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The happiness of the drop is to die in the river.

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I have loved in life and I have been loved.
I have drunk the bowl of poison from the hands of love as nectar,
and have been raised above life's joy and sorrow.
My heart, aflame in love, set afire every heart that came in touch with it.
My heart has been rent and joined again;
My heart has been broken and again made whole;
My heart has been wounded and healed again;
A thousand deaths my heart has died, and thanks be to love, it lives yet.
I went through hell and saw there love's raging fire,
and I entered heaven illumined with the light of love.
I wept in love and made all weep with me;
I mourned in love and pierced the hearts of men;
And when my fiery glance fell on the rocks, the rocks burst forth as volcanoes.
The whole world sank in the flood caused by my one tear;
With my deep sigh the earth trembled, and when I cried aloud the name of my beloved,
I shook the throne of God in heaven.
I bowed my head low in humility, and on my knees I begged of love,
"Disclose to me, I pray thee, O love, thy secret."
She took me gently by my arms and lifted me above the earth, and spoke softly in my ear,
"My dear one, thou thyself art love, art lover,
and thyself art the beloved whom thou hast adored.

Worry is itself an illness, since worry is an accusation against Divine Wisdom, a criticism of Divine Mercy.

Illness    Islam    Nursi    Sufism    Worry

Listen, O drop, give yourself up without regret,
and in exchange gain the Ocean.
Listen, O drop, bestow upon yourself this honor,
and in the arms of the Sea be secure.
Who indeed should be so fortunate?
An Ocean wooing a drop!
In God's name, in God's name, sell and buy at once!
Give a drop, and take this Sea full of pearls.

It is the message, not the man, which is important to the Sufis.

The Sufis

Idries Shah

The Sufis

There are two aspects of individual harmony: the harmony between body and soul, and the harmony between individuals. All the tragedy in the world, in the individual and in the multitude, comes from lack of harmony. And harmony is the best given by producing harmony in one's own life.

The first lesson to learn is to resign oneself to the little difficulties in life, not to hit out at everything one comes up against. If one were able to manage this one would not need to cultivate great power; even one's presence would be healing.

Man (and woman) has an infinite capacity for self-development. Equally, he has an infinite capacity for self-destruction. A human being may be clinically alive and yet, despite all appearances, spiritually dead.

Consciousness    Death    Evolution    Life    Psychology    Sufis    Sufism    Will

You must empty out the dirty water before you fill the pitcher with clean.

Three Things
Three things cannot be retrieved:
The arrow once sped from the bow
The word spoken in haste
The missed opportunity.
(Ali the Lion, Caliph of Islam, son-in-law of Mohammed the Prophet),

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Q: What is a fundamental mistake of man's?
A: To think that he is alive, when he has merely fallen asleep in life's waiting-room.

Learning    Sleeping    Sufis    Sufism

The sufis believe that they can experience something more complete.

The Sufis

Idries Shah

The Sufis

Real generosity is anonymous to the extent that a man should be prepared even to be considered ungenerous rather than explain it to others.

Generosity    Learning    Sufi    Sufis    Sufism

Deep in the sea are riches beyond compare. But if you seek safety, it is on the shore.

The Sufis

Idries Shah

The Sufis

Study the assumptions behind your actions. Then study the assumptions behind your assumptions.

Assumptions    Conditioning    Learning    Mind    Psychology    Study    Sufi    Sufis    Sufism

Materialism, attachment to things of the world, includes pride. Many religious people suffer from pride: taking pleasure or even delight in being good, or religious.

Attachment    Materialism    Pleasure    Pride    Religion    Sufi    Sufism

The Sufi way is through knowledge and practice, not through intellect and talk.

One cannot learn from someone whom one distrusts.

Learning    Sufi    Sufism    Trust

The union of the mind and intuition which brings about illumination, and the development which the Sufis seek, is based upon love.

Good. Show me a man who thinks that he knows what 'good' is, and I will probably be able to show you a horror of a person. Show me a person who really knows what 'good' is, and I will show you that he almost never uses the word.

Sayings of the Prophet
Trust: Trust in God – but tie your camel first.

The human being, whether he realises it or not, is trusting someone or something every moment of the day.

Sufi    Sufism    Trust

He causes huge bodies like sun to proclaim His Majesty through His Names the All-Gracious, Great, reciting: ' O Glorious One, O Great One, O Mighty One', while tiny animate creatures like flies and fish proclaim His Mercy, reciting: 'O Gracious One, O Compassionate One, O Generous One

Islam    Nursi    Sufism

Islam and Sufism are one. Teaching that to understand Islam one must be a lover, how can one understand Islam when the heart is empty of love.

Islam    Love    Sufism

They will become Godly when they will have God in their hearts.

Faith    Food for thought    Godly    Heart    Meditation    Pakistan    Pakistani    Religion    Spirituality    Sufi    Sufism

Selfishness keeps man blind through life.

My father used to tell me that stories offer the listener a chance to escape but, more importantly, he said, they provide people with a chance to maximize their minds. Suspend ordinary constraints, allow the imagination to be freed, and we are charged with the capability of heighetned thought.
Learn to use your eyes as if they are your ears, he said, and you become connected with the ancient heritage of man, a dream world for the waking mind.

Worry is a cloud which rains destruction.

Emotions    Evolution    Life    Mind    Psychology    Sufis    Sufism

A worshipper perceives that he is near to God because he is awake all night worshipping God. But after worship, your prayers are for health, long life, wealth, and for the damsels and slaves of the Paradise. Ponder! Did you ever pray to God, ‘O’ God, I desire from Thee nothing but Thee’?

Anybody or anything may stand between you and knowledge if you are unfit for it.

Knowledge    Learning    Life    Process    Sufis    Sufism    Wisdom

Inner Knowledge -- You want to become wise in one lesson: First become a real human being.

Evolution    Knowledge    Meditation    Religion    Sufis    Sufism    Transcendence    Truth    Wisdom    Yoga day

التصوف هو تدريب النفس على العبودية، وردها لأحكام الربوبية.

Your medicine is in you, and you do not observe it. Your ailment is from yourself, and you do not register it.
Hazrat Ali

Knowledge    Psychology    Sufi    Sufis    Sufism    Truth    Wisdom

But one may say something and yet not be able to do it. Try, for instance, lifting yourself up by the bootstraps.

I am a lover, and I deal in love. Sow flowers,
So your surroundings become a garden.
Don't sow thorns; for they will prick your feet.
We are all one body,
Whoever tortures another, wounds himself.

The word 'choice' is a fraud while people choose only what they have been taught to choose.

Love is an involuntary gift that manifests unplanned.

Remembering and Forgetting
You have not forgotten to remember;
You have remembered to forget.
But people can forget to forget. That is just as important as remembering to remember – and generally more practical.

Plato    Remembrance    Sufis    Sufism

A Drunkard accuses a Drunkard...
A sot became extremely drunk - his legs
And head sank listless, weighed by wine's thick dregs.
A sober neighbour put him in a sack
And took him homewards hoisted on his back.
Another drunk went stumbling by the first,
Who woke and stuck his head outside and cursed.
"Hey, you, you lousy dipsomaniac,"
He yelled as he was borne off in the sack,
"If you'd had fewer drinks, just two or three,
You would be walking now as well as me.

Humour    Life    Sufism

When you realise the difference between the container and the content, you will have knowledge.

Knowledge    Perception    Psychology    Sufis    Sufism    Truth

Sufilere sohbet gerek
Ahilere ahret gerek
Mecnunlara Leyla gerek
Bana seni gerek seni

Love    Poetry    Sufism

you are a volume in the divine book
a mirror to the power that created the universe
whatever you want, ask it of yourself
whatever you're looking for can only be found
inside of you

When Fortune knocks, open the door,' they say. But why should one make fortune knock, by keeping the door shut?

Destiny    Fate    Fortune    Luck    Sufi    Sufis    Sufism

Standing in Front of the Mirror of Eternity
Dressed By True Existence
Looking to Your Own Reality
In the Ocean of Oneness

Islam    Muslim    Nazim    Spirituality    Sufism

To be a Sufi is to detach from fixed ideas and from preconceptions; and not to try to avoid what is your lot.

Death    Destiny    Fate    Life    Sufis    Sufism

A Better Beard that Yours. 'All true devotees wear a beard,' said the Imam to his audience. 'Show me a thick and lustrous beard and I'll show you a true believer!' 'My goat has a beard far bushier and longer than yours,' replied Nasrudin. 'Does that mean he is a better Muslim than you?

If you don't know how to take care of your own needs, when you try to give to others, you are giving from a bankrupt account.

The institution of teachership is there for this reason, that the learner must learn how to learn.

Learning    Mind    Psychology    Sufi    Sufi way    Sufism    Teaching

I will not serve God like a labourer, in expectation of my wages. Rabia

Conditioning    Desire    God    Greed    Rabia    Religion    Sufis    Sufism

Three things cannot be retrieved:
The arrow once sped from the bow
The word spoken in haste
The missed opportunity.
Ali, the Lion of Islam.

Ali    Mohammed    Sufi    Sufis    Sufism



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