The Tale of the Body Thief

By Anne Rice, Anne Rice

The Tale of the Body Thief


The Tale of the Body Thief

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Anne Rice continues the extraordinary Vampire Chronicles in a gripping storytelling feat that began with the now-classic Vampire Interview. Lestat—vampire-hero, enchanter, seducer of mortals—has been a courted prince in the dark, flourishing universe of the living dead for centuries. He is now alone... . And Lestat embarks on the most dangerous enterprise he has undertaken in all the years of his haunted existence, in his overwhelming need to destroy his doubts and his loneliness. Take a look at this Glory to The Body Thief's Tale Take a look at this "Tinged with mystery, full of drama. . The story involves the surprising twists."—People. Take a look at this "Rice is our modern Occult messenger, whose beautifully updated dark-side passion twists and turns into true Gothic form."—San Francisco Chronicle. Take a look at this "Fast-paced . . . . mesmerizing . . . silkenly sensuous . . . No one writing today matches her deftness with the erotic."—The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Take a look at this "Hypnotic . Masterful."-Cosmopolitan From the edition of The Paperback.



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    Fiction, Adult


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    Nov 17, 2010

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Quotes from The Tale of the Body Thief

I am not times fool, nor a god hardened by the millennia; I am not the trickster in the black cape nor the sorrowful wanderer. I have a conscience. I know right from wrong I know what I do and yes, I do it. I am the Vampire Lestat. That's your answer do with it as you will.

When did this fiend strike last?"
Ah . . . The last report was from the Dominican Republic. That was, let me see, two nights ago."
Dominican Republic! Why in the world would he go there?"
Exactly what I would like to know.

Revenge is the concern of those who are at some point or other beaten. I am not beaten, I told myself. No, not beaten. And victory is far more interesting to contemplate than revenge.

So we reach into the raging chaos, and we cling to it, and we tell ourselves it has meaning, and that the world is good, and we are not evil, and we will all go home in the end.

The evil of one murder is infinite, and my guilt is like my beauty - eternal. I cannot be forgiven, for there is no one to forgive me for all I've done.

My conscience is killing me, isn't it? And when you're immortal that can be a really long and ignominious death

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