Lydon Quotes

‎With adulthood comes responsibility.

‎Determination, effort, and practice are rewarded with success.

Determination    Effort    Lydon    Mary    Practice    Reward    Simonsen    Success

Every relationship must have a starting point so that past errors may remain in the past.

‎Does anyone truly understand females? ...Their behavior is opposite of everything in the natural order and flies in the face of logic.

Behavior    Females    Human    Lydon    Mary    Mr darcy    Simonsen    Women

‎I cannot alter the past, but the future is very much in my hands.

Future    Hands    Lydon    Mary    Past    Simonsen

‎There is nothing sweeter than finding the right person to love and cherish and to share your hopes and dreams with.

Dreams    Hopes    Love    Lydon    Mary    Right person    Simonsen    Sweet

Do not descend, but rise above so ill-mannered a person.

Lydon    Manners    Mary    Rise    Simonsen

Parents have to instill the right principles in their children, but then it's up to the children to live up to those principles.

Children    Lydon    Mary    Parents    Principles    Simonsen

‎I did not understand how quickly one could fall in love, and I regarded almost as an affliction that one would eventually recover from. However, I now recognize that it is a force that reaches into every fiber of your body, and that it is something not to be resisted, but embraced.

Love    Lydon    Mary    Simonsen

‎Women fancy admiration means more than it does.

Admiration    Lydon    Mary    Simonsen    Women lays bare your soul.

Love    Lydon    Mary    Simonsen    Soul

‎" can predict the future with some degree of accuracy based on one's own knowledge of past events. And rare events do occur, but it is their lack of repetition that makes them rare.

Love    Lydon    Mary    Simonsen

‎" is as complex an emotion as exists. There are many reasons why love does not prosper.
.. the waters are perilous, and you would do well to know that, because unlike your novels, not every story has a happy ending.

Love    Lydon    Mary    Simonsen


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