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Genres :Non-Fiction , Science , Cooking Methods
Published By : Penguin Books
Published On : Jan 28, 2003
ISBN : 0142001619 (ISBN13: 9780142001615)
Format :Paperback
Language :English
No. of pages : 484
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    “In every age, people are certain that only the things they have deemed valuable have true value. The search for love and the search for wealth are always the two best stories. But while a love story is timeless, the story of a quest for wealth, given enough time, will always seem like the vain pursuit of a mirage.”
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    “modern people have seen too many chemicals and are ready to go back to eating dirt.”
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    “It is an old remark, that all arts and sciences have a mutual dependence upon each other... Thus men, very different in genius and pursuits, become mutually subservient to each other; and a very useful kind of commerce is established by which the old arts are improved, and new ones daily invented.”
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    “It turned out that salt was a microcosm for one of the oldest concepts of nature and the order of the universe. From the fourth-century-B.C. Chinese belief in the forces of yin and yang, to most of the world's religions, to modern science, to the basic principles of cooking, there has always been a belief that two opposing forces find completion - one receiving a missing part and the other shedding an extra one. A salt is a small but perfect thing.”

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    Enlightening and delighting as he goes, Kurlansky is, like Jane Grigson before him, a peerless food historian.

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  • ...stylishly written and wonderfully learned, covering a vast geographical and historical acreage.

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  • ...he has created a perfectly delightful treatise on this ordinary, totally essential white crystal.

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  • ...much of Salt's timeline-marking activity could have been collapsed into one lengthy chapter and spiked with more analysis. Kurlansky doesn't hit his stride until he gets closer to modern times...

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  • Engagingly written, painstakingly researched and with its own unique perspective on world history, Mark Kurlansky’s Salt a World History is a great read for anyone interested in social history.

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