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Tease Quotes

Is this Clarissa Fray?" The voice on the other end of the phone sounded familiar, though not immediately identifiable.
Clary twirled the phone cord nervously around her finger. "Yeees?"
"Hi, I'm one of the knife-carrying hooligans you met last night in Pandemonium? I"m afraid I made a bad impression and was hoping you'd give me a chance to make it up to-"
"SIMON!" Clary held the phone away from her ear as he cracked up laughing. "That is so not funny!"
"Sure it is. You just don't see the humor."
"Jerk." Clary sighed, leaning up against the wall.

Cassandra Clare , City of Bones

Tease quote - Oh no. Don't smile. You'll kill me. I stop breathing when you smile.
Oh no. Don't smile. You'll kill me. I stop breathing when you smile.

Tessa Dare , A Lady of Persuasion

Hate to sound sleazy,
but tease me,
I don't want it if it's that easy

Tupac Shakur

Tease quote - When people see you're happy doing what you're doing, it sort of takes the power away from them to t
When people see you're happy doing what you're doing, it sort of takes the power away from them to tease you about it.

Wendy Mass , Every Soul a Star

Tease quote - Teasing's part of the fun that comes before kissing
Teasing's part of the fun that comes before kissing

Lois Lowry , Messenger

Sin Fever," Wraith chimed in with a little too much enjoyment.
Sin Fever? They'd named the fucking disease after her? Bastards.

Larissa Ione , Sin Undone

Me? I'm being ridiculous? You're the one flirting for your thesis. What the hell kind of degree is that anyway? A doctorate of dick tease?

Erin McCarthy

I’d love to try to tame you... And I would simply adore it if you turn out untamable –

Simona Panova

What on earth are you wearing? Did you take orders in a convent since we spoke last? Little Sisters of the Drab and Homely.

Tessa Dare

You're weird,' he says.
Despite everythin, I smile. 'You're always saying that, but in fact, you're weird,' I say.
'Yeah, I know. Remember? That's how I can tell you're weird, too.

Amanda Maciel , Tease

And what if you try to kill me? Or worse: to kiss me?

Simona Panova

I leaned back in my chair, stretching luxuriantly, delibrately letting my jacket fall open. Predictably, his eyes moved down my body-some things outlast even the change. I grinned and he looked away, a rueful smile twitching at his lips. I finished breakfast in peace.

Karen Chance , Midnight's Daughter

Xav sprinkled olive oil on his lettuce. 'Lola was very particular that it all had to fit properly.'
'Lola?' squeaked Diamond. I wanted to warn her not to rise to the bait Xav was dangling in front of her but it was too late.
Xav added some Parmesan and pepper. 'Suspicious, Diamond? You should be. This is a bachelor party I'm organizing, not a school outing, and it is going to tick all of Trace's boxes. Lola is either a very efficient water sports instructor or an exotic dancing girl; I'll leave it your imagination.'
I rolled my eyes at Diamond. 'Myabe she's both. I mean the guys will really go for that, I guess. Don't worry,Di, Luigi and his crew will not disappoint us girls.' Luigi was in fact Contessa Nicoletta's little bespectacled chef with whom I had been consulting about the menu for Friday, but the Benedicts weren't to know that. 'He has promised to provide something suitably spicy for our tastes.

Joss Stirling

He let out a long sorry sigh and I love that look on his face, that disappointment. I understand now why girls resist,just for that sweet look of regret....

Kathryn Stockett , The Help

Dangling a carrot in front of a donkey—or anyone else for that matter—is not nice, and not fair, unless you eventually plan to give it up to them.

Vera Nazarian , The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Don't follow your dreams, lead them

Javier Rodriguez

People use to say that time can change everything but as far as I know the nothing can change the tease inside your heart .

Nutan Bajracharya

I often wonder, in a catfight, when one doesn't want to fight, if the other cat calls it a pussy.

Anthony Liccione

On the radio Smokey Robinson complained that "a taste of honey is worse than none at all.

Tayari Jones