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I'll fix it up with Mum and Dad, then I'll call you. I know how to use a fellytone now—"
"A telephone, Ron," said Hermione. "Honestly, you should take Muggle Studies next year...

That's Right Hunny-B

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Science must not impose any philosophy, any more than the telephone must tell us what to say.

I had made up my mind to find that for which I was searching even if it required the remainder of my life
. After innumerable failures I finally uncovered the principle for which I was searching, and I was astounded at its simplicity. I was still more astounded to discover the principle I had revealed not only beneficial in the construction of a mechanical hearing aid but it served as well as means of sending the sound of the voice over a wire. Another discovery which came out of my investigation was the fact that when a man gives his order to produce a definite result and stands by that order it seems to have the effect of giving him what might be termed a second sight which enables him to see right through ordinary problems. What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.

TELEPHONE n. An invention of the devil which abrogates some of the advantages of making a disagreeable person keep his distance.

Mr. Watson — Come here — I want to see you.
First intelligible words spoken over the telephone

This was before voice mail, recorded phone messages you can't escape. Life was easier then. You just didn't pick up the phone.

The phone is an instrument of intrusion into order. It is a threat to control. Just when you think you are alone and safe, the call could come that changes your life. Or someone else's. It makes the same flat, mechanical noise for everyone and gives no clues what's waiting there on the other end of the line. You can never be too careful.

I had never before met anyone who owned a telephone and believed in dragons.

The telephone is the greatest nuisance among conveniences, the greatest convenience among nuisances.

The telephone ringing gave me a dreadful start. I have never got used to this machine, the way it crouches so malevolently, ready to start clamouring for attention when you least expect it, like a mad baby.

The Untouchable

John Banville

If you are to use Alexander Graham Bell’s product, which is to say the blower, you should, in all courtesy, use it as he would have wished; and Dr Bell insisted that all phone calls should begin with the words ‘Ahoy, ahoy’. Nobody knows why he insisted this – he had no connection to the navy – but insist he did and started every phone call that way. Nobody else did, and it was at the suggestion of his great rival Edison that people took to saying ‘Hello’. This seems unfair.

The telephone is needed for
Emergency purposes only
These people are not
Emergencies, they are

Similitude of the heart is like that of a telephone operator between man and God.

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Every idea is in the soul of its owner. No other power can shift it to another soul, that is why we have the telephone, aircraft, etc, each having its unique inventor.

As to
's talking telegraph, it only creates interest in scientific circles, and, as a toy it is beautiful; but ... its commercial value will be limited.

In angry protest the red telephone splintered the silence.


Ian Fleming


If you had come to me a hundred years ago, do you think I should have dreamed of the telephone? Why, even now I cannot understand it! I use it every day, I transact half my correspondence by means of it, but I don’t understand it. Think of that little stretched disk of iron at the end of a wire repeating in your ear not only sounds, but words—not only words, but all the most delicate and elusive inflections and nuances of tone which separate one human voice from another!

The discovery of the telephone has made us acquainted with many strange phenomena. It has enabled us, amongst other things, to establish beyond a doubt the fact that electric currents actually traverse the earth's crust. The theory that the earth acts as a great reservoir for electricity may be placed in the physicist's waste-paper basket, with phlogiston, the materiality of light, and other old-time hypotheses.

В среде самоубийц принято оставлять записки: "В смерти моей прошу никого не винить". Так вот: в моих несчастьях прошу винить телефон. Он мой враг, я его раб. Более решительный человек на моем месте обязательно оборвал бы шнур или разбил аппарат. Я не могу. Телефон вне моей юрисдикции. Если бы каждый, вместо того чтобы носить свой крест, рубил его на дрова, некому было бы становиться мучениками. Когда человеку что-то от меня нужно, он добирается до меня с помощью телефона. Еще бы, если бы он отправился ко мне пешком или воспользовался городским транспортом, он трижды подумал бы, прежде чем решиться на такое. Если у вас есть телефон, вы меня поймете. А если нет, вы меня не поймете, потому что обиваете пороги в телефонном узле, доказывая, что по роду службы вам телефон необходим, как горный воздух. Кстати, я и сам обивал пороги, но самое страшное — если бы телефон у меня сняли, начал бы обивать пороги вновь. Как видите, я предельно откровенен.

I would have used the telephone on the Shabbat even though it's forbidden, and God wouldn't have held it against me because he's probably on my side in this affair.

Pourquoi les extravertis utilisent-ils une boîte vocale? Pour ne jamais manquer un appel. Pourquoi les introvertis utilisent-ils une boîte vocale? Pour ne jamais décrocher le téléphone.



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