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Liar. You've loved me since I held your hand at your mother's memorial service when you were five years old.

Outside my bike, never has anything important in my life been just mine."
My body stilled, so did my heart, and my eyes locked with his.
He started moving again, slowly, deeply and he kept talking. "Always castoffs, leftovers, used, sometimes even food from the dumpsters."
My heart started beating again, only to trip over itself; my breath came fast, not only from what was happening to my body but what he was saying.
His lips came to mine, his hands moved out of my hair and went to the side of my face and he stared in my eyes, pressing deep inside.
"Mine," he muttered, his deep voice hoarse, that fierce undercurrent there.
His tone caused a shiver to run through me, straight through to my soul.
Then he kissed me.

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My life was over, finished, and I’d never seen Pearl Jam play live

I closed my eyes and prayed for divine intervention.
I waited a beat and nothing happened.
Guess God was busy with war and famine and the like.

Just a little pointer, Indy, girl to girl, if you want that week with Lee to last into two. He likes it
when you go down on him in the morning. He’s a fucking animal in bed but give him a morning BJ,
he’ll return the favor and rock your world.
Every muscle in my body froze solid.
What did she just say? Stevie asked.
She did not just say that in front of me, Kitty Sue said.
Holy crap, Dolores said.
Oh… my… gawd, Tod said.
You fucking bitch, Ally said.
This is more like it, Tex said.

Tex's head snapped in my direction.
Fuckin' A, woman, you've never had a s'more? he boomed
I shook my head.
Christ, everyone's gotta have a s'more before they die. Fuck that shit, I'll build a fire in my backyard tonight and I'll stop by Kumar's on the way home to get the stuff. Everyone can come by-

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Seriously, he was worse than Captain Kirk. Luke hardly
had a shirt on.

Last night you sat there singing to me 'nothing to hide, believe what I say' and not ten hours later you're standin' in front of me lyin

Sometimes a song is more than just a song. First the fire...then the rain.

...Then The Rain

Randolph Randy Camp

...Then The Rain


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