Ten Little Niggers

By Agatha Christie

Ten Little Niggers


Ten Little Niggers

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First, there were ten—a curious assortment of strangers being summoned to a private island off Devon's coast as weekend guests. Its host, an eccentric millionaire unknown to all of them, can be found nowhere. All the guests have in common is a wicked past they don't want to reveal—and a secret that ... will seal their destiny. For each one was marked for murder. They're falling prey one by one. There will be none before the weekend gets out. And only those who die are above suspicion.



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    St. martin's press


    May 3, 2004

  • ISBN

    0312330871 , 9780312330873







Quotes from Ten Little Niggers

In the midst of life, we are in death.

The amount of missing girls I've had to trace and their family and their friends always say the same thing. 'She was a bright and affectionate disposition and had no men friends'. That's never true. It's unnatural. Girls ought to have men friends. If not, then there's something wrong about them....

One of us in this very room is in fact the murderer.

One little Indian left all alone, he went out and hanged himself and then there were none.

It had come about ex­act­ly in the way things hap­pened in books.

It was An­tho­ny Marston who dis­agreed with the ma­jor­ity. 'A bit un­sport­ing, what?' he said. 'Ought to fer­ret out the mys­tery be­fore we go. Whole thing's like a de­tec­tive sto­ry. Pos­itive­ly thrilling.' The judge said acid­ly: 'At my time of life, I have no de­sire for "thrills," as you call them.' An­tho­ny said with a grin: 'The le­gal life's narrow­ing! I'm all for crime! Here's to it.' He picked up his drink and drank it off at a gulp. Too quick­ly, per­haps. He choked -​ choked bad­ly. His face contort­ed, turned pur­ple. He gasped for breath -​ then slid down off his chair, the glass falling from his hand.

Reviews of Ten Little Niggers

With a shocking ending that will keep everyone guessing until the last few pages, And Then There Were None is hands down one of the best mystery novels that this reviewer has ever read.

I am not a big who done it fan, though I can truly say this is one of the most ingenious stories I have ever read. Agatha Christie takes a very cliché plot line and turns it into something so simple yet so brilliant, twisting together what is meant for a child, a nursery rhyme, into the cruel adult world.

And Then There Were None is one of Agatha Christie's best works. Intriguing with an elaborate and well thought-out plot and fastidious attention to ­detail, the story pulls you in so you can hardly resist its siren call...However, without a clear main character, I feel the story is less interesting.

Despite there being ten distinct persons to keep track of, they are skilfully blended in a way that avoids confusion, and keeps the reader flipping the pages to discover who is next, and wondering how the murderer can go undetected on a small, flat island.

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