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Wow," Thalia muttered. "Apollo is hot."
"He's the sun god," I said.
"That's not what I meant.

The Titan's Curse

Rick Riordan

The Titan's Curse
Apollo    Gods    Hot    Olympians    Percy jackson    Sun    Thalia

Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys.

Boys    Hot    Humor

What would you do if I kissed you right now?"
I stared at his beautiful face and his beautiful mouth and I wanted nothing more than to taste it. "I would kiss you back.

Beautiful    Couples    Hot    Kiss    Love    Mara dyer    Noah shaw    Ya

You want me as much as I want you. And all I want is you."
My tongue warred with my mind. "Today," I whispered.
Noah stood slowly, his body skimming mine as he rose. "Today. Tonight. Tomorrow. Forever.

Beautiful    Couples    Hot    Mara dyer    Noah shaw    Ya

He was smoking hot. As in H-O-T-T, hott. I’d never understood until that moment why girls insisted on adding an extra t. This guy was extra-t-worthy.

Anna    Hot    Kaidan

I would rather a romantic relationship turn into contempt than turn into apathy. The passion in the extremities make it appear as though it once meant something. We grow from hot or cold, but lukewarm is the biggest insult.

Apathy    Breakup    Caring    Contempt    Desire    Extreme    Hate    Hot    Love    Lukewarm    Passion    Relationships    Romance    Scorn    Uncaring

I went to school in drag, in art school and my day was completely different because everybody thought I was a chick. You should see me as a chick. So I went as a girl, as like an experiment and it worked really well and everyone was really nice to me but I couldn't talk know train conductors were really cool to me on my commute...HA! I looked hot as a chick!

Chick    Chicks    Drag    Frank    Hot    Iero    My chemical romance    Science    Train

I couldn't stop staring at his mouth when he spoke. I bet he knew how to kiss. Perfect kisses too, ones that weren't wet and gross, but the kind that curled toes.
I needed to stop looking at him in general.

Daemon    Hot    Katy    Romance

Let me rephrase. He took a seething step toward me. When it comes to you… I don’t like to share.

On Dublin Street

Samantha Young

On Dublin Street

I laughed as I twisted to face him and raised my arm to hit in one move. He caught my wrist and my laugh caught in my throat. A mischievous grin curved my mouth as I raised my other hand to hit him. He reached over me and caught that wrist too, gently pinning my arms above my head as he straddled my hips. The space between us boiled my blood.

Amazing    Couples    Hot    Mara dyer    Noah shaw    Sexy    Ya

I will bathe in your warmth ma petite. Roll you around me until my heart beats only for you. My breath will grow warm from your kiss.

Anita blake    Blood    Hot    Jean claude    Kiss    Laurell k hamilton    Lust    Romance    Vampire

God,' he said, 'I have to have you.'
'Take me. Own me. Use me. Pick a verb. Just please.'
'Fuck you. I'm going to fuck you. That's my verb.


C.D. Reiss

Bdsm    Hot

She sat up, cheeks flushed and golden hair tousled. She was so beautiful that it made my soul ache. I always wished desperately that I could paint her in these moments and immortalize that look in her eyes. There was a softness in them that I rarely saw at other times, a total and complete vulnerability in someone who was normally so guarded and analytical in the rest of her life. But although I was a decent painter, capturing her on canvas was beyond my skill.
She collected her brown blouse and buttoned it up, hiding the brightness of turquoise lace with the conservative attire she liked to armor herself in. She’d done an overhaul of her bras in the last month, and though I was always sad to see them disappear, it made me happy to know they were there, those secret spots of color in her life.

The Fiery Heart

Richelle Mead

The Fiery Heart

Scrawny? Baby, I invented scrawny. Scrawny is the new sizzling hot.

Funny    Hot    Leo valdez    Nymphs    Scrawny

Somehow, Sydney had an internal clock that told her when time was up. I think it was part of her inherent ability to keep track of a hundred things at once. Not me. In these moments, my thoughts were usually focused on getting her shirt off and whether I’d get past the bra this time. So far, I hadn’t.

The Fiery Heart

Richelle Mead

The Fiery Heart

I glanced again. He was still watching me.
Look, let me just say it: He was hot. A nonhot boy stares at you relentlessly and it is, at best, awkward and, at worst, a form of assault. But a hot boy... well.

What you see is kinda what you get with me. I'm a very real person, or I hope to be, anyway. I don't have nothing to hide

Amazing    Awesome    Chesney    Country    Hot    Kenny    Music

Alright, good night, he said, his words a little slurred. But before I pass out, I want you to know that you’re the hottest biscuit this side of the gravy boat.

Cute    Funny    Hot    Humor    Love    Relationships    Sexy

Just another part of that Spartan killer instinct. I can slay the ladies just as well as I can reapers.

Funny    Hot    Mythology

Jake wasn't about to be seduced like some schoolgirl. Not by a man who went by the unlikely name of Tornado, not by anyone. He stood as firmly as he could in the mud and tore his mouth from the kiss, staring into too dark eyes. As his hands made their way into Tor's wet jeans he said, "This doesn't mean I like you, you know.


Chris Owen

Funny    Hot

Didn't you know I was out here, just waiting for a friend like you?"
"Of course I didn't know. I'd have been dancing on top of every bar in town, instead of studying, if I'd known that."
"Tell me not to kiss you," he said, when his lips were a breath away from mine.
"Don't kiss me," I told him, my voice a breathless rasp.
"Mean it," he said, crowding me into the corner of the pool.
He tilted my chin up with his finger.
"I can't," I gasped.
The words had barely left my lips before he was kissing me.

Like it or not, your business became mine the minute you let me inside your body.

Banii se pot cheltui, chiar pierde. Averea minţii rămâne însă neatinsă: nu s-a născut până acum hoţul care s-o fure.

Avere    Bani    Hot    Minte

[novan]: bassists are very good with their fingers
[novan]: and some of us sing backup vocals, so that means we're good with our mouths too...
(~ IM chat with Novan Chang, 18, bassist)

Asian    Asians    Bassist    Body    Boy    Chat    Chatting    Contemporary fiction    Contemporary literature    Contemporary society    Cool    Culture    Desire    Emotion    Friendship    Funny    Girl    Honesty    Hot    Humor    Humour    Imagination    Individuality    Instant    Life    Literature    Love    Lust    Lust for life    Lustful    Media    Music    Musician    New media    Novel    Passion    Reality    Relationships    Romance    Self    Sex    Sex appeal    Sexuality    Sexy    Technology    Truth    Wisdom    Young    Youth

Oh, hell, he'd look hot in a chicken suit.

Funny    Guys    Hot    Humor

...I want to grab her collarbones as if they were handlebars.


Joe Dunthorne


He closes his eyes.
Our lips brush lightly.
"If you ask me to kiss you , I will," he says.
His fingers stroke the inside of my wrists, and I burst into flames.
"Kiss me," I say.
He does.

Anna and the French Kiss

Stephanie Perkins

Anna and the French Kiss

I’m fifteen and I feel like girl my age are under a lot of pressure that boys are not under. I know I am smart, I know I am kind and funny, and I know that everyone around me keeps telling me that I can be whatever I want to be. I know all this but I just don’t feel that way. I always feel like if I don’t look a certain way, if boys don’t think I’m ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ then I’ve failed and it doesn’t even matter if I am a doctor or writer, I’ll still feel like nothing. I hate that I feel like that because it makes me seem shallow, but I know all of my friends feel like that, and even my little sister. I feel like successful women are only considered a success if they are successful AND hot, and I worry constantly that I won’t be. What if my boobs don’t grow, what if I don’t have the perfect body, what if my hips don’t widen and give me a little waist, if none of that happens I feel like what’s the point of doing anything because I’ll just be the ‘fat ugly girl’ regardless of whether I do become a doctor or not.
I wish people would think about what pressure they are putting on everyone, not just teenage girls, but even older people – I watch my mum tear herself apart every day because her boobs are sagging and her skin is wrinkling, she feels like she is ugly even though she is amazing, but then I feel like I can’t judge because I do the same to myself. I wish the people who had real power and control the images and messages we get fed all day actually thought about what they did for once.
I know the girls on page 3 are probably starving themselves. I know the girls in adverts are airbrushed. I know beauty is on the inside. But I still feel like I’m not good enough.

Body image    Culture    Hot    Men    Not good enough    Self esteem    Sexism    Sexy    Society    Women

He growled, equally exhilarated and annoyed by
the way she insisted on pushing him back. I’m going to put you on your knees, Ruby. You’re going to hate how much you love it.

His Risk to Take

Tessa Bailey

His Risk to Take

Dorian strokes my exposed back with the tips of his fingers, sending shockwaves up and down my spine. I gasp from the contact, resisting the urge to beg him for more. He brings his face down to my neck, letting his lips brush my earlobe. Gabriella, I would love to bend you over this desk right now and pull your dress up past your thighs and over your ass, he murmurs, sex dripping from his soft lips.
That sounds good to me, I breathe, turning my head a fraction. What’s stopping you? Never in my life have I been this bold and eager with a man but Dorian has awakened the sleeping sex giant within me. If my days are numbered, I want to at least die happy.
Oh, I would do it. But I know Aurora will come looking for me and I don’t want to be disturbed when I… ruin you. Ruin me? It sounds so threatening and violent.
I love it.

Can I..." He stopped and his jaw flexed. "Can I kiss you?"
I didn't answer, and he didn't wait for me to. His hands caught me gently behind the neck and he pressed his mouth to mine, softly but firmly. Then he moved one arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

Awww    Brenna    First kiss    Hot    Jake    Love

Things only get darker from here, doll. Might want to hold my hand for this.

His eyes darted over the surface of my face. Like a moth to a blaze he was hesitant, seeming to crave my warmth but not its inevitable burn. He explored me from a distance with his unspoken desire, with the fear that touching me would set him to flame. I wanted nothing more in that moment than to prove very much the opposite.

Fire    Flame    Hot    Love    Lust

Like all men who look this good, Frank has no interest in women.

Sometimes the clouds weren’t weightless. Sometimes their bellies got dark and full. It was life. It happened. It didn’t mean it wasn’t scary, or that I wasn’t still afraid, but now I knew that as long as I was standing under it with Braden beside me when those clouds broke, I’d be alright.

On Dublin Street

Samantha Young

On Dublin Street

Oh, trust me, sugar, having your tight, naked ass cradled against my dick was damn alluring. He steps closer to me and tips my chin up with his fingers. But I wouldn’t take advantage of you when you don’t have your wits about you. When I take you, you’ll know exactly what we’re doing, what you’re feeling, and I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name.
Holy fucking hell.

Alpha male    Hot    Sexy

You don’t like romantic shit, Luke remarks and frowns at me.
I don’t like watching you lay the romantic shit on my best friend, pal. It’s disgusting. This, I gesture around the room with my hands, is not a movie. But I do like watching Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, and a number of other hot actors lay on the romantic shit in a movie. I have a vagina.
I’m aware, Luke remarks earning a glare from Nate. Although, not first-hand, he quickly adds.

Finished with the fries, I licked the salt off my finger as I lifted my gaze.
Aiden's eyes flared silver, and something warm unfurled in my stomach. I put my other finger to my lips—
Holy baby daimons everywhere, what the hell was I doing? I grabbed a napkin, wiping furiously at my fingers. Across from me, heat roared off Aiden.

Aiden    Alex    Hot

It's just not as hot without biting, scratching, and spanking, involved.

Bdsm    Biting    Couples    Erotica    Hot    Love    Scratching    Sex    Spanking    Writing

One bachelor is an irritation. Ten thousand bachelors are a war.

Ender in Exile

Orson Scott Card

Ender in Exile
Han    Hot    Soup    Tzu

Then what’s the problem? He was getting irritated now. Are you scared, V? Scared that fucking me might turn into something more? Taunting her, he continued, Scared that I might just be able to get past that impenetrable outer shell?

Alpha    Attraction    Hot

Legs with attitude. Kyle’s tone warmed with approval. Why don’t you bring those beauties over here. I got a spot all ready for ‘em. He and his buddies all chuckled when he patted his lap.
I wasn’t exactly impressed. I think these legs are fine where they are, thank you very much.
Kyle wasn’t deterred at all by my rejection. I wouldn’t have expected legs like those to be quite so shy.
Not shy, I informed him. Just holding out for a better offer.

I'll teach you how to come with a man inside you. Not a boy, Addison, a man.

There was really way too much hotness going on back there.

Alpha    Girl    Hot    Wolves    Ya

Zane stole her breath and her common sense with just a smile. When he actually touched her, it was even worse.

Imagine a delicious glass of summer iced tea.
Take a long cool sip. Listen to the ice crackle and clink.
Is the glass part full or part empty?
Take another sip.
And now?

Cold    Cool    Drink    Drinking    Empty    Full    Glass    Half    Half empty    Half full    Heat    Hot    Ice    Iced    Iced tea    Meditation    Mood    Optimist    Pessimist    Summer    Tea

Oh dios mio, she makes me burn, she makes me need. She is etching herself into mi alma

Action    Alpha male    Cartel    Erotic    Erotica romance    Fbi    Fiction    Hot    Navy seals    Romance    Romance novels    Sexy    Spicy    Thriller

Daemon laughed "I'm only at the service of one person in particular"
My cheeks flamed as I scooted my chair over. "You are not servicing me in any way."
He leaned in, closing my newly gained distance. "Not yet."
"Oh, come on, Daemon I'm right here." Dee frowned. "You're about to make me lose my appetite."
"Like that will ever happen." Lisa retorted with an eye roll.


Jennifer L. Armentrout

Funny    Hot    Sexy

We are having hot lesbian sex... and by sex we mean tea but it's still hot.

Hot    Lesbian    Sex    Tea

He leaned toward me. Suddenly the space between us shrank.
"I will do everything in my power to ensure your survival, and should the need arise, I will put myself between danger and you." His voice was quiet and intimate. "Do not hesitate to use me as your shield."
His voice sent tiny shivers through me.

Hot    Panty melting    Vampire    Yum



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