Nine Quotes

Why couldn't you turn into a fireball when we were on the same team!

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Hell, even I'm a little surprised by Nine--between this and our little heart-to-heart in the doorway earlier, I might have to upgrade him from total douche bag to minor tool.

Nine    Sam

Did you know Johnny thinks he's Pittacus resurrected?

Next he grabs a round yellow thing covered in small bumps. It looks like a strange fruit and I half expect him to squeeze it to produce juice. When it reaches shoulder height the small bumps explode, turning into razor-sharp spikes. I duck and roll in BK's direction to avoid getting impaled.
"What the hell?" I shout. "You could have warned me! This is the second time in less than five minutes that you've almost killed me.

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The wind is knocked out of me; and when I look up, I see Nine spitting blood out. He's grinning.
"Are you crazy?" I ask. "You're enjoying this?"
"I've been locked up for over a year. This is the best day of my life!

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I drop the other Chest to the ground in shock. "What number are you? I'm Four."
He squints at me and then offers his hand. "I'm Nine. Good job staying alive, Number Four.

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Maybe it's a reminder from Henri that you're supposed to rake the lawn.

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Raped at age nine by a relative and pregnant at 14 Oprah Winfrey,
like many others have experienced the wickedness and brutality of
our society. Sadly, it’s an environment where blood lines no longer

Age    Blood    Brutality    Environment    Experienced    Hold    Like    Lines    Longer    Many others    Nine    No    Oprah winfrey    Pregnant    Rape    Raped    Rapist    Relative    Sadly    Society    Where    Wickedness

Chase said, It was a crazy idea. An impossible idea.
Nothing is impossible, Chase, only improbable. And when you can see into the future and manipulate people into the right places, you can accomplish amazing things.
I think I liked the idea better when it was in my head.

Chase    Funny    Future    Nine    Prediction

Nine couldn’t be certain, but nothing would surprise him given the game he understood secret organizations such as Omega orchestrated on the world stage.
The ninth orphan also understood that game often involved an official story – usually presented to the media via politicians – that created a believable enough smokescreen to conceal the truth. And he was learning the truth nearly always had to do with money and power.

You’re just an appetite. And if you’d stop being greedy you’d die. You take everything and I’m empty.


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