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Author Tim Winton

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Genres :Fiction , Young Adult , Non-Fiction , Science , Literary Fiction , Health & Fitness
Published By : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Published On : May 27, 2008
ISBN : 0374116342 (ISBN13: 9780374116347)
Format :Hardcover
Language :English
No. of pages : 218
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    “It's funny, but you never really think much about breathing. Until it's all you ever think about.”
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    “I liked books - the respite and privacy of them - books about plants and the formation of ice and the business of world wars. Whenever I sank into them I felt free.”
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    “We rise to a challenge and set a course. We take a decision. You put your mind to something. Just deciding to do it gets you halfway there. Daring to try. ”
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    “Being afreaid proves you're alive and awake.”
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    “I came home at dusk with my ears ringing from the quiet.”
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  • Sun, surf and the '70s Down Under provide the backdrop for the story of a boy's awakening through rough sex.

    Jun 24, 2010 Read full review
  • With Breath, Winton has written an absorbing, powerful and deeply beautiful novel, a meditation on surfing which becomes a rumination about the very stuff of existence.

    May 03, 2008 Read full review
  • You could summarize Tim Winton's Breath by saying it's a novel about a two Australia...

    Jun 10, 2009 Read full review
  • Though the main story takes place during one single summer, the impact of that period is broader - giving both meaning and a pervading sense of loss and nostalgia to Bruce Pike's life and the story as a whole.

    Jun 04, 2009 Read full review
  • Breath is a study of the signposts of adolescence - searching for like-minded friends, resisting complacency and crossing boundaries - but also an acutely observed cautionary tale of the damage left behind by extreme behavior.Breath is simple enough on the surface.

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