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Genres :Non-Fiction , Cooking Methods , Food Memoir & Travel
Published By : Penguin Books
Published On : Apr 29, 2014
ISBN : (ISBN13: 9780143125334)
Format :Paperback
Language :English
No. of pages : 480

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  • Paragraph by paragraph, he’s still a joy to read, conveying the deep satisfaction of, say, experimenting to achieve a sourdough bread that’s wholesome but still airy.

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  • The problem for Pollan is that his argument, while robust, is relatively short: cultures and societies that cook more of their own food are generally thinner, healthier and happier...Clearly his thesis needs fattening up a bit.

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  • Pollan is rather obsessed by authenticity in food, setting up the industrial food process as the Visigoths rampaging across the plain to mount a final assault...At this point it all gets, well, a little overcooked.

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  • 5 

    A delightful chronicle of the education of a cook who steps back frequently to extol the scientific and philosophical basis of this deeply satisfying human activity.

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  • ...Mr Balzer concludes that, since the 1980s, fewer and fewer people have been cooking their evening meal...Mr Pollan is keen for this trend to be reversed and his book is a hymn to why people should be enticed back into the kitchen.

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