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I have to be alone very often. I'd be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That's how I refuel."
Audrey Hepburn: Many-Sided Charmer
, LIFE Magazine, December 7, 1953)

Alone    Content    Privacy    Refueling    Reprive    Restoration    Solitude    Weekend

A lonely day is God's way of saying that he wants to spend some quality time with you.

The ORDINARY RESPONSE TO ATROCITIES is to banish them from consciousness. Certain violations of the social compact are too terrible to utter aloud: this is the meaning of the word unspeakable.
Atrocities, however, refuse to be buried. Equally as powerful as the desire to deny atrocities is the conviction that denial does not work. Folk wisdom is filled with ghosts who refuse to rest in their graves until their stories are told. Murder will out. Remembering and telling the truth about terrible events are prerequisites both for the restoration of the social order and for the healing of individual victims.
The conflict between the will to deny horrible events and the will to proclaim them aloud is the central dialectic of psychological trauma. People who have survived atrocities often tell their stories in a highly emotional, contradictory, and fragmented manner that undermines their credibility and thereby serves the twin imperatives of truth-telling and secrecy. When the truth is finally recognized, survivors can begin their recovery. But far too often secrecy prevails, and the story of the traumatic event surfaces not as a verbal narrative but as a symptom.
The psychological distress symptoms of traumatized people simultaneously call attention to the existence of an unspeakable secret and deflect attention from it. This is most apparent in the way traumatized people alternate between feeling numb and reliving the event. The dialectic of trauma gives rise to complicated, sometimes uncanny alterations of consciousness, which George Orwell, one of the committed truth-tellers of our century, called "doublethink," and which mental health professionals, searching for calm, precise language, call "dissociation." It results in protean, dramatic, and often bizarre symptoms of hysteria which Freud recognized a century ago as disguised communications about sexual abuse in childhood. . . .

Oh what a wonderful soul so bright inside you. Got power to heal the sun’s broken heart, power to restore the moon’s vision too.

Songs remain. They last...A song can last long after the events and the people in it are dust and dreams and gone. That's the power of songs.

Anansi Boys

Neil Gaiman

Anansi Boys

Connecting with those you know love, like and appreciate you restores the spirit and give you energy to keep moving forward in this life.

Jesus is God's way of refusing to give up his dream for the world.

The work of restoration cannot begin until a problem is fully faced.

God can deliver you so well that some people won’t believe your testimony.

The weather is nature's disruptor of human plans and busybodies. Of all the things on earth, nature's disruption is what we know we can depend on, as it is essentially uncontrolled by men.

Busybody    Calm    Control    Dependence    Disruption    Earth    Humanity    Interruption    Life    Man    Nature    Peace    Plans    Restoration    Snow    Snowstorm    Snowstorms    Storm    Storms    Storms of life    Thunder    Thunderstorm    Thunderstorms    Weather

You would not ask someone with a broken arm to swim the English Channel, so you cannot demand that the broken to live as if they were whole.

Murderers don't get forgiven just because we promise to be good from now on. We have to earn our way back. One hundred is the price. One hundred lives for each we took. That seems fair. That's how we get whole again and that's our work, from now until as long as it takes.

Earn    Fair    Forgive    Forgiven    Forgiveness    Good    Lives    Murderers    Redemption    Restoration    Restore    Work

Romance is about putting things aright after some tragedy has put them asunder. It is about restoration of the right relations among things — and going home is where that restoration occurs because that is where it matters most.

God is willing! God will save! God will rescue! God will restore! God will revive! God will empower! God willing and He will do it!

If you lead me astray, then my wanderings will bring me to my destination.

We must be so heavenly minded that we are compelled to be of earthly good!

This in essence is my goal. To set an example by doing what is good. If I live openly and honestly, I set an example of virtue, humanness, restoration, and healing. I give others permission to join me on my journey despite the fear of failure or the rejection it might elicit when they know they are not alone in their experience. The more of us who amass the courage to embark openly on this path, the more normal this experience becomes, effectively eliminating the tactic of shame and isolation that the enemy so often uses to cause us to falter.

Faith    Fear    Inspirational    Love    Restoration    Shame

There is no inconsistency when God raises up those who have fallen prostrate.

But to punish and not to restore, that is the greatest of all offences.

You're going to come across some truly gifted people in your lifetime that seem to know all the answers. However, they lost their personal relationship with God, along the way. Love them anyways, and do everything you can to help them restore that relationship. They are fighting a war that you don't know anything about. were there when they trampled me - you picked me up, healed me and gave me back my feelings - is it any wonder I love you?...

All the beauty that's been lost before wants to find us again

Restoration is a skilled profession. You might even call it an art in its own right, except that it is frowned on to be original. First rule of restoration: follow the intention of the artist. Never try to improve on him.

Slow Man

J.M. Coetzee

Slow Man

Meneer, said the captain, if man takes unto himself God's right to punish, then he must also take upon himself God's promise to restore.

I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who empowers, enriches, equips, enlightens, energizes, recreates, revives, promotes, strengthens, purifies, sponsors, and prepares me! Yes, I can... ALL THINGS, I can!

All things    All things are possible    Apostle paul    Can    Christ    Christians    Create    Dunamis    Dunamis power    Elightens    Empower    Empowers    Energizes    Enrich    Equip    Equips    Food for thought    God    I    I can    I can do it    Israelmore ayivor    Jehovah    Jesus    Jesus christ    Me    Paul    Possible    Power    Prepares    Promote    Promotes    Promotion    Protects    Purifies    Purify    Recreate    Recreates    Restoration    Revival    Revive    Salvation    She    Sponsor    Sponsors    Strength    Strengthens    Strenthen    They    We he    With god    You    You can    You can do it

Dim as the borrowed beams of moons and stars
To lonely, weary, wandering travelers,
Is Reason to the soul; and, as on high
Those rolling fires discover but the sky,
Not light us here, so Reason's glimmering ray
Was lent, not to assure our doubtful way,
But guide us upward to a better day.

We restore order through the imagination. We restore hope over and over and over again ... .

Restoration and hope is available each time you return to God.

Christian    Forgive    God    Hope    Repent    Restoration    Return    Time    Turn

God wanted us to do something, and we went the bad way. Then he said "No!, I am not going to lose what I want done!, So I'm gonna save this people and restore their dreams back to them"!

In a state of pseudo-death you restore your substance.

Once land gets in a state, once it begins to deteriorate, it is hard to reverse the process. Land falls sick just like people—that's the whole tragedy of our time.


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