you are thought impertinent and arrogant. It is hard to know what to do in this case. The question seems to be, whether your vanity or your prudence predominates.

guileless and without vanity,we were still in love with ourselves then. We felt comfortable in our own skins, enjoyed the news that our senses released to us, admired our dirt, cultivated our scars, and could not comprehend this unworthiness.

The Bluest Eye

Toni Morrison

The Bluest Eye

Now I feel like James Bond. Suave and intelligent, breaking all the codes while looking fabulous.

Dead Beat

Jim Butcher

Dead Beat

Killing animals to make a fashion statement = a sickening + cold-blooded vanity.

Abuse    Animal    Animals    Cruelties    Cruelty    Fashion    Fashion statement    Love    Lovers    Murder    Rights    Stories    Vanity

We think we are being interesting to others when we are being interesting to ourselves.

The wicked are wicked, no doubt, and they go astray and they fall, and they come by their deserts; but who can tell the mischief which the very virtuous do?

Vanity Fair

William Makepeace Thackeray

Vanity Fair
Fair    Satire    Vanity

I Am In Love With Myself, With My Heart.

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Pride only helps us to be generous; it never makes us so, any more than vanity makes us witty.

Generosity    Pride    Vanity    Witty

But who bothers looking beyond the surface? Who even knows anything about Cinderella's Prince Charming - other than he's a handsome prince?

Social media has infected the world with a sickening virus called vanity.

Most insensible, corrupt, cheap, disrespectful young girls run after bad, rude, cocky, nonsensical boys, but a mature, educated, thoughtful, virtuos lady opts for a wise, well breed, experienced, humble, modest gentleman.

Adult    Adulthood    Background    Bad boys    Callow    Cockiness    Corruption    Disrespect    Down to earth    Emptiness    Empty    Enlightened    Enlightenment    Experience    Gentleman    Gentlemen    Humility    Immaturity    Insensitive    Insensitivity    Ladies    Lady    Madness    Maturity    Modesty    Option    Puberty    Puerile    Reckless    Rude    Rudeness    Ruthless    Sensibility    Sensible    Teen    Teenagers    Unconscious    Vanity    Young    Young people    Youth

It is in our faults and failings, not in our virtues, that we touch one another and find sympathy. We differ widely enough in our nobler qualities. It is in our follies that we are at one.

Vanity, right?" Nash reappeared in the living room with an open bag of potato chips. "I nominate my venerable brother. He likes to play hero, and one look at him should establish the vanity angle."
"Nash!" I really shouldn't have been surprised by the dig. But I was.
"What?" He raised one brow at me in challenge. "It's okay to call me jealous, but not to call him vain?"
"Awareness of one's obvious advantages doesn't imply vanity," Tod insisted calmly.
Nash turned on him. "Does it imply narcissism?"
Tod huffed. "This coming from the guy who owns more hair products than his girlfriend.

Nash    Tod    Vanity

There’s just something unsettling about studying your reflection. It’s not a matter of being dissatisfied with your face or of being embarrassed by your vanity. Maybe it’s that when you gaze into your own eyes, you don’t see what you wish to see—or glimpse something that you wish weren’t there.



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