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Alec looked at her and shook his head. "How do you manage never to get mud on your clothes?"
Isabelle shrugged philosophically. "I'm pure at heart. It repels the dirt.

City of Ashes

Cassandra Clare

City of Ashes

And though the coldness I have always felt leaves me, the numbness doesn't and probably never will. this relationship will probably lead to nothing... this didn't change anything. I imagine her smelling clean, like tea...

American Psycho

Bret Easton Ellis

American Psycho
Clean    Cold    Numb

A virtuos woman is not moved by big names and flamboyance, but only men of profound wisdom and integrity move her.

Big names    Character    Chaste    Chasticity    Clean    Cleanliness    Decency    Discipline    Flamboyance    Flamboyant    Good choice    Good woman    Her    Integrity    Ladies    Lady    Luxurious    Luxury    Money    Move    Name    Names    Opulence    Profound    Pure    Purity    Sensitivity    She    Sound judgment    Virtue    Wisdom    Woman of virtue

Nobody had forgotten anything here. In Berlin, you had to wrestle with the past, you had to build on the ruins, inside them. It wasn't like America where we scraped the earth clean, thinking we could start again every time.

White Oleander

Janet Fitch

White Oleander
America    Berlin    Canvas    Clean    Empty    Forgotten    Learn    Past    Remembering    Ruins

All right," sighed Madrigal. "To the baths, then. To make ourselves shiningly clean."
Like vegetable, she thought, before they go in the stew.

Telling the truth to yourself is Integrity; Telling the truth to others is Honesty; Telling the truth with no fear or intimidation is Bravity and being free from falsehood is Purity!

Be truthful    Brave    Bravity    Clean    Clean heart    Deceive    Deception    Fact    Faithful    False    Falsehood    Fear    Food for thought    Free    Holiness    Holy    Honest    Honesty    Integrity    Intimidate    Intimidation    Israelmore ayivor    Lie    No fear    Pure    Pure word    Purity    Sincerity    Tell the truth    True    Truth    Truthful    Yours faithfully

Angela had done a marvelous job, I tell you. The puke was everywhere except the toilet. The walls, the floor, the sinks - even on the ceiling, though don't ask me how she did that. So there I was, perched on all fours, cleaning up the puke at the homecoming dance in my best blue suit, which was exactly what I had wanted to avoid in the first place. And Jamie, my date, was on all fours, too, doing exactly the same thing.

Do you know how you get the urge to clean your room, and it’s no big deal? But when your mom tells you that you have to clean your room, you don't want to? That's me, anyway.

Choice    Chores    Clean

Fire is bright and fire is clean.

Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451
Bright    Clean    Fire

Forgiveness is a clean lotion that heals the wounds of misunderstandings! To iron out the differences; get the painful sores dressed up; Forgive and Forget!

I love clean sheets. It's the simultaneous reminiscence of how they got dirtied to begin with, and hopeful anticipation of what stories they will live to tell next time you are standing fatefully in front of the washing machine.

I likened her to the slender PSYCHÉ and judged that the perfection of her face ennobled everything unclean around her: The dusty hems of her bunched-up skirt, the worn straps of her nightshirt; the blackened soles of her bare feet [...] All this and the pungent air! Ô this night, sweet pungent night! "HÉBÉ" may come but a season. But this girl's season would know a hot spring
and an Indian summer.

Barcelona    Bare feet    Beauty    Clean    Contrast    Dirty    Ennoble    Gitanas    Gypsy    Hebe    Hot    Indian summer    Love    Night    Nightshirt    Novel    Payne    Perfection    Psyche    Pungent    Roman    Roman payne    Saskia    Slender    Soul    Spain    Spring    The wanderess    Unclean    Voyeur    Wanderess    Young girl

Do not keep the slanderer away,
treat him with affection and honor:
Body and soul, he scours all clean,
babbling about this and that.

Affection    Babbling    Body    Clean    Honor    Slander    Slanderer    Soul

I wish to be washed clean of my old life. To let go of my tide of sorrows and find my way to a new shore. will be a world made not bright but brighter, not clean but cleaner.

Dead and Alive

Dean Koontz

Dead and Alive
Bright    Clean    Frankenstein    Future    World

A good book is a good place to go.....
to dream!

Be positive in your thoughts, passionate in your words and purposeful in your actions. Clean thoughts, Cool words and Clear actions are the impressions that appeal to success.

Act    Action    Actions    Appeal    Be positive    Clean    Clear    Cool    Impressions    Live life so well    Passionate    Positive    Positive thinking    Positively    Positivity    Purpose    Purposeful    Purposes    Success    Think    Think positive    Think well    Thoughts    Word    Words

I hate the world. Everything comes into it so clean and goes out so dirty. (from COVER CHARGE - currently not listed)

Clean    Cynic    Cynicism    Dirty    Noir

Before he had come to the town he had known about nothing but death: here he had learnt to live, to decide things for himself; he had learnt what it felt like to wash in clean water in the sunshine until he was clean himself, and what it felt like to satisfy his hunger with food that tasted good; he had learnt the sound of laughter that was free from cruelty; he had learnt the meaning of beauty

I Am David

Anne Holm

I Am David
Clean    Freedom    Sunshine    Water

Good parents use the mistakes they did in the past when they were young to advice the children God gave to them to prevent them from repeating those mistakes again. However, bad parents always want to be seen as right and appear "angelic and saintly" as if they never had horrible youth days.

The steps were crowded with bodies then. Now they are clean and cool, like nothing ever happened here.


Veronica Roth


A man who is morally clean, other things being equal, has in every instance, greater agility, greater capacity, and greater endurance by far than the man who is not. While the latter is wasting his creative energies in useless pleasures, as well as in disease producing habits, the former is turning all of his creative energy into ability and genius, and the result is evident.

Ability    Agility    Capacity    Clean    Creative    Disease    Endurance    Energies    Genius    Habits    Morally

As I grew older, I realized that no matter how hard you keep your shoes clean – especially the mid-soles – they will always get dirty since they mostly touch the ground... and dirt. Conclusion? All shoes are destined to be dirty when worn on a regular basis. It's just like life. No matter how comfortable you want it to be, trials and obstacles will always come your way. And you have to face it.

Clean    Dirt    Dirty    Inspirational    Life

Never trust a man who dresses too well or stays too clean. It ain't natural and whatever he's up to probably ain't legal.

Clean    Legal    Natural    Trust    Well dressed

Let your hands be clean; God loves clean hands and no wonder cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Jesus was a penniless teacher who wandered about the dusty sun-bit country of Judea, living upon casual gifts of food; yet he is always represented clean, combed, and sleek, in spotless raiment, erect, and with something motionless about him as though he was gliding through the air. This alone has made him unreal and incredible to many people who cannot distinguish the core of the story from the ornamental and unwise additions of the unintelligently devout.

Clean    Combed    Devout    Gifts    Jesus    Judea    Poor    Raiment    Reality    Sleek    Spotless    Unintelligent    Unreal    Unwise

This is a silly place. Half the world has no clean water. The other half has so much that they pooh in it.

Make sure that your heartfelt thanksgiving is more consistent than your nagging needs and your passionate apology fervent than your unhealthy justifications. Be clean and hopeful.

Apology    Clean    Consistent    Extra mile    Fervent    Heartfelt    Hope    Hopeful    Justifications    Nagging    Needs    Passion    Passionate    Positive    Thanksgiving    Unhealthy

Lead's erasing then vanishing
Banished from whatever it is they're drinking and it's cleaned
Running from the pitcher as if it's her fantasy

Banish    Changes    Clean    Dream    Drunkenness    Fantasy    Imagination    Metaphors    Sobriety

Home-grown pears are best eaten in the bath - they're so juicy, it's the easiest way to stay clean!

Allotment    Bath    Clean    Gardening    Pear

Honesty is not just keeping your ass away from people but also clean.

With the long hours of daylight in the Alaska summers, the gardens served up a cornucopia of amazing and extra-large produce.

Alaska    Clean    Funny    Romance    Sweet

That which abides the fire shall become clean. The water of separation shall purify. The Lord is a consuming fire. That which can't abide the fire shall go through water.

The Gargoyle

Andrew Davidson

The Gargoyle
Clean    Fire    Lord    Water

Remember, good things come to those who wait.

Alaska    Clean    Funny    Romance    Sweet

You can't sit down in a bachelor's house without getting sick with cooties from the dirt and built-up grime, but you can eat off the barrel of his gun.

Bachelor pad    Clean    Dirty    Filth    Grime    Guns

I had grown used to getting a pat on the back and being told after a good result: 'Well done, David - you should be happy, you're the first clean rider.

Clean    Doping    Happiness    Purity    Sports



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