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I think... if it is true that
there are as many minds as there
are heads, then there are as many
kinds of love as there are hearts.

Care    Diversity    Heart    Individuality    Love    Mind    Seduction    Soul

No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. Oftentimes, we have no clue. Yet we push it just the same.

Care    Impact    Life    Reach out    Think

Don’t sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there’s nothing else you can give and nobody will care for you.

Altruism    Care    Caring    Designer    Ego    Happiness    Life    Love    Nobody    Self love    Self sacrifice    Selfish    Wisdom

Want to keep Christ in Christmas? Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, forgive the guilty, welcome the unwanted, care for the ill, love your enemies, and do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Care    Christ    Christianity    Christmas    Clothe    Enemies    Feed    Forgive    Golden rule    Guilty    Hungry    Ill    Inspirational    Jesus    Life    Love    Motivational    Naked    Service    Unwanted    Welcome

My spirit. This is a new thought. I'm not sure exactly what it means, but it suggests I'm a fighter. In a sort of brave way. It's not as if I'm never friendly. Okay, maybe I don't go around loving everybody I meet, maybe my smiles are hard to come by, but i do care for some people.

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games

Friendship is selfless love, care, respect, and honor not a profitable opportunity.

Care    Friendship    Love    Opportunity    Respect

People ask all the time how I'm doing, but the truth is, they don't really want to know.

Handle with Care

Jodi Picoult

Handle with Care

Everything that happens to you matters to me.

City of Fallen Angels

Cassandra Clare

City of Fallen Angels
Care    Clary fray    Jace    Love    Teens

Naruto: I bet you're dying to know my name!
Gaara: I couldn't care less.

Care    Dying    Gaara    Name    Naruto

Be lost. Give up. Give In. in the end It would be better to surrender before you begin. be lost. Be lost And then you will not care if you are ever found.


Victoria Schwab

Better    Care    Found    Give in    Give up    In the end    Lost    Surrender

The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.

True love is not a hide and seek game: in true love, both lovers seek each other.

Affair    Affection    Attachment    Bond    Care    Caring    Close    Emotion    Emotions    Fellow feeling    Friendship    Friendships    Game    Hide and seek    Intimacy    Love affair    Lover    Lovers    Michael bassey johnson    Mutual attachment    Passion    Play    Relationship    Seeker    Sharing    True love    Truth

Day leans in toward me. He reaches up to touch my face. I can tell it still hurts him to use his fingers, and his nails are dark with dried blood. "You're brilliant," he says. "But you're a fool to stay wish someone like me."
I close my eyes at the touch of his hand. "Then we're both fools.


Marie Lu

Care    Cute    Love

My for your psyche...know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves" -Socrates

I hate the way, once you start to know someone, care about them, their behavior can distress you, even when it's unreasonable and not your fault, even if you were really trying to be careful, tactful.

...I think that people who make judgements about other people they don't even know are shallow, and people who start rumors are shallow, and I really don't care what shallow people say about me.

Care    Rumors    Shallow

Rushing into action, you fail.
Trying to grasp things, you lose them.
Forcing a project to completion,
you ruin what was almost ripe.
Therefore the Master takes action
by letting things take their course.
He remains as calm at the end
as at the beginning.
He has nothing,
thus has nothing to lose.
What he desires is non-desire;
what he learns is to unlearn.
He simply reminds people
of who they have always been.
He cares about nothing but the Tao.
Thus he can care for all things.

Action    Calm    Care    Completion    Desire    Fail    Forcing    Grasp    Learn    Lose    Ripe    Ruin    Tao

Don't die on me," she ordered. "You are not dying on me."
"Yes, ma'am." He felt light-headed, but she was about the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Her hair was smoldering. Her face was smudged with soot. She had a cut on her arm, her dress was torn, and she was missing a boot. Beautiful.

Beauty    Care    Hope    Love

A dog has one aim in life... to bestow his heart.

Care    Dog    Doglovers    Humanity    Kindness    Love    Peace    Selflessness

Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.

Care    Children    Love    Marriage

I want to care, but I don’t.
I look at you and all I feel is tired.

Sometimes carrying the burden of an upsetting truth, and hiding it, is actually a gift you give to someone else. You bear that burden, so they don’t have to, in a situation where telling them will change nothing.

Burden    Care    Honesty    Love    Moral    Morality    Morals    Secret

My friend, you had horses, and deed of arms, and the free fields; but she, being born in the body of a maid, had a spirit and courage at least the match of yours. Yet she was doomed to wait upon an old man, whom she loved as a father, and watch him falling into a mean dishonoured dotage; and her part seemed to her more ignoble than that of the staff he leaned on.
-Gandalf to Eomer, of Eowyn

Care    Eomer    Éowyn    Gandalf    Girl power

I care so much about everything that I care about nothing

...the care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.

For what is love itself, for the one we love best? - an enfolding of immeasurable cares which yet are better than any joys outside our love.

Daniel Deronda

George Eliot

Daniel Deronda
Care    Joy    Love    Sacrifice

Nobody is so busy that they can't make time for the people they really care about.

Care    Caring    Life    People    Relationships

People are supposed to care. It's good that people mean something to you, that you miss people when they're gone.

Care    Life    People

She watched as he settled down on the bed with Naya skin to skin on his chest. His hand all but covered her tiny body as he stroked her in that changeling way, bonding with her on the most elemental level. Then he purred, and Naya made a happy little sound of delight, very much a cat in her love of touch.

Babies    Care    Love    Lucas    Naya    Parenthood    Sascha

Tell me that the purpose of life is to have fun, and without a care in the world I'll begin wreaking havoc on everything I pass. Now that's what I call pure, honest fun.

Care    Fun    Havoc    Honest    Life    Love    Meaning of life    Mischief    Morality    Purpose    Trouble    Troublemaker

When someone says to us, as Thich Nhat Hanh suggests, "Darling, I care about your suffering," a deep healing begins.

Care    Empathy    Healing    Suffering

Most people who offer their help do it to make themselves feel better, not us. To be honest, I don't blame them. It's superstition: If you give assistance to the family in need... if you throw salt over your shoulder... if you don't step on the cracks, then maybe you'll be immune. Maybe you'll be able to convince yourself that this could never happen to you.

Handle with Care

Jodi Picoult

Handle with Care

Care and Quality are internal and external aspects of the same thing. A person who sees Quality and feels it as he works is a person who cares. A person who cares about what he sees and does is a person who’s bound to have some characteristic of quality.

Care    Philosophy    Quality    Work

... but if I've learned one thing, it's this: forgiveness is crucial. If you can't forgive someone you're mad at, that anger will poison you. You have to learn to let it go"... "people have reasons for doing the things that they do, especially when they care about you. You may not always understand what they are, but if you can try to understand the person then you might see that they really care, despite what happened."
pg 100 Meredith to Vlad

Anger    Care    Forgiveness    Let go    Love    Reasons    Understanding

Soar with wit. Conquer with dignity. Handle with care.

Accomplish    Achievement    Care    Conquering    Dignity    Handling    Inspirational    Motivational    Prosper    Soaring    Success    Wit

One is not loved accidentally; one’s own power to love produces love - just as being interested makes one interesting. People are concerned with the question of whether they are attractive while they forget that the essence of attractiveness is their own capacity to love. To love a person productively implies to care and to feel responsible for his life, not only for his physical existence but for the growth and development of all his human powers. To love productively is incompatible with being passive, with being an onlooker at the loved person’s life; it implies labor and care and the responsibility for his growth.

If I let myself care, all I'll feel is pain.

Care    Pain

Remain faithful to the earth, my brothers, with the power of your virtue. Let your gift-giving love and your knowledge serve the meaning of the earth. Thus I beg and beseech you. Do not let them fly away from earthly things and beat with their wings against eternal walls. Alas, there has always been so much virtue that has flown away. Lead back to the earth the virtue that flew away, as I do—back to the body, back to life, that it may give the earth a meaning, a human meaning.

Care    Dream    Earth    Future    Heaven    Hope    Human    Humanity    Love    Man    Now    Real    Virtue

Jika kita memilih tidak peduli, lebih sibuk dengan urusan masing-masing, nasib negeri ini persis seperti sekeranjang telur di ujung tanduk, hanya soal waktu akan pecah berantakan.

Care    Ignorant    Peduli    Politics    Politik

….Nothing was inevitable. She had not chosen this way. It was her fate. It had been decided since before time began. It had been decided before she began. Nothing could be done. There was no point in trying. It was way too late. The inevitability of nothing was totally supreme, overriding everything. No way out. No way through. She could only accept the unacceptable. She could only endure the unendurable. Nothing was wrong!
Nothing was wrong and the wrongness of this awesome nothing seeped from her. Some people, only a few, saw it. Some people, only a few felt it. Some people, only a few, recognised it and in recognising it for what it was, raged against it. Through the nothingness, these few reached out for her.
She could not reach back. Through the nothingness, these few fought for her. She could not fight back for herself. Through the nothingness, these few cared for her. She could not care back for herself. Through the nothingness, these few spoke out for her, shattering the frozen silence over and over again. She could not speak out for herself….
*I hope this may give some comfort to people who need it. There are good, caring people (whether outside or within yourself, if need be) and you do deserve to be cared for and supported as much as anyone else does."
From Nothing, one of the short stories in Fight! Rabbit! Fight!

Care keeps his watch in every old man’s eye,
And where care lodges, sleep will never lie.

[G]rowing into your future with health and grace and beauty doesn’t have to take all your time. It rather requires a dedication to caring for yourself as if you were rare and precious, which you are, and regarding all life around you as equally so, which it is. (267-268)

Aging    Aging well    Beauty    Care    Dedication    Grace    Health    Self care

I was in love with everything- I wanted to look with love at the angry people so that their eyes would be forced to respond; and I wanted to bring gifts to the envious and tell them that I am worthless.

Care    Faith    Hope    Inspire    Joy    Kindness    Love    Peace    Play    Respect

What if it becomes less about how we look and more about how much we care? What if it becomes less about how much money we earn and more about how much we share our good fortune? Imagine a world where who we are in our hearts is the ultimate status symbol.

A tightness in my chest came out of nowhere. As I listened to Amanda reassure my brother, I wanted to pull her into my arms and cry. How damn crazy was that? This girl was making me a nutcase.

Care    Crazy    Love

No one cared what she wanted. No one had ever cared. And perhaps, worst of all, no one ever would care.

Care    Despereaux    Want

Ah, damn it, lass,'he called after her. 'I've busted my stitches wide open.'
'What?'she cried, hurrying back to him. 'Let me see!'
'Ah-ha!' He snared her around the waist, dragging her down with him to his lap.'You still care for me!

If You Deceive

Kresley Cole

If You Deceive
Care    Funny    Love    Romance

Sincerity increases willingness to care.

The fact that you don't hate him for this breaks my heart. And if we weren't leaving because of what they'd done to you, we'd be leaving because the pack has twisted you enough to make you think that it's okay for someone to treat you that way.

Those who pretend as if they don't love you, are the ones who would hate to see you love another person.

Anger    Annoyance    Anxiety    Assunder    Asunder    Bitterness    Care    Crush    Distrust    Envy    Funny    Green eyed monster    Habit    Heartbeat    Hesitation    Insecurity    Jealousy    Love    Mistrust    Possesiveness    Pretence    Trouble    Vigilance    Watchful    Watchfulness



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