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It's not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.

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There is only one way to fight, and that's dirty. Clean gentlemanly fighting will get you nowhere but dead, and fast. Take every cheap shot, every low blow, absolutely kick people when they're down, and maybe you'll be the one who walks away.

Halfway to the Grave

Jeaniene Frost

Halfway to the Grave
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I love nature, I just don't want to get any of it on me.

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If it is the dirty element that gives pleasure to the act of lust, then the dirtier it is, the more pleasurable it is bound to be.

The 120 Days of Sodom

Marquis de Sade

The 120 Days of Sodom
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A man without a woman is like a pistol without a trigger; it is the woman who makes the man go off.

Les Miserables

Victor Hugo

It's a dirty way to fight, but I'm late for lunch."
- Valek to Yelena

Poison Study

Maria V. Snyder

Poison Study
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He probably would've raised an eyebrow in that annoying/hot way he had, and made a dirty joke about Elodie possessing me.

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So I let my shame own me, kill me, wilt me away into a thousand dead flakes, knowing if I kept it all in, she would never have to learn the dirtiness that was forever inside me--the bad, the ugly, the twisted. She could go on living her life happy, just like she deserved.

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Your... Your aura. It's... amazing. It's shining. I mean, it always shines, but today... Well I've never seen anything like it. I didn't expect that after everything that happened.'
I shifted around uncomfortably. If I lit up around Dimitri normally, what on earth happened to my aura post-sex?

Last Sacrifice

Richelle Mead

Last Sacrifice
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The [Five Second Rule] has many variations, including The Three Second Rule, The Seven Second Rule, and the extremely handy and versatile The However Long It Takes Me to Pick Up This Food Rule.

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She felt dirty, ugly and tired. She felt like a marshmallow heading into a house fire armed with chocolate and graham crackers.

Dirty    Marshmallows    Tired    Ugly

If any woman opens her legs for you, don't feel so lucky to be fed with nonsense, she has been a bitch for a long time, and now its your own turn to get a share from her itching tunnel.

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When we were arguing on my twenty-fourth birthday, she left the kitchen, came back with a pistol, and fired it at me five times from right across the table. But she missed. It wasn't my life she was after. It was more. She wanted to eat my heart and be lost in the desert with what she'd done, she wanted to fall on her knees and give birth from it, she wanted to hurt me as only a child can be hurt by its mother.

Jesus' Son

Denis Johnson

Jesus' Son
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The verse is supposed to get you hard so the chorus can suck you off.

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I love clean sheets. It's the simultaneous reminiscence of how they got dirtied to begin with, and hopeful anticipation of what stories they will live to tell next time you are standing fatefully in front of the washing machine.

I likened her to the slender PSYCHÉ and judged that the perfection of her face ennobled everything unclean around her: The dusty hems of her bunched-up skirt, the worn straps of her nightshirt; the blackened soles of her bare feet [...] All this and the pungent air! Ô this night, sweet pungent night! "HÉBÉ" may come but a season. But this girl's season would know a hot spring
and an Indian summer.

Barcelona    Bare feet    Beauty    Clean    Contrast    Dirty    Ennoble    Gitanas    Gypsy    Hebe    Hot    Indian summer    Love    Night    Nightshirt    Novel    Payne    Perfection    Psyche    Pungent    Roman    Roman payne    Saskia    Slender    Soul    Spain    Spring    The wanderess    Unclean    Voyeur    Wanderess    Young girl

What, with my tongue in your tail? nay, come again,
Good Kate; I am a gentleman.

The Taming of the Shrew

William Shakespeare

hornier than a bunny on ecstasy

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If you're dirty, what in this world isn't?!

Dirty    Mars

A dirty and mean sense of humor first thing in the morning. I may learn to like you yet.

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Dick called, but he just left dirty voice-mail messages. Let's just say if I'm ever in the market for a massage involving canola oil and marabou feathers, I'm covered.

All we can hope for is that he will fall into the ocean with a bar of soap in his pocket.


Eoin Colfer

Dirty    Fall    Humor    Kids    Ocean    Pocket    Soap    Washing

Chemistry is the dirty part of physics.

I hate the world. Everything comes into it so clean and goes out so dirty. (from COVER CHARGE - currently not listed)

Clean    Cynic    Cynicism    Dirty    Noir

Good parents use the mistakes they did in the past when they were young to advice the children God gave to them to prevent them from repeating those mistakes again. However, bad parents always want to be seen as right and appear "angelic and saintly" as if they never had horrible youth days.

As I grew older, I realized that no matter how hard you keep your shoes clean – especially the mid-soles – they will always get dirty since they mostly touch the ground... and dirt. Conclusion? All shoes are destined to be dirty when worn on a regular basis. It's just like life. No matter how comfortable you want it to be, trials and obstacles will always come your way. And you have to face it.

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I don't remember using a dirty pipe like that. My pipe isn't a cheap piece of crap. It was made by the name brand "Bitch".-Tsukuyo

Bitch    Cheapness    Dirty    Pipe

(by the way . . . I realize I switch from present to past tense, and if you don't like it . . . ram a nipple up your scrotum. -printer: leave this in.)

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She began to curl her hair and long for balls

Northanger Abbey

Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey
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Anger is like sex urge, once gratified, the inner voice calls you a stinking fool.

Christianity is at its purest a philosophy about a person, Jesus Christ, and at its dirtiest a philosophy about requirements and law.

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It's a rotten job, but somebody's got to do it.

I would like to turn in my skin and change it for a new epidermis. It feels as if I will never be able to rinse the sadness from my soul. All the while I am cognizant of the fact that I am trying to purge myself of my feelings. I start with my shell.
I am in the water at least an hour. I immerse my head. My long, thick mane is so heavy, but I feel the lightness of my hair as it floats. I can hear my heart beating in my ears. I wonder what would happen if I died in this water. I drain the bathtub and refill it. I scrub my skin until it stings. I still don't feel clean. I close my eyes.
I switch to lying on my back. I gaze at the heavens through the skylight on the ceiling above the tub. I am thinking about Isabella. I am struck by the feeling of uncleanness that I have been immersed in that day. I would imagine that this child feels unclean always, in body and in mind. I am hoping that the sheets in her foster home are snow white and fragrant. I am hoping that she felt safe. I am worried that she is so deeply alone and frightened. I know somewhere deep inside of me that the decisions and choices I made today were sound. I am praying, with eyes glued to the stars, that I will not awaken in the night with my heart beating out of my chest; that I will not be haunted by Francis's diseased body; that I will not perseverate on ever nuance of my day - the smells, the cockroaches, the piercing torment of Isabella's unseeing eye, her father's sore-ridden penis penetrating her tiny body. Yet in many ways this is an experience I hope never to forget. The pearls. I must not forget the pearls that I have promised her.

Don't be carried away by beauty, for the faeces also stays in the rectum of ravishing faces, and their private life is not beautiful as their public life...fear beauty!

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We don't need a point, son. We're juvenile, we're dirty, we don't have girls, we have noses full of snot, throats sore as hell, we've got scabs on us, we suffer bouts of acne, we've got no girls ... What more reasons do we need?

I think he fucked me stupid"- McKenzie Matthews- Being Beckett's

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You may have been born on the rubbish damp. But be careful not to believe that the rubbish damp was born in you! Your environment may try to set conditions that may attempt their fingers on crippling you. But you got to stand and say "I thank you Lord that I am rising against and above my limitations

Above    Against    Attempt    Believe    Birth    Born    Careful    Conditions    Cripple    Dirty    Environment    Fingers    Food for thought    Give birth    God    Israelmore ayivor    Limitations    Refuse damp    Rise up    Rubbish    Try

I learned that I knew it (there are some things in life, you knew before you could put the words to them, for me, this was one) upon first seeing the film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and hearing Lawrence Jamieson (Michael Caine) utter these words:
Freddy, as a younger man, I was a sculptor, a painter, and a musician. There was just one problem: I wasn't very good. As a matter of fact, I was dreadful. I finally came to the frustrating conclusion that I had taste and style, but not talent. I knew my limitations. We all have our limitations, Freddy. Fortunately, I discovered that taste and style were commodities that people desired. Freddy, what I am saying is: know your limitations. You are a moron.

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Malory! You've got a chipmunk on your pussy!

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You can't sit down in a bachelor's house without getting sick with cooties from the dirt and built-up grime, but you can eat off the barrel of his gun.

Bachelor pad    Clean    Dirty    Filth    Grime    Guns

History at its best is a gritty, dirty business.

Dirty    Gritty    History

I do not worry about the beauty of the world, neither do I care, but it is all dark and dirty when you are not around.

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