City of Glass

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City of Glass


City of Glass

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Nominated for an Edgar award for the best mystery of the year, City of Glass inaugurates an intriguing New York Trilogy of novels that The Washington Post Book World has classified as "post-existentialist private eye.. it's as if Kafka got hooked on the gumshoe game and penned his own ever-spiraling... version." Written with hallucinatory clarity, City of Glass combines Hitchcock-like suspense with dark humour. The Ghosts and The Locked Room are the next two brilliant installments in The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster.



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    Apr 7, 1987

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City of Glass

City of Glass

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Each time he took a walk, he felt as though he were leaving himself behind, and by giving himself up to the movement of the streets, by reducing himself to a seeing eye, he was able to escape the obligation to think, and this, more than anything else, brought him a measure of peace, a salutary emptiness within...By wandering aimlessly, all places became equal and it no longer mattered where he was. On his best walks he was able to feel that he was nowhere. And this, finally was all he ever asked of things: to be nowhere.

Not everything is about you," Clary said furiously.
"Possibly," Jace said, "but you do have to admit that the majority of things are.

He landed on his back amid a tangled pile of clothes. "Isabelle," Simon protested weakly, "do you really think this is going to make you feel any better?"
"Trust me," Isabelle said, placing a hand on his chest, just over his unbeating heart. "I feel better already.

I was thinking about the first time I ever saw you," he said, "and how after that I couldn't forget you. I wanted to, but I couldn't stop myself. I forced Hodge to let me be the one who came to find you and bring you back to the Institue. And even back then, in that stupid coffee shop, when I saw you sitting on that couch with Simon, even then that felt wrong to me-- I should have been the one sitting with you. The one who made you laugh like that. I couldn't get rid of that feeling. That it should have been me. And the more I knew you, the more I felt it--it had never been like that for me before. I'd always wanted a girl and then gotten to know her and not wanted her anymore, but with you the feeling just got stronger and stronger until that night when you showed up at Renwick's and I knew.

And I'm suppose to sit by while you date boys and fall in love with someone else, get married...?" His voice tightened. "And meanwhile, I'll die a little bit more every day, watching.

There is no pretending," Jace said with absolute clarity. "I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I'll love you then.

Reviews of City of Glass


As lurid battle scenes cut to the requisite shocking revelations and angst-drenched reunions, readers will almost hear the John Williams music swelling. Derivative though it may be, melodramatic emotional wallowing has never been so much fun.

The whole series has been an easy to read guilty pleasure. City of Glass matures from books one and two and the author is just getting better book after book.

This book shows a progression of the series and Clare's writing; purple prose is virtually nonexsistent, we have a more focused story line that is fast-paced.

In spite of concerns about the lack of a huge battle, there were enough twists and turns, action and love to thrill even the most half-hearted fan of the Mortal Instruments series.

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