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The year 1945 is written. Claire Beauchamp Randall, who has worked on the front as a nurse until recently, spends the second honeymoon with her husband Frank in the Scottish highlands. When she touches a magical stone circle during a walk, she loses consciousness – and awakens in the midst of the sl... aughter of Scottish rebels in 1743. The Scotland of this epoch differs considerably from the peaceful place that Claire has just mysteriously left: the Scottish clans fight fiercely against the English occupation; the Highlanders are marked by rebellion and betrayal, by enlightenment, superstition and witchcraft. And in the midst of them is Claire – a twentieth-century woman, a weary stranger who upsets people by her strange appearance, unusual language, and peculiar knowledge. She meets James Fraser, the brave clan leader who hastens to help her more than once in life-threatening situations. Again and again her paths cross, and soon Claire feels that this man will play a decisive role in determining her fate, that she will experience love and passion, rebellion and deadly danger alongside him. Finally, Claire has to make the decision of her life: between the future and the past, between her husband Frank and the rothaar rebel James Fraser. In the midst of this adventure, however, she has already learned a lesson – that a man's instinct to protect the woman he loves is as old as time..



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Quotes from Outlander

For where all love is, the speaking is unnecessary

No wonder men got impervious to superficial pain, I thought. It came from this habit of hammering each other incessantly.

A hedgehog? And just how does a hedgehog make love?" he demanded.
No, I thought. I won't. I will not. But I did. "Very carefully," I replied, giggling helplessly. So now we know just how old that one is, I thought.

You're tearin' my guts out, Claire.

The rest of the journey passed uneventfully, if you consider it uneventful to ride fifteen miles on horseback through rough country at night, frequently without benefit of roads, in company with kilted men armed to the teeth, and sharing a horse with a wounded man. At least we were not set upon by highwaymen, we encountered no wild beasts, and it didn't rain. By the standards I was becoming used to, it was quite dull.

There are things that I canna tell you, at least not yet. And I'll ask nothing of ye that ye canna give me. But what I would ask of ye---when you do tell me something, let it be the truth. And I'll promise ye the same. We have nothing now between us, save---respect, perhaps. And I think that respect has maybe room for secrets, but not for lies. Do ye agree?

Reviews of Outlander

A satisfying treat, with extra scoops of excitement and romance that make up for certain lapses in credibility.

Claire and Jamie have been game-changers for the romance world, showing that heroes and heroines need not be flat or one-dimensional for readers to eat them up.

It is not a light-hearted read, for sure. There's a very high body count, and some brutal torture scenes. But for me all of that was outweighed by the epic-style adventure and truly satisfying romance that made the novel a "Dove Bar" experience.

Overall I thought this book was pretty good, but there are some things that keep it from being better in my opinion. I found a few parts to be kind of boring...

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