Best quotes from Mercury's War

By Lora Liegh

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She's my sunshine

Damned mating heat. Lawe is threatening to join a monastery and Rule's threatening to quit. Why don't you two try to show the younger guys it can be fun instead of taking a note out of everyone else's books and letting it drive you insane?

You are my mate, Ria. In my soul. You are my mate.
~ Mercury

I need you more than I need freedom.

Ria snorted. Leo’s pride rarely leaves the plains. What are they
supposed to mate? The zebras?

I say, when Mercury arrives, we just pretend we’re not here. Lawe
tipped back his whiskey and swallowed in a single drink. Stay real quiet.
Don’t make eye contact.
They all nodded.

Tu eres mi Compañera, Ria, En Mi alma tu eres mi Compañera~Mercury

Otro hombre toca lo que es mío y lo mato. Lo destrozaría, Ria. Cualquiera que se atreva a intentar hacerte daño, y la locura será la menor de mis debilidades. Me destruirá. Eres mía-Mercury

I hate Breeds, she muttered. Do you know that? You and your sharp, damned noses. Just because I want to doesn’t mean I should. Hell, I want cheesecake but I know better. It goes right to my hips. Does that mean I have to eat it anyway?
He stared back at her in disbelief. You’re comparing me to cheesecake? Offended male fury and outrage glittered in his eyes.
She huffed, Well, the same principle applies.


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