The Return of Sherlock Holmes


The Return of Sherlock Holmes

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'Holmes,' I yelled. 'Do you really mean it? Could it really be you are alive? Is it possible you managed to climb out of that terrible abyss?' Missing, presumed dead, Sherlock Holmes returns triumphantly to his dear compañero Dr. Watson for three years. And not before long! London has never been... more in need of its extraordinary services: a murderous person with an air gun stalks the town. Among the thirteen more brilliant tales of mystery, detection and deduction, Sherlock Holmes investigates the Norwood Builder's problem, decipheres the Dancing Men's message, and cracks the Six Napoleons' case.



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    Oct 28, 1993

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Quotes from The Return of Sherlock Holmes

From the first day I met her, she was the only woman to me. Every day of that voyage I loved her more, and many a time since have I kneeled down in the darkness of the night watch and kissed the deck of that ship because I knew her dear feet had trod it. She was never engaged to me. She treated me as fairly as ever a woman treated a man. I have no complaint to make. It was all love on my side, and all good comradeship and friendship on hers. When we parted she was a free woman, but I could never again be a free man.

You would not call me a marrying man, Watson?"
"No, indeed!"
"You'll be interested to hear that I'm engaged."
"My dear fellow! I congrat-"
"To Milverton's housemaid."
"My dear Holmes!"
"I wanted information, Watson.

(...)There’s the cab, Hopkins, and you can remove your man. If you want me for the trial, my address and that of Watson will be somewhere in Norway –I’ll send particulars later.

I do not know whether it came from his own innate depravity or from the promptings of his master, but he was rude enough to set a dog at me. Neither dog nor man liked the look of my stick, however, and the matter fell through. Relations were strained after that, and further inquiries out of the question.

It is a pity he did not write in pencil. As you have no doubt frequently observed, the impression usually goes through -- a fact which has dissolved many a happy marriage.

I felt Holmes's hand steal into mine and give me a reassuring shake.
- Watson

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