Genres :Non-Fiction , Science , Health , Medical
ISBN : (ISBN13: 9783430175623)

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    Preston guides us deftly on another scary excursion (Hot Zone, 1994) into the world of really bad viruses—this time smallpox, with a side helping of anthrax.

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  • Such uncertainty and unanswered questions dominate ''The Demon in the Freezer,'' making it as perplexing as the times. It is also a less satisfying tale than its predecessors.

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  • What Preston has crafted here is another ripping real-life horror story – one made all the more disturbing by his conclusion. We now know all too well that terror is no longer the domain solely of the impoverished and war-ravaged.

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  • ...The Demon in the Freezer, Preston segues neatly from the genuine tragedy of the anthrax assault to the possible, deliberate spread of the highly contagious and deadly smallpox virus. This time, Preston explores a threat befitting his heated prose.

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  • ..make this book as exciting as the best thrillers, yet scarier by far, for Preston's pages deal with clear, present and very real dangers.

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