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And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

And when at last you find someone to whom you feel you can pour out your soul, you stop in shock at the words you utter— they are so rusty, so ugly, so meaningless and feeble from being kept in the small cramped dark inside you so long.

If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.


George Orwell


Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

I'd learned that some things are best kept secret.

Dear John

Nicholas Sparks

Dear John
Life    Love    Secrets

I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone.

The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.

Highlight    Revision    Secrets    Storytelling    Style    Writer    Writers

I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you
to keep in, and the kind you don't
to let out.

A good friend keeps your secrets for you. A best friend helps you keep your own secrets.

Before I Fall

Lauren Oliver

Before I Fall

Lies and secrets, Tessa, they are like a cancer in the soul. They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind.

Clockwork Prince

Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Prince

A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.

Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.

Deception    Hiding    Lies    Man    Secrets    Self awareness

Never hide things from hardcore thinkers. They get more aggravated, more provoked by confusion than the most painful truths.

Aggravation    Concealment    Confusion    Contemplation    Dishonesty    Hardcore    Honesty    Lie    Lying    Never    Pain    Provoke    Secrecy    Secrets    Thinkers    Thought    Torture    Truth

Word spread because word will spread. Stories and secrets fight, stories win, shed new secrets, which new stories fight, and on.

With a secret like that, at some point the secret itself becomes irrelevant. The fact that you kept it does not.

I never understood why Clark Kent was so hell bent on keeping Lois Lane in the dark.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Audrey Niffenegger

The Time Traveler's Wife

A secret's worth depends on the people from whom it must be kept.

I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.

Sometimes, the biggest secrets you can only tell a stranger.

It is absolutely okay with me if you need to keep some secrets. I've been thinking about this and I decided that a best friend is someone who, when they don't understand, they still understand.


Nancy Werlin


Fred and George, however, found all this very funny. They went out of
their way to march ahead of Harry down the corridors, shouting, "Make way for
the Heir of Slytherin, seriously evil wizard coming through ......
Percy was deeply disapproving of this behavior.
"It is not a laughing matter," he said coldly.
"Oh, get out of the way, Percy," said Fred. "Harry's in a hurry."
"Yeah, he's off to the Chamber of Secrets for a cup of tea with his fanged
servant," said George, chortling.
Ginny didn't find it amusing either.
"Oh, don't," she wailed every time Fred asked Harry loudly who he was
planning to attack next, or when George pretended to ward Harry off with a large
clove of garlic when they met.

Chamber    Harry    Potter    Secrets

The best way of keeping a secret is to pretend there isn't one.

Der blinde Mörder

Margaret Atwood

Der blinde Mörder

True friends are those who came into your life, saw the most negative part of you, but are not ready to leave you, no matter how contagious you are to them.

I never lie," I said offhand. "At least not to those I don't love.

Compassion    Deciet    Hate    Interview with the vampire    Lestat    Lie    Lies    Love    Lovers    Lying    Secret    Secrets    Truth    Vampire    Vampires

I've learned that we're all entitled to have our secrets.

The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook

I feel bare. I didn't realize I wore my secrets as armor until they were gone and now everyone sees me as I really am.

Photography is all about secrets. The secrets we all have and will never tell.

When I like people immensely I never tell their names to anyone. It is like surrendering a part of them. I have grown to love secrecy.

The best secrets are the most twisted

Secrets, silent, stony sit in the dark palaces of both our hearts: secrets weary of their tyranny: tyrants willing to be dethroned.

Fear    Secrets    Silence    Tiredness

And I must draft an advertisement for the Daily Prophet, too,' he added thoughtfully. 'We'll be needing a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.... Dear me, we do seem to run through them, don't we?

Everybody sees me as this sullen and insecure little thing. Those are just the sides of me that I feel necessary to show because no one else seems to be showing them.

I wonder which is preferable, to walk around all your life swollen up with your own secrets until you burst from the pressure of them, or to have them sucked out of you, every paragraph, every sentence, every word of them, so at the end you're depleted of all that was once as precious to you as hoarded gold, as close to you as your skin - everything that was of the deepest importance to you, everything that made you cringe and wish to conceal, everything that belonged to you alone - and must spend the rest of your days like an empty sack flapping in the wind, an empty sack branded with a bright fluorescent label so that everyone will know what sort of secrets used to be inside you?

Der blinde Mörder

Margaret Atwood

Der blinde Mörder

Sometimes since I've been in the garden I've looked up through the trees at the sky and I have had a strange feeling of being happy as if something was pushing and drawing in my chest and making me breathe fast. Magic is always pushing and drawing and making things out of nothing. Everything is made out of magic, leaves and trees, flowers and birds, badgers and foxes and squirrels and people. So it must be all around us. In this garden - in all the places.

The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden
Friends    Garden    Magic    Secrets

People are secretive when they have secrets.

The man who believes that the secrets of the world are forever hidden lives in mystery and fear. Superstition will drag him down. The rain will erode the deeds of his life. But that man who sets himself the task of singling out the thread of order from the tapestry will by the decision alone have taken charge of the world and it is only by such taking charge that he will effect a way to dictate the terms of his own fate.

That's the thing about flying: You could talk to someone for hours and never even know his name, share your deepest secrets and then never see them again.

There are so many movies like this, where you thought you were smarter than the screen but the director was smarter than you, of course he's the one, of course it was a dream, of course she's dead, of course, it's hidden right there, of course it's the truth and you in your seat have failed to notice in the dark.

Why We Broke Up

Daniel Handler

Why We Broke Up
Love    Movies    Relationships    Reveal    Secrets

That, my dear, is what makes a character interesting, their secrets.

This is what happens. You tell your friends your most personal secrets, and they use them against you.

Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind.
Their leaves are telling secrets. Their bark sings songs of olden days as it grows around the trunks. And their roots give names to all things.
Their language has been lost.
But not the gestures.

Attention    Bark    Gestures    Hear    Hearing    Listen    Nature    Paying attention    Perception    Root    Roots    Secret    Secrets    Speaking    Speech    Tree    Tree parable    Trees

You cannot let your parents anywhere near your real humiliations.

A man’s spirit is free, but his pride binds him with chains of suffocation in a prison of his own insecurities

If I maintain my silence about my secret it is my prisoner...if I let it slip from my tongue, I am ITS prisoner.

Sometimes, loyalty gets in the way of what you want to do. Sometimes, it’s not your secret to tell.

New Moon

Stephenie Meyer

New Moon

We hang out, we help one another, we tell one another our worst fears and biggest secrets, and then just like real sisters, we listen and don't judge.

Fears    Friends    Help    Secrets    Sisters

Don't you ever want to have just one thing that no one else knows about, so no one can ruin it for you?

It was almost comforting, this mutual acceptance of our secrets.

I like geography best, he said, because your mountains & rivers know the secret. Pay no attention to boundaries.

Reader: Dear Mr. Snicket, What is the best way to keep a secret? Lemony Snicket : Tell it to everyone you know, but pretend you are kidding.


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