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And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

You can't stop the future
You can't rewind the past
The only way to learn the secret to press play.

Change    Future    Play    Rewind    Secret    Stop

A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear.

Cyrano de Bergerac

Edmond Rostand

Cyrano de Bergerac
Kiss    Lips    Secret

Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.

The Princess Bride

William Goldman

The Princess Bride

One should never trust a woman who tells one her real age. A woman who would tell one that would tell one anything.

Age    Discretion    Secret    Trust    Truth    Woman

there's a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I'm too clever, I only let him out
at night sometimes
when everybody's asleep.
I say, I know that you're there,
so don't be
then I put him back,
but he's singing a little
in there, I haven't quite let him
and we sleep together like
with our
secret pact
and it's nice enough to
make a man
weep, but I don't
weep, do

There's always another secret.' -Kelsier

I never lie," I said offhand. "At least not to those I don't love.

Compassion    Deciet    Hate    Interview with the vampire    Lestat    Lie    Lies    Love    Lovers    Lying    Secret    Secrets    Truth    Vampire    Vampires

To hide feelings when you are near crying is the secret of dignity.

It's a fact—
is ignorant in some way or another.
Ignorance is our deepest secret.
And it is one of the scariest things out there, because those of us who are most ignorant are also the ones who often don't know it or don't want to admit it.
Here is a quick test:
If you have
changed your mind about some fundamental tenet of your belief, if you have never
the basics, and if you have
no wish
to do so, then you are likely ignorant.
Before it is too late, go out there and find someone who,
in your opinion
, believes, assumes, or considers certain things very strongly and very differently from you, and just have a basic honest conversation.
It will do
of you good.

We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others, that in the end, we become disguised to ourselves.

Kira: L, do you know
Gods of death
love apples?
L: Damn you, Kira...

Humor    Manga    Note    Secret

I wonder if you know yet that you’ll leave me. That you are a child playing with matches and I have a paper body. You will meet a girl with a softer voice and stronger arms and she will not have violent secrets or an affection for red wine or eyes that never stay dry. You will fall into her bed and I’ll go back to spending Friday nights with boys who never learn my last name.

Affection    Child    Girl    Playing    Secret    Strong    Violent    Wonder

This was something she would keep hidden within herself, maybe in place of the knot of pain and anger she had been carrying under her breastbone...a security blanket, an ace up her sleeve. She might never use it, but she would always feel its presence like a swelling secret stone, and that way when she let go of the rage, she would not feel nearly as empty.


Jodi Picoult

Anger    Empty    Heartbreak    Picoult    Rage    Secret    Security

People, in general, would rather die than forgive. It's

Bees    Life    Secret

There is nothing perfect...only life.

Bees    Life    Secret

I don't judge people.
It blurs out the center of my attention,
my focus,

Attention    Blurs    Center    Focus    Judge    Judgement    Life    People    Secret    Self

Many people pray to be kept out of unexpected problems.
Some people pray to be able to confront and overcome them.

Ability    Confront    Inspirational    Life    Overcome    Pray    Prayer    Praying    Problem    Problems    Secret    Unexpected

Every man has some reminiscences which he would not tell to everyone, but only to his friends. He has others which he would not reveal even to his friends, but only to himself, and that in secret. But finally there are still others which a man is even afraid to tell himself, and every decent man has a considerable number of such things stored away. That is, one can even say that the more decent he is, the greater the number of such things in his mind.

You must suffer me to go my own dark way.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson Lloyd Osbourne

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

This is what happens. You tell your friends your most personal secrets, and they use them against you.

But remember what I said about forgetting what I said?

Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind.
Their leaves are telling secrets. Their bark sings songs of olden days as it grows around the trunks. And their roots give names to all things.
Their language has been lost.
But not the gestures.

Attention    Bark    Gestures    Hear    Hearing    Listen    Nature    Paying attention    Perception    Root    Roots    Secret    Secrets    Speaking    Speech    Tree    Tree parable    Trees

Secrets tear you apart.

For One More Day

Mitch Albom For One More Day

For One More Day

I was like a chocolate in a box, looking well behaved and perfect in place, all the while harboring a secret center.

Some ghosts are so quiet you would hardly know they were there.

It was like walking into a treasure trove of books, hoarded by pirate librarians.

Books    Librarian    Pirate    Secret    Treasure

I like geography best, he said, because your mountains & rivers know the secret. Pay no attention to boundaries.

The secret to modeling is not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new.

Beauty    Bring    Chanel    Designer    Face    Fashion    Gorgeous    Identify    Image    Karl lagerfeld    Look    Model    Modeling    Narural    Nature    People    Photographer    Quote    Quotes    Second    Secret    Unique    Uniqueness    Women

Saya akan pikul rahsia itu jika engkau percayakan kepada saya dan saya akan masukkan ke dalam perbendaharaan hati saya dan kemudian saya kunci pintunya erat-erat. Kunci itu akan saya lemparkan jauh-jauh sehingga seorang pun tak dapat mengambilnya kedalam lagi.

I believe that you're great, that there's something magnificent about you. Regardless of what has happened to you in your life, regardless of how young or how old you think you might be, the moment you begin to think properly, there's something that is within you, there's power within you, that's greater than the world. It will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. It will feed you. It will clothe you. It will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence, if you let it. Now, that is what I know for sure.

Sometimes carrying the burden of an upsetting truth, and hiding it, is actually a gift you give to someone else. You bear that burden, so they don’t have to, in a situation where telling them will change nothing.

Burden    Care    Honesty    Love    Moral    Morality    Morals    Secret

And I suppose you know who Magnus’ father is? Luke said.
I paid a lot of money once to find it out, Raphael said.

Look: the trees exist; the houses
we dwell in stand there stalwartly.
Only we
pass by it all, like a rush of air.
And everything conspires to keep quiet
about us,
half out of shame perhaps, half out of
some secret hope.

Duineser Elegien

Rainer Maria Rilke

Duineser Elegien
Existence    Hope    Secret    Shame    Trees

It is interesting that we call something good a dream, but being called a dreamer is somewhat of a putdown.
Without dreamers, no dream would ever be given reality, and we would live in a very small and shallow world.
If you are a secret dreamer, it’s your time to announce yourself.

Dreamer    Dreamers    Idealist    Idealists    Reality    Secret

I stared up at the sky and raised my middle finger, just in case God was watching. I don't like being spied on.

Cursing    God    Humor    Innocent    Middle finger    Privacy    Secret    Spied

Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.

A Lion Among Men

Gregory Maguire

A Lion Among Men
Breath    Life    Remember    Secret

I survived by keeping my emotions in check – by maintaining my composure and tucking it all away. I managed to stay under the radar, skating through school without anyone truly remembering I was here. My teachers acknowledged my academic successes and my coaches depended upon my athletic abilities, but I wasn’t important enough to make a recognizable social contribution. I was easily forgettable. That’s what I counted on.

In any kind of relationship we can make the assumption that others know what we think, and we don’t have to say what we want. They are going to do what we want because they know us so well. If they don’t do what we want, what we assume they should do, we feel hurt and think, How could you do that? You should know. Again, we make the assumption that the other person knows what we want. A whole drama is created because we make this assumption and then put more assumptions on
top of it.

Reinvent new combinations of what you already own. Improvise. Become more creative. Not because you have to, but because you want to. Evolution is the secret for the next step.

Art    Clothing    Creativity    Designer    Evolution    Fashion    Improvise    Karl lagerfeld    Quote    Quotes    Secret    Style    Women

To risk life to save a smile on a face of a woman or a child is the secret of chivalry.

To keep your secret is wisdom, but to expect others to keep it is folly.

Nothing else you want to do after all your dreams come true.
You've become numb. You shouldn't have ever stopped dreaming.

Dream    Dreaming    Life    Numb    Realization    Recipe    Secret    Stop

No need to feel guilty if you can't be a good man all the time.
But anytime your heart is feeling so eager to do even a small good deed,
then it might be a good chance for you…
to be a better man.

Better    Chance    Deed    Feeling    Good    Life    Man    Mystery    Secret    Time

Every man should believe in something.
If not..
he would doubt everything, even himself.

Believe    Doubt    Life    Secret

But it is no use to justify yourself. It is no good to explain. It is weak to be anecdotal. It is wise to conceal the past even if there is nothing to conceal. A man's power is in the half-light, in the half-seen movements of his hand and the unguessed-at expression of his face. It is the absence of facts that frightens people: the gap you open, into which they pour their fears, fantasies, desires.

Wolf Hall

Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall
History    Power    Secret

I think that’s what Toni Morrison and Alice Walker understand, the secret language of women. That it’s not a secret at all; men just don’t know how to listen.

And I wasn’t playing a role – I was trying to be myself.
But the harder I was striving, the more I was realizing that I had probably lost that ‘myself’ somewhere between two perfectly performed roles...

Be yourself    Cardew    Freya    Goth    Gothic    Gothic romance    Hidden    Hide    Identity    Lonely    Lose    Lost    Mask    Masked    Masks    Myself    Mysterious    Mystery    Obsession    Obsessive    Perfect    Perfection    Play    Postmodern    Postmodernism    Pretend    Pretending    Real    Reality    Realize    Role    Roles    Romance    Romantic    Secret    Secretive    Strive    Suspense    Try    Trying    Who i am    Who you are    Young adult    Young adult gothic romance    Young adult suspense    Yourself

Only a mind free of impediment is capable of grasping the chaotic beauty of the world. This is our greatest asset.

Altair    Assassin    Assassin s creed    Asset    Beautiful    Beauty    Capable    Chaos    Chaotic    Creed    Crusade    Free    Freedom    Grasping    Greatest    Impediment    Life    Live    Maria    Mind    Oliver bowden    Only    Quote    Secret    Smart    Think    Wife    Wisdom    Wise    World

The secret to so many artists living so long is that every painting is a new adventure. So, you see, they're always looking ahead to something new and exciting. The secret is not to look back.

Adventure    Longevity    New    Painting    Secret



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