Deadly Dozen


Deadly Dozen

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12 complete works by today's hottest mystery and thriller authors, including New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. This special edition bundle has a very special price! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ther... e are ten full-length novels and two novellas in this collection. 1 - Diane Capri's DON'T KNOW JACK (The Hunt For Reacher Series) 2 - J Carson Black's CRY WOLF (A Laura Cardinal Novella) Carol Davis Luce's NIGHT WIDOW (The Night Series) is number three. M A Comley's GUARANTEED JUSTICE (The Justice Series) is number four. 5 - Cheryl Bradshaw's STRANGER IN TOWN Aaron Patterson & Ellie Ann - BREAKING STEELE (A Sarah Steele Thriller) 7 - Vincent Zandri's MOONLIGHT SONATA (A Dick Moonlight Thriller) TERMINUS - Joshua Graham (#8) 9 - J F Penn's ONE DAY IN BUDAPEST Michele Scott's DEAD CELEB (The Dead Celeb Series) is number ten. 11 - ALLAN LEVERONE, FINAL VECTOR Linda S Prather's THE GIFTS (A Jacody Ives Mystery) is number 12 on the list.



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unavoidable. Kim pinched her nostrils between thumb and forefinger.

Most are sold into the commercial sex trade. Human trafficking is horrific, but nonetheless real. To learn how you can help prevent these crimes, check out the Operation61 website.

The mind can break and be lost forever, but if the will breaks it comes back stronger.

He reached out and caressed her bare arm.

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