Genres :Fiction , Romance , Literary Fiction , Adult
Published By : Knopf
Published On : Aug 04, 2020
ISBN : (ISBN13: 9780525658290)
Format :Hardcover
Language :English
No. of pages : 272
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    “You know what you have to do, Matthew." Darkness began to close around him, until all he could see was the head ot the deer. The deer and something beyond... "Do it Matthew," the voice whisperd. "Do it for me...”

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  • This may be sounding familiar, and also recognizable is the novel’s sexual tension: The mere touch of either Ren or Shay can drive Calla to uncontrollable, ultimate bliss, to the extent that her urges sometimes overpower the plot.

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  • Nightshade is the intriguing debut novel by International bestselling author, Andrea Cremer.

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  • There are a few too many scenes of characters summoning each other with "hooked fingers" and incidents of Calla feeling so turned on that her knees might give out, but Cremer's writing is otherwise imaginative and compelling — so compelling that readers of "Nightshade" will most likely have a har...

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  • Ren and Calla are destined to be "mated" on Halloween, unifying the two packs, but in the two months leading up to her marriage ceremony, Calla realizes Shay isn't just a normal human, and her feelings for him are too complicated to ignore.

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  • But things are happening all the way through, so it didn’t feel long, and other than some of the swooning descriptions—I did think Calla spent a little too much time feeling like she was going to faint (about midway through I was actually starting to theorize that her feeling faint so often was g...

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