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Genres :Non-Fiction , Science , Personal Growth , Self-Improvement
Published By : Penguin Books
Published On : Feb 28, 2012
ISBN : (ISBN13: 9780143120537)
Format :Paperback
Language :English
No. of pages : 320

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  • 5 

    He offers fascinating and accessible explorations into the workings of the brain. . .

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  • His narrative is smart and funny. . .it’s informed by a humanism that enables its author to place the mysteries of the brain within a larger philosophical and cultural context.

    Mar 07, 2011 Read full review
  • Without that sore-thumb of a chapter, Moonwalking with Einstein would be a nearly perfect thing, a book that combines a skillful, literate look into how memory functions, and why it is so very important to us individually and culturally with a lush, sweet coating of its setting...

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  • telling the story all over again five years later, he is hoping to prolong his meagre allocation of fame and persuade the world to remember his name. But I have too much on my mind, and now intend to exercise my prerogative as a thinker by forgetting him.

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  • . . .it is Foer's detours down other side-streets of memory that make for some of the book's most compelling moments.

    Apr 08, 2011 Read full review
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