Threat Quotes

It sends out a very clear message: "Mess with us and we'll do something worse than kill you. We'll kill your children.

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games

Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home." I snapped the phone shut and placed it in her waiting hand. "I'm done.

I don't like it, but my hands are tied. I just want you to know this: if I ever get the chance to betray you, I will. If the opportunity arises to pay you back, I'll take it. You'll never be able to trust me.

What if I take you apart and turn you into a toaster oven, how would you like that tin can?

It is a curious situation that the sea, from which life first arose should now be threatened by the activities of one form of that life. But the sea, though changed in a sinister way, will continue to exist; the threat is rather to life itself.

The Sea Around Us

Rachel Carson

The Sea Around Us
Biology    Curious    Evolution    Existence    Life    Ocean    Science    Sea    Sinister    Threat

I'd like to give you my heart, but since that might be inconvenient, I've brought you someone else's.

Blood and Chocolate

Annette Curtis Klause

Blood and Chocolate

Don't fuck with me, fellas. This ain't my first time at the rodeo.

Keep your eyes open, Fireheart. Keep your ears pricked. Keep looking behind you. Because one day I'll find you, and then you'll be crowfood.

Erin    Fireheart    Firepaw    Firestar    Hunter    Threat    Tigerclaw    Tigerstar    Warning    Warriors

Look how we take your children and sacrifice them and there’s nothing you can do. If you lift a finger, we will destroy every last one of you. Just as we did in District Thirteen.

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games

The door closed behind her (Phoebe), and the two men regarded each other for a moment. Viktor spoke first. "I must have your promise, Coach, that you won't hurt her." Dan: "I won't." Viktor: "You spoke a little too quickly for my taste. I don't quite believe you." Dan: "I'm a man of my word, and I promise I won't hurt her." He flexed his hands. "When I murder her, I'll do it real quick so she won't feel a thing." Viktor sighed. "That's exactly what I was afraid of.

It Had to Be You

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

It Had to Be You
Hurt    Murder    Threat    Threats

Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery. It is far better to be free, to leave the forts and barricades of fear, to stand erect and face the future with a smile. It is far better to give yourself sometimes to negligence, to drift with wave and tide, with the blind force of the world, to think and dream, to forget the chains and limitations of the breathing life, to forget purpose and object, to lounge in the picture gallery of the brain, to feel once more the clasps and kisses of the past, to bring life's morning back, to see again the forms and faces of the dead, to paint fair pictures for the coming years, to forget all Gods, their promises and threats, to feel within your veins life's joyous stream and hear the martial music, the rhythmic beating of your fearless heart. And then to rouse yourself to do all useful things, to reach with thought and deed the ideal in your brain, to give your fancies wing, that they, like chemist bees, may find art's nectar in the weeds of common things, to look with trained and steady eyes for facts, to find the subtle threads that join the distant with the now, to increase knowledge, to take burdens from the weak, to develop the brain, to defend the right, to make a palace for the soul. This is real religion. This is real worship

Burden    Development    Dream    Facts    Fear    Feeling    Free    Future    Gods    Heart    Inspirational    Joy    Knowledge    Purpose    Reform    Slavery    Thought    Threat    Weak    Worship

...And you, you better run because i'm going to destroy you for what you've taken from me.

Don't be silly, Dawlish. I'm sure you are an excellent Auror, I seem to remember you achieved 'Outstanding' in all your N.E.W.T.s, but if you attempt to — er — 'bring me in' by force, I will have to hurt you.

Jane," I said quietly.
She opened her eyes, she had been far away in prayer.
"Yes, Mary? Forgive me, I was praying."
"If you go on flirting with the king with those sickly little smiles, one of us Boleyns is going to scratch your eyes out.

No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of tricky dicky
Is gonna mother hubbard soft soap me
With just a pocketful of soap.

Beatles    Soap    Threat

You or I might think that at least one would show courage and put up a fight. But neither you nor I have suffered as they, and even we have born witness in silence to lesser ills under less dire threat. Yet, in the face of evil, to sit silent is an even greater evil. Complacency is ever the enabler of darkest deeds;

Complacency    Courage    Enablement    Evil    Fantasy    Fight    Heroism    Suffering    Threat

The theology of the average colored church is basing itself far too much upon 'Hell and Damnation'—upon an attempt to scare people into being decent and threatening them with the terrors of death and punishment.
We are still trained to believe a good deal that is simply childish in theology. The outward and visible punishment of every wrong deed that men do, the repeated declaration that anything can be gotten by anyone at any time by prayer
Essay entitled 'On Christianity', published posthumously

Childish    Colored church    Damnation    Death    Declaration    Hell    Outdated    Punishment    Scare    Terror    Threat

But my patience isn't limitless... unlike my authority.

we are threatened with suffering from three directions: from our body, which is doomed to decay..., from the external world which may rage against us with overwhelming and merciless force of destruction, and finally from our relations with other men... This last source is perhaps more painful to use than any other. (p77)

Abuse    Age    Body    Destruction    Pain    Posttraumatic    Psychology    Psychology quotes    Ptsd    Rage    Relationships    Society    Suffering    Threat    Trauma

I will call no being good who is not what I mean when I apply that epithet to my fellow creatures; and if such a creature can sentence me to hell for not so calling him, to hell I will go .

Bad    Being    Creature    Epithet    Ethical philosophy    Ethics    Good    Goodness    Hell    John stuart mill    Moral philosophy    Morality    Punishment    Sentence    Threat    Torment    Torture

You just go ahead and keep on lining up your fan club because I am
going to be there to keep knocking them down.

Love    Ren    Threat

The pain of the narcissist is that, to him, everything is really a threat. What doesn't surrender in reverence is blasphemous to a high opinion of oneself - the burden of self-importance. The narcissist reconstructs his own law of gravity which states that all things and all creatures must adhere to his personal satisfaction, but when they do not, the pain is far more intense than it is for one who is free from the clamors of 'I'.

New rules. If you are smart enough to live, you won’t hit Charles’s mate in front of his father.

Cry Wolf

Patricia Briggs

Cry Wolf

If there's any guy crazy enough to attack me, I'm going to show him the end of the world -- close up. I'm going to let him see the kingdom come with his own eyes. I'm going to send him straight to the southern hemisphere and let the ashes of death rain all over him and the kangaroos and the wallabies.


Haruki Murakami


If you run from enemy fire, I'll make you wash dishes for the rest of your life!

Indeed Not. Stop kicking me, Daine. You understand, she is very important to a number of powerful nobles and mages in Tortall." Numair's voice was quiet, almost friendly; his eyes were hard. "Their majesties. Lady Alanna and her husband, the baron of Pirate's Swoop. Me. All of us would take iit amiss if we thought for a moment she was being trifled with, particularly by a young man who wasn't free to do the right thing by her."
"Numair," Daine growled. "Can I speak to you privately for a moment?
"No. Stepping on my foot won't work either. Do I make myself clear, Prince Kaddar?

Daine    Humor    Numair    Prince kaddar    Threat

Okay greasers, you've had it.


S.E. Hinton

You will not live through this if she does not

This never happens again," I said quietly. "You try to get to me through other mortals again and I'll kill you."
Mavra's rotted lips turned up at one corner. "No, you won't," she said in her dusty voice. "You don't have that kind of power."
"I can get it," I said.
"But you won't," she responded, mockery in her tone. "It wouldn't be right."
I stared at her for a full ten seconds before I said, in a very quiet voice, "I've got a fallen angel tripping all over herself to give me more power. Queen Mab has asked me to take the mantle of Winter Knight twice now. I've read Kemmler's book. I know how the Darkhallow works. And I know how to turn necromancy against the Black Court."
Mavra's filmed eyes flashed with anger.
I continued to speak quietly, never raising my voice. "So once again, let me be perfectly clear. If anything happens to Murphy and I even think you had a hand in it, fuck right and wrong. If you touch her, I'm declaring war on you. Personally. I'm picking up every weapon I can get. And I'm using them to kill you. Horribly.

Dead Beat

Jim Butcher

Dead Beat

I know you love her. I’ve never seen you act this crazed in your life. I get that. But Nan hates her. If you love Blaire then protect her from the venom that is dripping from your sister’s fangs. Or I will.

Never Too Far

Abbi Glines

Never Too Far

Don't go there Rule" Lawe warned him softly. " I don't think your horoscope declared today to be a good day to die.

His jest shall savour but a shallow wit, when thousands more weep than did laugh it.

Oath    Revenge    Threat

I promise not to hurt you, unless you try to take my shit. Then I'll twist your head off and hide it in a bush somewhere.

Vivian, I'd like to give you my heart, but since that might be inconvenient I've brought you someone else's."
"Rafe you jerk, this is a sheep's heart.

Blood and Chocolate

Annette Curtis Klause

Blood and Chocolate

talk," Skylar said. "If you listen. And FYI, I have a really strong feeling that he's going to be the next Bill Gates, so you might want to be a little nicer to him."
"I have a really strong feeling," Bethany deadpanned, "that if you don't tell me what's on that USB drive, I will end you.

The biggest threat against the survival of humanity is not brutality and unkindness, it is stupidity and selfishness.

If you dare to injure her in the least, I will await you where no policeman can step in between. And God shall judge between us two.

Mary Barton

Elizabeth Gaskell

Mary Barton

No. No more surprises. No more secrets. Or so help me, I will rip off your own leg and beat you with it.

Humor    Secrets    Surprises    Threat    Zombie

I made no threats, that was a promise.

A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin

A Game of Thrones

When 1:45 came, half the class left, and Danny Hupfer whispered, "If she gives you a cream puff after we leave, I'm going to kill you" - which was not something that someone headed off to prepare for his bar mitzvah should be thinking.
When 1:55 came and the other half of the class left, Meryl Lee whispered, "If she gives you one after we leave, I'm going to do Number 408 to you." I didn't remember what Number 408 was, but it was probably pretty close to what Danny Hupfer had promised.
Even Mai Thi looked at me with narrowed eyes and said, "I know your home." Which sounded pretty ominous.

The Wednesday Wars

Gary Schmidt

Creme puff    Humor    Ominous    Threat    Worry

You can stick your questions up your ass.
He slammed his tail in front of her. I don’t think I heard you,
little witch.
You heard me just fine and stop threatening me with that thing!
She kicked his tail.
By the gods, she was absolutely adorable!

Adorable    Annoyed    Humor    Threat

Hand off my ass or I'll rip off your balls.

Dare You To

Katie McGarry

Dare You To

I hate you. I hate you so much I hope you get a severe allergic reaction to chocolate and sex.

(...) or there will be a reckoning!

The Wee Free Men

Terry Pratchett

The Wee Free Men

I took out my grenade and put my fingers inside the pin. 'Do you boys want this to be your last meal, or do you want to answer his question?

Easy as a child breathes a wish at a exactly how hard it would be for me to tear your limbs from their sockets.

Our lives are led, and our decisions made, within a network of needs and wants, some natural, some arising from the acts of others, some aggravated by the acts of the state. We are all bored, or threatened, or tantalized in differing degrees by a perilous world, some hostile people, and a not very sensitive government.

Act    Boredom    Coercion    Experiment    Government    Justice    Prison    Rights    State    Threat

...a minority is only thought of as a minority if it constitutes some kind of threat to the majority, real or imaginary. And no threat is
quite imaginary...Just ask yourselves: what would this particular minority do if it suddenly became the majority, overnight?
'All right - now along come the liberals - including everybody in the room, I trust - and they say, 'minorities are just people, like us '. Sure, minorities are people, just like us'. Sure, minorities are people;
, not angels. Sure, they're like us - but not
like us; that's the all-too-familiar state of liberal hysteria, in which you begin to kid yourself you honestly cannot see a difference between a Negro and a Swede -'
(Why, oh why daren't George say 'between Estelle Oxford and Buddy Sorensen'? Maybe, if he did dare, there would be a great atomic blast of laughter, and everybody would embrace, and the kingdom of heaven would begin, right here in the classroom 278. But then, again, maybe it wouldn't.)
'So,let's face it, minorities are people who probably look and act and think differently from us, and have faults we don't have. We may dislike the way they look and act, and we may hate their faults. And it's
if we admit to disliking and hating them, than if we try to smear out feelings over with pseudo-liberal sentimentality. If we're frank about our feelings, we have a safety-valve; and if we have a safety-valve, we're actually less likely to start persecuting...

A Single Man

Christopher Isherwood

A Single Man

I have a message for your daughter, said Cale. I am bound to her with cables that not even God can break. One day, if there is a soft breeze on her cheek, it may be my breath; one night, if the cool wind plays with her hair, it may be my shadow passing by.
And with this terrible threat he faced forward and the procession started once more. In less than a minute they were gone. In her shady room Arbell Swan-Neck stood white and cold as alabaster.

Alabaster    Arbell    Bound    Break    Breath    Breeze    Cables    Cale    Cheek    Cold    Cool    Frase    God    Haïr    Hand    Hoffman    Left    Love    Message    Neck    Night    Pain    Paul    Play    Quote    Shadow    Skin    Soft    Soul    Swan    Terrible    Threat    Tomas    Touch    Warm

This guy sounds like all the bad guys from the last ten years of murder movies all rolled into one. Like he might be the worst of those books you have there. If he was real, and really like that, then I should arrest him, right? Matthew asked, hoping he could show the boy that he would protect him, and he could tell him the truth now.
No, Deputy. Because he is real, and he is really like that, and you should run.

Bad guy    Evil    Fear    Horror    Monster    Threat


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