Reviews of T is for Trespass

By Sue Grafton

T is for Trespass


T is for Trespass

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Each of Kinsey’s cases stretches the private-eye formula in new ways. Her 20th, which reads like vintage Ruth Rendell, will bring shivers to every reader with an aged parent—or a young child.

As this master of suspense continues to demonstrate in superb mystery after mystery, there are more ugly twists in the human heart than there are letters in the alphabet.

T is for Trespass is slow to begin with, but once the characters begin to unfold and their paths cross it is impossible to put the novel down.

T IS FOR TRESPASS is more than a good mystery; it is an alert to the dangers that await us all if we are not aware of how easy it is for an unscrupulous person to insinuate themselves into a family member’s life.

Award winning mystery author, Sue Grafton, is at the top of her game with T is for Trespass...for the full effect, start with A is for Alibi and enjoy the progression to an all out chiller in T is for Trespass.

I had great hopes of the Solana plot which Grafton doesn't quite pull off. She's certainly a frightening character, but the book never totally delivers on the promised menace. Unforgivably, Grafton perpetrates the clumsy 'had I but known' approach far too often.

Since the reader knows from the start that an unscrupulous master manipulator has stolen the Rojas persona, the plot focuses not on whodunit but on the battle of wits Millhone wages with an unconventional and formidable adversary. Grafton's mastery of dialogue and her portrayal of the limits of good intentions make this one of the series' high points, even if two violent scenes near the end tidy up the pieces a little too neatly.


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