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I mean, at the end of the day, what the hell does it matter who I end up with if it can't be you?

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Out of the millions and millions of people that inhabit this planet, he is one of the tiny few I can never have.

You've always been my best friend, my soul mate, and now I've fallen in love with you too. Why is that such a crime?

He shakes his head with a slow smile. You'd better be right. If the phone rings, I'm unpluggining it, I swear to God-
You'd do that to your five-year-old sister? I gasp in mock outrage.
For one whole night alone? Jesus, Maya, I'd sell her to the gypsies!

Got your text, he said when I climbed out. How much did it hurt?
Not at all, I said. Apparently, I can’t get a tattoo because I’m a witch.
I could have told them- He stopped. Oh, you said witch.

Oh my God. You're a witch-hunter. I'm a witch. Hate to break it to you Daniel, but if you're a witch-hunter? You're doing it wrong."
He gave me a sidelong smile. "Maybe it's not that kind of hunting."
"Then you're definitely doing it wrong.

And unless I'm remembering it wrong, mermaids don't sing and sirens don't swim."
"Ariel sang in 'The Little Mermaid'," Corey said.
Sam came over to join us. "Do I even want to know why you remember her name?

I need to get ready. Ash? Touch the food and I won't take you for a driving lesson tomorrow. Dad? Touch it and I'll make
take him for a driving lesson tomorrow."
Dad backed away from the counter. Ash scowled. I laughed and continued upstairs.

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Like the appearance of silver in mother of pearl, the world seems real until the Self, the underlying reality, is realized.

Illusion    Maya    Reality    Self

The sacred stillness of your brilliant heart
has as the myriad wonders masqueraded.
But if you knew this secret from the start,
then you'd have quit this Game before you played it.

Sure. You get all slutty with Rafe. You freak out. You cry date rape drug.' - Hayley

Hayley    Maya    Rafe    The gathering

Adakah waktu yang tepat bagi kejujuran?

If you believe that you are NOT omnipresent, omniscient and ultimately omnipotent – you are delusional. If you believe that you are separate from that which you call God, then you are living a lie.

Me limpio las mejillas y vuelvo la cabeza para mirarlo —¡No hemos hecho nada malo! ¿Cómo se le puede llamar terrible a un amor así cuando no le estamos haciendo daño a nadie?
Él me mira, sus ojos brillan a la débil luz. —No sé— susurra.—¿Cómo algo tan malo puede sentirse tan bien?

We cannot see how our lives will unfold. What is destiny and What is accident? And how can one ever be certain?

Setidaknya pengakuan dibuat sedini mungkin, agar ingatan tidak pudar atau keberanian hilang dalam penundaan; entah kapan kejujuran ini bisa berarti. Jika kau tak bisa membuat langkah besar, kau harus maju dengan langkah-langkah kecil.

If Brahman an infinite ocean, then Atma a wave within be,
Ocean not different from its waves, the waves as ocean be;
They are but one and the same very similar in actuality,
So Brahman and Atma are one and the same in reality.

Atma    Brahman    Goals    Hindu    Hinduism    Life    Maya    Misra    Munindra

Moksha – the liberation form, the web of maya be,
Freedom from the cycles of birth and death clearly;
- 33 -

What Albert Einstein termed optical delusion,
The Indians termed Maya or Illusion.

Four purusharthas or goals of the life be,
So very crystal clear in life undisputedly;
Artha getting useful wealth and prosperity,
Finding the meaning for living herein truly;
Kama fulfilling desires, acting repeatedly,
It the physical, material desire fulfillment be;
Dharma – the foundation of all human goals be,
Refers to obligations, conduct, moral duties;
Moksha – the liberation from the web of maya be,
Freedom from the cycles of birth and death clearly;
As all the rivers must lead to the sea eventually,
All spiritual paths leading to the same goal finally;
And all of the variety of life are created certainly,
By combination of the three Gunas undisputedly.

Artha    Conduct    Death    Desire    Dharma    Duty    Goals    Kama    Liberation    Life    Maya    Moksha    Moral    Obligation    Wealth


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