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Man (and woman) has an infinite capacity for self-development. Equally, he has an infinite capacity for self-destruction. A human being may be clinically alive and yet, despite all appearances, spiritually dead.

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Three Things
Three things cannot be retrieved:
The arrow once sped from the bow
The word spoken in haste
The missed opportunity.
(Ali the Lion, Caliph of Islam, son-in-law of Mohammed the Prophet),

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Q: What is a fundamental mistake of man's?
A: To think that he is alive, when he has merely fallen asleep in life's waiting-room.

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Real generosity is anonymous to the extent that a man should be prepared even to be considered ungenerous rather than explain it to others.

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Deep in the sea are riches beyond compare. But if you seek safety, it is on the shore.

The Sufis

Idries Shah

The Sufis

Study the assumptions behind your actions. Then study the assumptions behind your assumptions.

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Sayings of the Prophet
Trust: Trust in God – but tie your camel first.

My father used to tell me that stories offer the listener a chance to escape but, more importantly, he said, they provide people with a chance to maximize their minds. Suspend ordinary constraints, allow the imagination to be freed, and we are charged with the capability of heighetned thought.
Learn to use your eyes as if they are your ears, he said, and you become connected with the ancient heritage of man, a dream world for the waking mind.

Worry is a cloud which rains destruction.

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A worshipper perceives that he is near to God because he is awake all night worshipping God. But after worship, your prayers are for health, long life, wealth, and for the damsels and slaves of the Paradise. Ponder! Did you ever pray to God, ‘O’ God, I desire from Thee nothing but Thee’?

Anybody or anything may stand between you and knowledge if you are unfit for it.

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Inner Knowledge -- You want to become wise in one lesson: First become a real human being.

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Your medicine is in you, and you do not observe it. Your ailment is from yourself, and you do not register it.
Hazrat Ali

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Remembering and Forgetting
You have not forgotten to remember;
You have remembered to forget.
But people can forget to forget. That is just as important as remembering to remember – and generally more practical.

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When you realise the difference between the container and the content, you will have knowledge.

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A Better Beard that Yours. 'All true devotees wear a beard,' said the Imam to his audience. 'Show me a thick and lustrous beard and I'll show you a true believer!' 'My goat has a beard far bushier and longer than yours,' replied Nasrudin. 'Does that mean he is a better Muslim than you?

If your desire for 'good' is based on greed, it is not good, but greed.

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To copy a virtue in another is more copying than it is virtue. Try to learn what that virtue is based upon.

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When Fortune knocks, open the door,' they say. But why should one make fortune knock, by keeping the door shut?

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To be a Sufi is to detach from fixed ideas and from preconceptions; and not to try to avoid what is your lot.

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The Sufi is 'One who does not care when something is taken from him, but who does not cease to seek for what he has not.

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In the modern world we are in a paradoxical situation; because although in theory man knows that he can extend his attention to something and then remove it, he very often does not do so. In many areas he does not look at something and then detach from it, and look at something else.
Once he has found something to interest himself in, he cannot detach himself from it efficiently, and therefore he cannot be objective. Note that, in most if not all languages, we have words like 'objectivity' which leads people to imagine that they have it, or can easily use it. That is equivalent (in reality if not in theory) to saying 'I know the word gold, so I am rich.

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I will not serve God like a labourer, in expectation of my wages. Rabia

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Three things cannot be retrieved:
The arrow once sped from the bow
The word spoken in haste
The missed opportunity.
Ali, the Lion of Islam.

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Not to be greedy is, paradoxically, the highest form of looking after one's true interests.

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If you are uninterested in what I say, there's an end to it. If you like what I say, please try to understand which previous influences have made you like it. If you like some of the things I say, and dislike others, you could try to understand why. If you dislike all I say, why not try to find out what formed your attitude?

If you seek a teacher, try to become a real student. If you want to be a student, try to find a real teacher.

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Contrary to Expectation. A wise man, the wonder of his age, taught his disciples from a seemingly inexhaustible store of wisdom. He attributed all his knowledge to a thick tome which was kept in a place of honour in his room. The sage would allow nobody to open the volume. When he died, those who had surrounded him, regarding themselves as his heirs, ran to open the book, anxious to possess what it contained. They were surprised, confused and disappointed when they found that there was writing on only one page. They became even more bewildered and then annoyed when they tried to penetrate the meaning of the phrase which met their eyes. It was: 'When you realise the difference between the container and the content, you will have knowledge.

There is a Persian proverb: 'To test that which has been tested is ignorance.' To try to test something without the means of testing is even worse.

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The stupidest man I ever met had a favourite saying. It was: 'What do you think I am, stupid, or something?

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Sufism, the "secret tradition," is not available on the basis of assumptions which belong to another world, the world of intellect.

The Sufis

Idries Shah

The Sufis

An intelligent enemy,' he would say, stroking his beard as if it were a bristly pet, 'rather than a foolish friend.' Or, 'He learnt the language of pigeons, and forgot his own.' Or, the favourite of Jan Fishan Khan: 'Nothing is what it seems.

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If you cannot laugh frequently and genuinely, you have no soul.

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Many things which are called 'secrets' are only things withheld from people until they can understand or effectively experience them.

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Exercise power by means of kindness, and you may be causing more damage than you could by cruelty. Neither approach is correct.

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Show me a person who really knows what 'good' is, and I will show you that he almost never uses the word.

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Only the search for truth is valid, the desire for wisdom the motive. The method is assimilation, not study.

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Voice in the night
A voice whispered to me last night: 'There is no such thing as a voice whispering in the night!

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Feeling important is a vice, not a virtue, however concealed as participation in something noble.

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One lie will keep out forty truths.

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With enough information, it is almost impossible "not" to predict people's action.

Inscribed on it was a verse from the Quatrains of Omar Khayyam, the eleventh-century Persian mystic. Reading the words aloud I prepared for a most amazing journey:
The sages who have compassed sea and land,
Their secret to search out and understand,
My mind misgives me if they ever solve
The scheme on which the universe is planned.

The colour of the water seems to be the colour of the glass into which it has been poured'.

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When you realise the difference between the container and the content, you will have knowledge

When a belief becomes more than an instrument, you are lost. You remain lost until you learn what 'belief' is really for.

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Virtually all organisations known to you work largely by means of your greed.

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Many Americans first fell in love with the poetry of the thirteenth century teacher and spiritual leader Jelalludin Rumi during the early 1990s when the unparalleled lyrical grace, philosophical brilliance, and spiritual daring of his work took modern Western readers completely by surprise. The impact of its soulful beauty and the depth of its profound humanity were so intense that they reportedly prompted numerous individuals to spontaneously compose poetry.

Sandals. The Sufi teacher Ghulam-Shah was asked what pattern he used in formulating his courses for disciples. He said: 'Barefoot until you can get sandals, sandals until you can manage boots.

Show a man too many camels' bones,or show them to him too often,and he will not be able to recognize a camel when he comes across a live one.

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