Damage Quotes

Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn't change the heart of others-- it only changes yours.

I thought at the time that I couldn't be horrified anymore, or wounded. I suppose that's a common conceit, that you've already been so damaged that damage itself, in its totality, makes you safe.

Damage    Sad    Safe    Safety

Unconditional love is like a contry of two with no laws and no government. Which is all fine if everyone is peaceful and law abiding. In the wrong hands, though, you got looting and crime sprees, and let me tell you, the people who demand unconditional love are usually the ones who will rob and pillage and then blame you because you left your door unlocked.

You can't patch a wounded soul with a Band-Aid.

The Black Echo

Michael Connelly

Damage    Injuries    Psyche    Ptsd    Sould    Wounds

When mom and dad went to war the only prisoners they took were the children

Causing any damage or harm to one party in order to help another party is not justice, and likewise, attacking all feminine conduct [in order to warn men away from individual women who are deceitful] is contrary to the truth, just as I will show you with a hypothetical case. Let us suppose they did this intending to draw fools away from foolishness. It would be as if I attacked fire -- a very good and necessary element nevertheless -- because some people burnt themselves, or water because someone drowned. The same can be said of all good things which can be used well or used badly. But one must not attack them if fools abuse them.

Abuse    Argument    Clichés    Conduct    Damage    Danger    Double standards    Fire    Foolishness    Gender    Generalizations    Harm    Hypocrisy    Individuality    Men    Misogyny    Misrepresentation    Morality    One sidedness    Perceptions    Prejudice    Social norms    Stereotypes    Truth    Water    Women

A little damage makes people more interesting, right?

This is less teaching than damage control. You may as well paint a house that’s on fire.


Chuck Palahniuk


Memory loss is one way of coping with damage.

Child abuse damages a person for life and that damage is in no way diminished by the ignorance of the perpetrator. It is only with the uncovering of the complete truth as it affects all those involved that a genuinely viable solution can be found to the dangers of child abuse.

I believe that religion, generally speaking, has been a curse to mankind — that its modest and greatly overestimated services on the ethical side have been more than overcome by the damage it has done to clear and honest thinking.
I believe that no discovery of fact, however trivial, can be wholly useless to the race, and that no trumpeting of falsehood, however virtuous in intent, can be anything but vicious.
I believe that the evidence for immortality is no better than the evidence of witches, and deserves no more respect.
I believe in the complete freedom of thought and speech — alike for the humblest man and the mightiest, and in the utmost freedom of conduct that is consistent with living in organized society.
I believe in the capacity of man to conquer his world, and to find out what it is made of, and how it is run.
I believe in the reality of progress.
I —But the whole thing, after all, may be put very simply. I believe that it is better to tell the truth than to lie. I believe that it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe that it is better to know than be ignorant.

Belief    Capacity    Conquer    Curse    Damage    Discovery    Ethics    Evidence    Fact    Falsehood    Free    Freedom    Freedom of speech    Freedom of thought    Honesty    Humble    Ignorance    Immorality    Intent    Know    Knowledge    Lie    Mankind    Mighty    Progress    Reality    Religion    Respect    Slave    Society    Speech    Thinking    Thought    Truth    Vicious    Virtuous    Witches

Doing a little at once can fix something, eventually, but i feel like when you believe something is truly a problem, you throw everything you have at it, because you just can't help yourself.


Veronica Roth

Allegiant    Beatrice prior    Bureau    Damage    Divergent    Four    Genetic    Inspirational    Insurgent    Realistic    Statue    Tris    True    Veronica roth

The trouble with rules, though, is that you'll always be tempted to break one- for the right reasons, due to unavoidable circumstances, because it feels as if there's no other choice. And once you break one, the rest seem like so much broken glass. The damage is already done.

...the heart of a child can take forty-nine blows before it’s damaged for ever and what’s done can never be undone.

Child    Children    Damage    Damaged    Done    Ever    Forever    Forty nine    Four    God    Hand    Heart    Hoffman    Kids    Kill    Last    Left    Life    Love    Never    Pain    Paul    Things    True    Undone

It is difficult to undo our own damage, and to recall to our presence that which we have asked to leave. It is hard to desecrate a grove and change your mind. The very holy mountains are keeping mum. We doused the burning bush and cannot rekindle it; we are lighting matches in vain under every green tree.

Beliefs    Burning    Damage    Life    Nature

I suppose that's a common conceit, that you've already been so damaged that damage itself in its totality makes you safe.

What I'd like to read is a scientific review, by a scientific psychologist--if any exists--of 'A Scientific Man and the Bible'. By what route do otherwise sane men come to believe such palpable nonsense? How is it possible for a human brain to be divided into two insulated halves, one functioning normally, naturally and even brilliantly, and the other capable only of such ghastly balderdash which issues from the minds of Baptist evangelists? Such balderdash takes various forms, but it is at its worst when it is religious. Why should this be so? What is there in religion that completely flabbergasts the wits of those who believe in it? I see no logical necessity for that flabbergasting. Religion, after all, is nothing but an hypothesis framed to account for what is evidentially unaccounted for. In other fields such hypotheses are common, and yet they do no apparent damage to those who incline to them. But in the religious field they quickly rush the believer to the intellectual Bad Lands. He not only becomes anaesthetic to objective fact; he becomes a violent enemy of objective fact. It annoys and irritates him. He sweeps it away as something somehow evil...

Survivors are damaged to different degrees by their experiences. This does not depend on what happened physically. A Survivor who has been raped will not necessarily be more damaged than a Survivor who has been touched. The degree of damage depend on the degree of traumatic sexualization, stigmatization, betrayal and powerlessness, the child has experienced. This in turn depends on a number of factors such as:
* who the abuser was;
* how many abusers were involved;
* if the abuser was same-sex or opposite sex;
* what took place;
* what was said;
* how long the abuse went on for;
* How the child felt and how she interpreted what was happening;
* if the child was otherwise happy and supported;
* how other people reacted to the disclosure or discovery of the abuse;
* how old the child was

Abuse    Betrayal    Child abuse    Child rape    Damage    Discovery    Ptsd    Rape    Sexual abuse    Stigma    Survivor    Survivors    Trauma    Traumatization

Please don't trouble yourself with my scars. At least not right now, OK?

Damage    Hate    Hurt    Love    Pain    Scars    Spy

There are, and always have been, destructive pseudo-scientific notions linked to race and religion; these are the most widespread and damaging. Hopefully, educated people can succeed in shedding light into these areas of prejudice and ignorance, for as
once said: '
Men will commit atrocities as long as they believe absurdities

Politics bores you?" Bronsen said.
Julien smiled. "It does. Apologies, sir, and it is not that I haven't tried to be fascinated. But careful and meticulous research has suggested the hypothesis that all politicians are liars, fools, and tricksters, and I have as yet come across no evidence to the contrary. They can do great damage, and rarely any good. It is the job of the sensible man to try and protect civilization from their depradations.

There is an internal landscape, a geography of the soul: we search for its outlines all over our lives. Those who are lucky enough to find it ease like water over stone, onto its fluid contours, and are home.
Some find it in a place of their birth; others may leave a seaside town, parched, and find themselves refreshed in the desert. there are those born in rolling countryside who are really only at ease in the intense and busy loneliness of the city.
For some, the search is for the imprint of another; a child or a mother, a grandfather or a brother, a lover, a husband, a wife, or a foe.
We may go through our lives happy or unhappy, successful or unfulfilled, loved, or unloved, without ever standing cold with the shock or recognition, without ever feeling the agony as the twisted iron in our soul unlocks itself and we slip at last into place.

She walked away without bothering to look further. She knew he’d be fine. Her specialty was subduing without causing any real damage. He’d lie there for a few minutes. He’d be sore, maybe bruised tomorrow. He’d brush the cobwebs off his imagination to invent a story for his buddies about how three seven-foot, three-hundred-pound male karate black belts attacked him in the park.
But she would bet her life on the fact that he would never sneak up on another fragile-looking woman without remembering this night. And that was the point. That was what Gaia lived for.

Damage    Fragile    Lessons    Lies    Subdue

Though sometimes, first love cauterises the heart, and all any searcher will find thereafter is scar tissue.

The Only Story

Julian Barnes

The Only Story

Think twice before you pull your trouser and rape a woman; she may be your mother, sister or friend, and you know the consequences that follows.

Abomination    Abuse    Child abuse    Consequences    Damage    Damages    Devastation    Force    Friend    Molestation    Mother    Rape    Rapist    Ravish    Sin    Sister    Think twice    Trouser    Woman    Women

Most people don't accept that they are an influence either improving or damaging others.

The walk back to the subway and the subsequent ride to my apartment in Queens is long, providing me with too much time to ask myself exactly what the fuck I'm getting myself into. Nell is bad news. She’s got major damage, a baggage train a mile long. And so do I.

Poetry can cause irreparable harm when misapplied


Gail Carriger

Damage    Harm    Misapply    Misuse    Poetry

[Science] dissipates errors born of ignorance about our true relations with nature, errors the more damaging in that the social order should rest only on those relations. TRUTH! JUSTICE! Those are the immutable laws. Let us banish the dangerous maxim that it is sometimes useful to depart from them and to deceive or enslave mankind to assure its happiness.

Damage    Errors    Happiness    Ignorance    Justice    Maxim    Nature    Science    Social order    Truth

The most important things, the experiences that leave marks on our souls for everyone to see, those marks that reflect our most intense emotions in a glass pane, we will never forget.

Truth, meanwhile, was a weapon
that even a damaged fist could still grasp and wield. It was a remarkably versatile commodity; it could be traded, or help serve an end, or produce a

Commodity    Damage    End    Fist    Grasp    Help    Produce    Profit    Remarkable    Serve    Trade    Truth    Versatile    Weapon    Wield

Alexander shifted in my arms. God, he was so small, and from the giddy looks on my father's and Ashley's faces, they already worshiped him. We all started off this way, small little bundles of joy. Me, Aires, Noah, Lila, Isaiah, and even Beth. At some point, someone held and loved us, but somewhere along the way, it all got screwed up.

Pushing the Limits

Katie McGarry

Pushing the Limits

Fikiria kwanza maana ya unachosema. Halafu sema.

Damage    Foolishness    Harm    Head    Mouth    Think    Wisdom

Neno moja kutoka mdomoni mwako linaweza kukuletea madhara makubwa. Fikiria kwanza maana ya kitu unachofikiria (ambacho tayari umekisema kichwani mwako) kabla ya kukisema tena mdomoni mwako. Wenye hekima huzungumza kwa sababu wana kitu cha kuzungumza. Wapumbavu hubwabwaja.

Damage    Foolishness    Harm    Head    Mouth    Think    Wisdom

Neno moja kutoka mdomoni mwako linaweza kukuletea madhara makubwa. Waweza kusema kitu ukadhani umepatia kumbe umeharibu. Fikiria kwanza maana ya kitu unachosema, halafu sema.

Kuwa mwangalifu unapoongea na watu. Huwajui!

The best thing about killing is nothing can compensate the damages one makes.

Free will always results in collateral damage.

The reason can make as much damage as passion.

B    Beuty    Damage    Passion


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