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Genres :Non-Fiction , Science
Published By : Bantam
Published On : Mar 19, 2013
ISBN : (ISBN13: 9780553806533)
Format :Hardcover
Language :English
No. of pages : 560

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  • 5 

    Fagin weaves fascinating background material on epidemiology, statistical analysis and more into this hard-hitting chronicle. A gripping environmental thriller.

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  • IT’S HIGH TIME a book did for epidemiology what Jon Krakauer’s best-selling “Into Thin Air” did for mountain climbing: transform a long sequence of painfully plodding steps and missteps into a narrative of such irresistible momentum...

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  • in detail about the scientific detective work required to figure out whether all that pollution did anything to people’s health.

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  • A crisp, hard-nosed probe into corporate arrogance and the power of public resistance makes this environmental caper essential reading.

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  • Fagin navigates these murky waters expertly, delving in the book into the roots of epidemiology, the study of disease distribution.

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