Something Blue

By Emily Giffin

Something Blue


Something Blue

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Something Borrowed comes after the smash-hit story of betrayal, redemption and forgiveness Take a look at this Darcy Rhone was able to rely on a few things at all times: her beauty and charm. Her best friend for life, Rachel. She never needed anything else. Or so she thinks until Dex calls off t... he wedding of her dreams and uncovers the ultimate betrayal. Darcy flees to London blaming everyone but herself and attempts to re-create her glamorous life on a new continent. But she discovers to her dismay that her tried-and-true tricks are no longer applicable—and that her luck has finally expired. Only then will she be able to begin her journey towards redemption, forgiveness and true love.



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    Mar 21, 2006

  • ISBN

    0312323867 , 9780312323868







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Something Blue

Something Blue

352 Pages

Quotes from Something Blue

Anxiety was not an emotion I could ever remember feeling when I went out in New York, and I wondered why tonight felt so different. Maybe it was because I no longer had a boyfriend or fiance. I suddenly recognized that there was safety in having someone, as well as a lack of pressure to shine. Ironically, this had cultivated a certain free-spiritedness that had, in turn, allowed me to be the life of the party and hoard the affection of additional men....But that had all changed. I didn't have a boyfriend, a perfect figure, or alcohol-induced outrageousness to fall back on.

Love and friendship. They are what make us who we are, and what can change us, if we let them.

Evident in every small act of kindness, it was love as a verb. Love that made me feel more complete than I had ever felt in my glamorous, Jimmy Choo filled past.

The person who wants out of the relationship always gets her way.

People generally didn't cheat in good relationships.

It's amazing to me how few guys know their friends' birthdays.

Reviews of Something Blue

Reads, overall, like a rehash—however amusing—of Borrowed. Giffin’s next had better be Something New.

You will read it all day, walking around with it in your hand. And if you don’t love her at first, just give it a little time. You may even see a little of yourself in her.

It is a credit to Emily Giffin's writing skills that, with SOMETHING BLUE, she manages to fashion a novel whose central character is thoroughly unappealing...

One calm scolding from her friend Ethan, and suddenly she became a madeover angel with a heart of gold. I felt the transformation was too fast and forced.

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