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One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.

There are some things one remembers even though they may never have happened.

Old Times

Harold Pinter

Old Times

Like crying wolf, if you keep looking for sympathy as a justification for your actions, you will someday be left standing alone when you really need help.

Actions    Alarm    Complaining    Crying    Crying wolf    Excuses    False    False alarm    Falsehood    Justification    Loneliness    Responsibility    Sympathy    Whining    Wolf    Wolves

To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.

Don't destroy yourself by allowing negative people add gibberish and debris to your character, reputation, and aspirations. Keep all dreams alive but discreet, so that those with unhealthy tongues won't have any other option than to infest themselves with their own diseases.

Scriptures, n.
The sacred books of our holy religion, as distinguished from the false and profane writings on which all other faiths are based.

False    Holy book    Holy religion    Humor    Irony    Profane    Sacred    Scripture    Scriptures

It is often argued that religion is valuable because it makes men good, but even if this were true it would not be a proof that religion is true. That would be an extension of pragmatism beyond endurance. Santa Claus makes children good in precisely the same way, and yet no one would argue seriously that the fact proves his existence. The defense of religion is full of such logical imbecilities. The theologians, taking one with another, are adept logicians, but every now and then they have to resort to sophistries so obvious that their whole case takes on an air of the ridiculous. Even the most logical religion starts out with patently false assumptions. It is often argued in support of this or that one that men are so devoted to it that they are willing to die for it. That, of course, is as silly as the Santa Claus proof. Other men are just as devoted to manifestly false religions, and just as willing to die for them. Every theologian spends a large part of his time and energy trying to prove that religions for which multitudes of honest men have fought and died are false, wicked, and against God.

Minority Report

H.L. Mencken

Minority Report
Argument    Assumptions    Atheism    Death    Devotion    Endurance    Energy    Existence    False    Honesty    Humor    Imbecility    Logic    Logicians    Martyr    Morality    Pragmatism    Proof    Ridiculous    Sacrifice    Santa    Santa claus    Sophistry    Support    Theologians    Truth    Value    Wicked

Don't pretend to be what you're not, instead, pretend to what you want to be, it is not pretence, it is a journey to self realization.

Insecure people often falsify the past, in order to make the future pure.

Here too it’s masquerade, I find:
As everywhere, the dance of mind.
I grasped a lovely masked procession,
And caught things from a horror show…
I’d gladly settle for a false impression,
If it would last a little longer, though.

Comfort    Fake    False    Illusion    Impression    Mask

We live in a world where unfortunately the distinction between true and false appears to become increasingly blurred by manipulation of facts, by exploitation of uncritical minds, and by the pollution of the language.

Time and time again does the pride of man influence his very own fall. While denying it, one gradually starts to believe that he is the authority, or that he possesses great moral dominion over others, yet it is spiritually unwarranted. By that point he loses steam; in result, he falsely begins trying to prove that unwarranted dominion by seizing the role of a condemner.

And now you'll be telling stories
of my coming back
and they won't be false, and they won't be true
but they'll be real

False    Reality    Return    Stories    True

Mindfulness helps us get better at seeing the difference between what’s happening and the stories we tell ourselves about what’s happening, stories that get in the way of direct experience. Often such stories treat a fleeting state of mind as if it were our entire and permanent self.

Buddhism    Deceit    Deception    Fable    Fake    False    Fiction    Inspiration    Lies    Meditation    Psychology    Stories

I feel no grief for being called something
I am not;
in fact, it's enthralling, somehow, like a good
back rub

Assumptions    Bukowski    Death    False    False assumptions    Funny    Humanity    Humor    Irony    Judgemental    Judgementality    Life    Love    People    Poem    Poetry    Society

There is a law of the natural worlds (the spiritual and the physical) and this is something I have understood: that for every genuine existence, for every real manifestation and occurrence, there are are ten thousand falsities. Before you meet what or who is genuine, you will first have met, or known of, what is fake; and ten thousand times so! There is no need to feel disappointments, any number below ten thousand deceptions renders you a lucky person! And you ask why is there a need for this to happen? Well, if you have not known what is false first, there is no way to understand what then comes which is truth. What is lesser is so afraid of what is genuine, that it finds it necessary to imitate and duplicate that imitation ten thousand times over, for fear that you will finally meet what is real. The more important that one existence is, the more imitations there are in the world.

Charm is often despised but I can never see why. No one has it who isn't capable of genuinely liking others, at least at the actual moment of meeting and speaking. Charm is always genuine; it may be superficial but it isn't false.

Charm    False    Genuine    Humor    Humour    Theo    Xan

This century will be called
's century. He was one of the greatest men who ever touched this globe. He has explained more of the phenomena of life than all of the religious teachers.
Write the name of
Charles Darwin
on the one hand and the name of every theologian who ever lived on the other, and from that name has come more light to the world than from all of those. His doctrine of evolution, his doctrine of the survival of the fittest, his doctrine of the origin of species, has removed in every thinking mind the last vestige of orthodox Christianity. He has not only stated, but he has demonstrated, that the inspired writer knew nothing of this world, nothing of the origin of man, nothing of geology, nothing of astronomy, nothing of nature; that the Bible is a book written by ignorance--at the instigation of fear
. Think of the men who replied to him. Only a few years ago there was no person too ignorant to successfully answer
Charles Darwin
, and the more ignorant he was the more cheerfully he undertook the task. He was held up to the ridicule, the scorn and contempt of the Christian world, and yet when he died, England was proud to put his dust with that of her noblest and her grandest.
Charles Darwin
conquered the intellectual world, and his doctrines are now accepted facts. His light has broken in on some of the clergy, and the greatest man who to-day occupies the pulpit of one of the orthodox churches, Henry Ward Beecher, is a believer in the theories of
Charles Darwin
--a man of more genius than all the clergy of that entire church put together.
...The church teaches that man was created perfect, and that for six thousand years he has degenerated.
demonstrated the falsity of this dogma. He shows that man has for thousands of ages steadily advanced;
that the Garden of Eden is an ignorant myth; that the doctrine of original sin has no foundation in fact; that the atonement is an absurdity; that the serpent did not tempt, and that man did not 'fall.'
Charles Darwin
destroyed the foundation of orthodox Christianity. There is nothing left but faith in what we know could not and did not happen
. Religion and science are enemies. One is a superstition; the other is a fact. One rests upon the false, the other upon the true. One is the result of fear and faith, the other of investigation and reason.

Voting is not a right. It is a method used to determine which politician was most able to brainwash you.

Brainwash    Distrust    Duped    Elections    False    Fooled    Government    Politician    Politics    Promises    Tricks    Vote

Contradiction is not a sign of falsity, nor the lack of contradiction a sign of truth.

It's hard to explain and best thing to do is not be false.

Big Sur

Jack Kerouac

Big Sur

One can talk good and shower down roses, but it's the receiver that has to walk through the thorns, and all its false expectations.

Abeyance    Anticipation    Assurance    Auspices    Belief    Broken promises    Confidence    Contemplation    Curiosity    Destiny    Eager    Expectations    False    Foresight    Hope    Intentions    Lookout    Pain    Perspective    Prediction    Presumption    Prospect    Receiver    Reckoning    Roses    Sanguine    Shower    Speeches    Suspense    Thorns    Trust    Waiting    Words

The stories people tell you about themselves seem to retain the possibility of being false. But what you discover about them by yourself seems to be the truth.

False    Stories    Truth

Telling the truth to yourself is Integrity; Telling the truth to others is Honesty; Telling the truth with no fear or intimidation is Bravity and being free from falsehood is Purity!

Be truthful    Brave    Bravity    Clean    Clean heart    Deceive    Deception    Fact    Faithful    False    Falsehood    Fear    Food for thought    Free    Holiness    Holy    Honest    Honesty    Integrity    Intimidate    Intimidation    Israelmore ayivor    Lie    No fear    Pure    Pure word    Purity    Sincerity    Tell the truth    True    Truth    Truthful    Yours faithfully

No matter how hard we try, we can never understand everything that another person has gone through or why they might believe a certain way. It is possible for something to be right for you and something completely opposite be right for someone else.

Another    Belief    Believe    Correct    Diversity    Else    False    Opposite    Possibilities    Possibility    Possible    Right    Shoes    Someone    Trial    Trials    Tribulation    True    Try    Understand    Walk    Way    Ways    Wrong

Paranoia. The more you think of an imaginary problem, the more you feel as though it’s real –

Afraid    Cardew    Dread    Fake    False    Fantastic    Fantasy    Fear    Freya    Gothic    Gothic romance    Horrified    Horror    Imaginary    Imagination    Imagine    Imagined    Lie    Lies    Love story    Mystery    Nightmare    Nightmarish    Nightmarish sacrifice    Paranoia    Paranoid    Pretend    Problem    Real    Reality    Romance    Sacrifice    Scared    Suspense    True    Truth    Young adult

It is incorrect to assume that you cannot find any good in the point of view directly opposite yours.

Correct    Direct    Directly    False    Good    Intelligence    Intelligent    Opposite    Opposites    Point of view    Right    Smart    Wrong

So, yes, I will marry you. Someday. If you'll have me," he said modestly.
"Of course I will, you idiot," I said with a shriek, and threw myself into his arms.

Eilis    Eilis o neal    False    False princess    King    Lost princess    Nalia    O neal    Past    Princess    Queen    Sinda

These bits of paper are covered with lies. They poison your minds. And so long as they exist, you cannot hope to see the world as it truly is.(...)You turn to them for answers and salvation. (...) You rely more upon them than upon yourselves. This makes you weak and stupid. You trust in words. Drops of ink. Do you ever stop to think of who put them there? Or why? No. You simply accept their words without question. And what if those words speak falsely, as they often do? This is dangerous.

Accept    Altair    Answer    Assassin s creed    Believe    Blind    Books    Cary    Crusade    Dangerous    Exist    False    Hope    Ink    Jubair    Knowledge    Lies    Look    Master    Mind    Oliver bowden    Paper    Poison    Power    Question    Quote    Rely    Salvation    Scholar    Secret    See    Smart    Think    True    Truth    Wisdom    Words

Some friends are like sunny days, with false flames, oozing from afar, coming near without a dime.

Bogus    Boring    Charlatan    Colour    Dead    Death    Deception    Enemies    False    False colour    Falsehood    Frieceit    Friends    Haters    Hatred    Lack    Michael bassey johnson    Negative    Negative people    Pretence    Ruin    Sense experience    Steal    Sun    Sunny    Swindle    Truth    Unfulfilment    Unskilled    Vanity

But are not the dreams of poets and the tales of travellers notoriously false?

Dreams    False    Poets

It is the natural tendency of the ignorant to believe what is not true. In order to overcome that tendency it is not sufficient to exhibit the true; it is also necessary to expose and denounce the false. To admit that the false has any standing in court, that it ought to be handled gently because millions of morons cherish it and thousands of quacks make their livings propagating it—to admit this, as the more fatuous of the reconcilers of science and religion inevitably do, is to abandon a just cause to its enemies, cravenly and without excuse.

The problem with Christianity is more people profess the truth than live it. So much hypocrisy abounds that I can no longer say I count myself among them without being held to the same unachievable standard.

Successfully functioning in a society with diverse values, traditions and lifestyles requires us to have a relationship to our own reactions rather than be captive of them. To resist our tendencies to make right or true, that which is nearly familiar, and wrong or false, that which is only strange.

False    Lifestyles    Reactions    Society    Tendencies    Traditions    True    Values

Who says that fictions only and false hair
Become a verse? Is there in truth no beauty?
Is all good structure in a winding stair?

Beauty    False    Fictions    Structur    Truth

...You know something, don't you?"
"I know lots of things--your inquiry needs to be more specific."
"Just answer the question."
"True/false or multiple choice?

Answer    Choice    False    Inquiry    Know    Lot    Multiple    Need    Question    Something    Specific    True

Tomorrow is an illusion suggesting that another chance always exists.  It is a dangerously false illusion.

When the ignorant have become numerous or powerful enough, they have been referred to by a special name. This names is 'the Wise'.

False    Ignorant    Truth    Wise

The thunder of false modesty was deafening.


Sebastian Faulks


The word miracle, as pronounced by Christian churches, gives a false impression; it is a monster. It is not one with the blowing clover and the falling rain.

Christian    Church    False    Miracle    Monster    Nature    Rain

..it sounded very good and very false at the same time, so that you had the feeling that even if was true, he was touching only on the very highest points and maybe embellishing those a little.

The Vanished

Bill Pronzini

The Vanished
False    Mystery    True

False love;now there is a tool of self destruction

False    Love

You have heard of the new chemical nomenclature endeavored to be introduced by
, &c. Other chemists of this country, of equal note, reject it, and prove in my opinion that it is premature, insufficient and false. These latter are joined by the British chemists; and upon the whole, I think the new nomenclature will be rejected, after doing more harm than good. There are some good publications in it, which must be translated into the ordinary chemical language before they will be useful.

Life is not a true or false question.

The implication that the change in nomenclature from Multiple Personality Disorder to Dissociative Identity Disorder means the condition has been repudiated and dropped from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association is false and misleading. Many if not most diagnostic entities have been renamed or have had their names modified as psychiatry changes in its conceptualizations and classifications of mental illnesses. When the DSM decided to go with Dissociative Identity Disorder it put (formerly multiple personality disorder) right after the new name to signify that it was the same condition. It’s right there on page 526 of DSM-IV-R. There have been four different names for this condition in the DSMs over the course of my career. I was part of the group that developed and wrote successive descriptions and diagnostic criteria for this condition for DSM-III-R, DSM–IV, and DSM-IV-TR.
While some patients have been hurt by the impact of material that proves to be inaccurate, there is no evidence that scientifically demonstrates the prevalence of such events. Most material alleged to be false has been disputed by someone, but has not been proven false.
Finally, however intriguing the idea of encouraging forgetting troubling material may seem, there is no evidence that it is either effective or safe as a general approach to treatment. There is considerable belief that when such material is put out of mind, it creates symptoms indirectly, from behind the scenes. Ironically, such efforts purport to cure some dissociative phenomena by encouraging others, such as Dissociative Amnesia.

Atheism is a lack of belief...what about the powers of darkness, and that of light, will you trace both to nothing? Then you must have created yourself.

Atheism    Atheist    Belief    Blank    Creation    Dark    Dark knowledge    Darkness    Demon    Disbelieve    False    False religion    Galaxy    Hypocrisy    Hypocrite    Michael bassey johnson    Pagan    Religion    Space    Theology    Ufo    Unbelieve    Unbeliever

We all know there is something wrong with our culture, the state of our world, and with ourselves.

Reason will always be logical,
Logic not always reasonable,
For truth from reason derivable,
And logic falsehood multipliable.

False    Falsehood    Logic    Reason    Truth

If one religion were 'true,' we would expect to see, even if only once in all of recorded history, a religious missionary that had stumbled upon a culture that shared the same revelations — brought forth by the same deity.

Wearing fake happiness is as good as smearing foundation. A bit of moisture drains it all.

Drain    Fail    Fake    False    Foundation cream    Happiness    Happy    Life    Living life    Moist    Moisture    Tough times



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