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Genres :Fiction , Romance , Adult , Love , Fiction Classics
Published By : shire, England
ISBN : 0451002954 (ISBN13: 9780451002952)
Language :English
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    “In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”
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    “Laugh as much as you choose, but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.”
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    “Occupied in observing Mr. Bingley’s attentions to her sister, Elizabeth was far from suspecting that she was herself becoming an object of some interest in the eyes of his friend. Mr. Darcy had at first scarcely allowed her to be pretty: he had looked at her without admiration at the ball; and when they next met, he looked at her only to criticise. But no sooner had he made it clear to himself and his friends that she had hardly a good feature in her face, than he began to find it was rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes. To this discovery succeeded some others equally mortifying. Though he had detected with a critical eye more than one failure of perfect symmetry in her form, he was forced to acknowledge her figure to be light and pleasing; and in spite of his asserting that her manners were not those of the fashionable world, he was caught by their easy playfulness. Of this she was perfectly unaware: to her he was only the man who made himself agreeable nowhere, and who had not thought her handsome enough to dance with.”
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    “Adieu to disappointment and spleen. What are men to rocks and mountains?”
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    “Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. If the dispositions of the parties are ever so well known to each other or ever so similar beforehand, it does not advance their felicity in the least. They always continue to grow sufficiently unlike afterwards to have their share of vexation; and it is better to know as little as possible of the defects of the person with whom you are to pass your life.”
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  • I strongly suggest everybody to read this book - maybe it will be hard at first but it will definitely be worth it!

    Feb 29, 2012 Read full review
  • This is the best book to illustrate the negative effect of pride and prejudice when it comes to the relations between people, and it combines knowledge of life with a dynamic plot.

    Feb 29, 2012 Read full review
  • If I'm ever stranded on our imaginary desert isle I hope I have a trunkful of books. But if I can only take one I think Pride and Prejudice just might be it.

    Sep 04, 2014 Read full review
  • ...Jane Austen’s most popular book actually offers a witty, insightful, and surprisingly realistic look at what marriage is and ought to be—even some two hundred years after its publication.

    Jan 10, 2014 Read full review
  • The story is engaging at every stage. While strong characters carry the drama of the story, ludicrous personalities keep the reader entertained.

    May 10, 2014 Read full review
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