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To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend.

Action    Deeds    Game    Lying    Playing    Responsibility

But because two can play at this game, I stand on tiptoe and kiss his cheek. Right on his bruise.

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games
Awesome    Game    Kiss

It was like when you make a move in chess and just as you take your finger off the piece, you see the mistake you've made, and there's this panic because you don't know yet the scale of disaster you've left yourself open to.

Never Let Me Go

Ishiguro Kazuo

Never Let Me Go
Chess    Disaster    Game    Panic

What we do see depends mainly on what we look for. ... In the same field the farmer will notice the crop, the geologists the fossils, botanists the flowers, artists the colouring, sportmen the cover for the game. Though we may all look at the same things, it does not all follow that we should see them.

Artists    Botanists    Farmer    Flowers    Fossils    Game    Geologists    Inspirational    Perspective    Seeing    Sight    Sportsmen

Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose!

Diet    Dieting    Fashion designer    Game    Image    Look    Lose    Pounds    Weight    Win    Winning    Wisdom    Wise    Woman    Women

Life has but one true charm: the charm of the game. But what if we’re indifferent to whether we win or lose?

Game    Life

Charm is the ability to insult people without offending them; nerdiness the reverse

Charm    Enfp vs intj    Flirting    Game    Nerd    Nerdiness    Nerds    Seduction

True love is not a hide and seek game: in true love, both lovers seek each other.

Affair    Affection    Attachment    Bond    Care    Caring    Close    Emotion    Emotions    Fellow feeling    Friendship    Friendships    Game    Hide and seek    Intimacy    Love affair    Lover    Lovers    Michael bassey johnson    Mutual attachment    Passion    Play    Relationship    Seeker    Sharing    True love    Truth

I heard you were a player , okay , lets play a game.
We'll flirt, play fights, talk 24/7, say goodmorning and goodnight every day, give each other nicknames, hang out, talk on the phone for hours, take cute pictures together, make promises to each other and hold each other.
And whoever falls in love first, loses.

Cute    Fight    Flirt    Game    Heart broken    Lose    Love    Photo    Player    Promises    Romance    Talk


Begin    Flames    Game    Hayley    Hayley williams    Hurt    Let    Let the flames begin    Paramore    Revenge    Vengeance

When they killed him, Mother wouldn't hold her peace, so they slit her throat. I was stupid then, being only nine, and I fought to save them both. But the thorns held me tight. I've learned to appreciate thorns since. The thorns taught me the game. They let me understand what all those grim and serious men who've fought the Hundred War have yet to learn. You can only win the game when you understand that it IS a game. Let a man play chess, and tell him that every pawn is his friend. Let him think both bishops holy. Let him remember happy days in the shadows of his castles. Let him love his queen. Watch him loose them all.

Game    Life lessons    Murder    War

There's a difference between playing and playing games. The former is an act of joy, the latter — an act.

Act    Acting    Artifice    Falsehood    Game    Games    Illusion    Lie    Lies    Playing    Pretence    Pretend    Pretending    Pretense

They played at hearts as other children might play at ball; only, as it was really their two hearts that they flung to and fro, they had to be very, very handy to catch them, each time, without hurting them.

Game    Hearts    Opera    Phantom

Oh, if only it were possible to find understanding, Joseph exclaimed. If only there were a dogma to believe in. Everything is contradictory, everything tangential; there are no certainties anywhere. Everything can be interpreted one way and then again interpreted in the opposite sense. The whole of world history can be explained as development and progress and can also be seen as nothing but decadence and meaninglessness. Isn’t there any truth? Is there no real and valid doctrine?
The master had never heard him speak so fervently. He walked on in silence for a little, then said: There is truth, my boy. But the doctrine you desire, absolute, perfect dogma that alone provides wisdom, does not exist. Nor should you long for a perfect doctrine, my friend. Rather, you should long for the perfection of yourself. The deity is within you, not in ideas and books. Truth is lived, not taught. Be prepared for conflicts, Joseph Knecht - I can see that they already have begun.

Das Glasperlenspiel

Hermann Hesse

Das Glasperlenspiel
Bead    Dogma    Game    Glass    Philosophy    Truth

Our love was a two-person game. At least until one of us died, and the other became a murderer.

Death    Funny    Game    Humor    Life    Love    Murder    Relationships    Word junkies

Elevate your inside game. A negative attitude is below the horizon...a place for lonesome hearts.

A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.

Bad    Delay    Delayed    Delays    Game    Games    Good    Late    Miyamoto    Nintendo    Shigeru    Video    Videos

I love luxury. And luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity. Vulgarity is the ugliest word in our language. I stay in the game to fight it.

Fight    Game    Luxury    Modesty    Vulgarity

I search his eyes for the slightest sign of anything, fear, remorse, anger. But there's only the same look of amusement that ended our last conversation. It's as if he's speaking the words again. "Oh, my dear Miss Everdeen. I thought we had agreed not to lie to each other."
He's right. We did.
The point of my arrow shifts upward. I release the string. And President Coin collapses over the side of the balcony and plunges to the ground. Dead.

Arrow    Book    Coin    Collins    Dead    End    Everdeen    Game    Hunger    Katniss    Mockingjay    Quote    Right    Snow    Suzane    Words

As every flower fades and as all youth
Departs, so life at every stage,
So every virtue, so our grasp of truth,
Blooms in its day and may not last forever.
Since life may summon us at every age
Be ready, heart, for parting, new endeavor,
Be ready bravely and without remorse
To find new light that old ties cannot give.
In all beginnings dwells a magic force
For guarding us and helping us to live.
Serenely let us move to distant places
And let no sentiments of home detain us.
The Cosmic Spirit seeks not to restrain us
But lifts us stage by stage to wider spaces.
If we accept a home of our own making,
Familiar habit makes for indolence.
We must prepare for parting and leave-taking
Or else remain the slaves of permanence.
Even the hour of our death may send
Us speeding on to fresh and newer spaces,
And life may summon us to newer races.
So be it, heart: bid farewell without end.

Das Glasperlenspiel

Hermann Hesse

Das Glasperlenspiel
Bead    Game    Glass    Herman    Hesse    Stages    The

[That wall] might be breached sometime in the future, but for now the only real conversation between them was the roots that had already grown low and deep, under the wall, where they could not be broken.
The most terrible thing, though, was the fear that the wall could never be breached, that in his heart Alai was glad of the separation, and was ready to be Ender's enemy. For now that they could not be together, they must be infinitely apart, and what had been sure and unshakable was now fragile and insubstantial; from the moment we are not together, Alai is a stranger, for he has a life now that will be no part of mine, and that means that when I see him we will not know each other.

Ender's Game

Orson Scott Card

Ender's Game
Alai    Ender    Friendship    Game    Loss    Separation    Walls

They are playing a game. They are playing at not playing a game. If I show them I see they are, I shall break the rules and they will punish me. I must play their game, of not seeing I see the game

Game    Rules    Seeing

God deals us all different hands. How we play 'em is up to us.

Half Broke Horses

Jeannette Walls

Half Broke Horses
Cards    Game    God    Hands    Life

If the modern world were a patient in my care... I would diagnose it suicidal." - Dr. Sofia Lamb

Bioshock    Game    Rapture    Shirley

Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game.

Battle    Game    Life

And what if you try to kill me? Or worse: to kiss me?

Attract    Attractive    Bad    Beautiful    Beauty    Best    Better    Boy    Cardew    Danger    Dangerous    Female    Freya    Game    Girl    Good    Goth    Gothic    Handsome    Kill    Kill me    Kiss    Kiss me    Love    Male    Man    Play    Playful    Provocative    Provoke    Relationship    Relationships    Romantic    Secret    Secretive    Sexy    Sin    Sinful    Tease    Tempt    Temptation    Tempted    Tempting    What if    Woman    Worse    Worst    Young    Young adult    Young adult gothic romance    Young adult romance    Youthful

Dating is like a game. If someone feels like they have won us over too easily, they won’t see our value and will go elsewhere to find something they have to work a little bit harder for.

Courtship    Date    Dating    Elsewhere    Game    Games    Hard    Value    Values    Win    Won    Work    Working

Do not hate the player, nor the game...rule it!

Battle    Conquer    Game    Hate    Player    Quotes    Rule

Have you ever played Maximum Happy Imagination?"
"Sounds like a Japanese game show."
Kat straightens her shoulders. "Okay, we're going to play. To start, imagine the future. The good future. No nuclear bombs. Pretend you're a science fiction writer."
Okay: "World government... no cancer... hover-boards."
"Go further. What's the good future after that?"
"Spaceships. Party on Mars."
"Star Trek. Transporters. You can go anywhere."
"I pause a moment, then realize: "I can't."
Kat shakes her head. "It's really hard. And that's, what, a thousand years? What comes after that? What could possibly come after that? Imagination runs out. But it makes sense, right? We probably just imagine things based on what we already know, and we run out of analogies in the thirty-first century.

The rules are simple: the first one to lose dies.

Dies    Game    Lose    Simple

and a most curious country it was. There were a number of tiny little brooks running straight across it from side to side, and the ground between was divided up into squares by a number of little green hedges, that reached from brook to brook.
I declare it's marked out just like a large chessboard!' Alice said at last. 'There ought to be some men moving about somewhere--and so there are!' she added in a tone of delight, and her heart began to beat quick with excitement as she went on. 'It's a great huge game of chess that's being played--all over the world--if this is the world at all, you know. Oh, what fun it is!

Chess    Game

You cannot score a goal when you are sitting on the bench. To do so, you have to dress up and enter the game.

Achieve    Action    Believe    Believe and achieve    Bench    Dress    Dress up    Excellence    Extra    Extra mile    Food for thought    Game    Goal    Israelmore ayivor    Lesson    Score    Success    Win

A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. I’d finally set out to make my mark; to find adventure. But instead adventure found me. In our darkest moments, when life flashes before us, we find something; Something that keeps us going. Something that pushes us.

The bowler approached the wicket at a lope, a trot, and then a run. He suddenly exploded in a flurry of arms and legs, out of which flew a ball.

Ball    Cricket    Description    Game    Play

True sportsmanship is…
Knowing that you need your opponent because without him or her, there is no game.
Acknowledging that your opponent holds the same deep-rooted aspirations and expectations as you.
Knowing that, win or lose, you will walk off the course with pride.
Always taking the high road.
And always, always, always being a good sport.

In order to improve your game, you must study the endgame before everything else, for whereas the endings can be studied and mastered by themselves, the middle game and the opening must be studied in relation to the endgame.

Master the rules of the game until you can play it better they can.

The Sorceress

Michael Scott

The Sorceress

There are no winners in real games.

Shogo looked at Shuya and Noriko. "The winner's forced to transfer to another school where he or she is ordered not to mention the game and is instructed instead to lead a normal life. That's all."
Shuya felt his chest well up inside and his face froze. He stared at Shogo and realized that Noriko was holding her breath.
Shogo said, "I was a student in Third Year Class C, Second District, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture." He added, "I survived the Program held in Hyogo Prefecture last year.

Battle Royale

Koushun Takami

Battle Royale

It doesn't really matter if you are left behind the back, but what matters is your capacity to pull and push everyone by your way to get to the front.

Ability    Aura    Character    Coax    Common sense    Concept    Devil    Food for thought    Game    Influence    Intelligence    Last    Late    Lie    Lies    Magic    Master    Michael bassey johnson    Name    Opportunity    Outlaw    Outshine    Outshinning    Persuasion    Rhetorics    Silent killer    Spell    Stardom    Sweet words    Swindle    Swindler    The law    The right time    Time    Trick    Wits

The world I held so closely, she played me like a game,
I released and left her laughing to stand on my own two feet.

Was die Menschen täglich ihre Entscheidungen nennen, ist nichts weiter als ein gut einstudiertes Spiel.

Life is a game, you live so you play. Follow your dreams and win what your happy heart desires.

Chase your dreams    Desire    Desires    Desiring    Dream    Dreaming    Dreams    Follow your dreams    Game    Happiness    Happy    Heart    Heart desires    Life    Live    Live your dreams    Living    Play    Playing    Win    Winning

The streets are a poor kid’s PlayStation™

Game    Play    Playstation    Poor    Rich    Social class    Streets    Toys

The game itself is bigger than the winning.

I've discovered a new video game called owning my home.

Community    Game    Games    Home    Owning    Video game    Video games    Videogame    Videogames

Try more strategy and less force. Passion never wins any game, never mind what they say. He said something similar now: Excuses don’t win a game. You should try strategy.

Game    Strategy    Win

If I am a pawn in someone else's chess game, you better believe I am going to demand an explanation before being shoved at some rook. I'll play my part, damn it, but I want the courtesy of being asked for my consent!

Chess    Consent    Explanation    Game    Part    Pawn    Play    Use    Used

I know your game, you know. You get nasty when you're backed into a corner.

For a game, you don’t need a teacher.



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