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Genres :Fiction , Romance , Audiobooks
Published By : Random House Audio
Published On : Jul 14, 2020
ISBN : (ISBN13: 9780593290460)
Format :Audiobook Download
Language :English
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    “That's when you know for sure somebody loves you. They figure out what you need and they give it to you -- without you asking.”
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    “Mom, how do you know if the guy is
    You mean if he’ll be a good husband? She pauses, then says The ticket is for the man to love the woman more than she loves him.
    Shouldn’t it be equal?
    Mom cackles. It can never be equal.
    But what if the woman loves the man more?
    A life of hell awaits her. As women, the deck is stacked against us because
    is our enemy. We age, while men
    . And trust me, there are plenty of women out there looking for a man, and they don’t mind staking a claim on somebody else’s husband, no matter how old, creaky, and deaf they are.”
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    “I love you , Valentine’ is actually a popular phrase used in greeting cards.
    If you were sending me one, what would it say? he asks.
    I love you, too, Roman.
    And there it is, words that I dread to say and do mean, because with them comes the responsibility of owning it, moving forward together and deciding for real who we are to each other. Now we’re not just lovers discovering what we like and sharing what we know. In this mutual declaration, we’re accountable to each other. We’re in love, and now, our relationship has to build slowly and beautifully in order to hold all the joy and misery that lies ahead.”
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    “I used to believe my art had to be about the things that brought me joy and gave me hope. But I learned that art can be found in all of life, even in pain. --Valentine, while in Italy (pg 267)”
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    “Aprendi que viajar ainda é a melhor forma de alterar a vida, mudar as ideias e abraçar a inspiração, mas devemos estar de olhos bem abertos e ansiosos por agarrá-la, ou é um desperdício.”
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  • Food, shoes and romance feature prominently in this zesty novel of an Italian-American family, the first in a planned trilogy following the life of Valentine Roncalli.

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  • On what should be a happy day, Valentine feels about as bright as a pot of red sauce forgotten and burned.

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  • Ex-fiancé Bret is working with Alfred on the money end, while Valentine flies to Buenos Aires to reconnect with a long-lost cousin in the shoe-manufacturing business.

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