Blindfold Game

By Dana Stabenow

Blindfold Game
Blindfold Game

Two Thai men hire two international pirates to smuggle them, a small mercenary team, and some equipment onto a freighter bound for a Russian port. It's frighteningly simple, and the ship heads east, toward North America's western coast.In Washington, D.C., a CIA analyst has been hearing rumors about... the sale of radioactive material and military equipment on the black market in deep Russia, but he can't confirm them.The analyst, Hugh Rincon, is originally from Alaska and more acutely aware than most in Washington of Alaska's vulnerability with Russia. Hugh learns that his estranged wife, Sarah Lange, is second in command on the Sojourner Truth in the Bering Sea, at the heart of the potential conflict, but he can't get anyone to take him seriously, least of all the director of the CIA. And the chase is on. Dana Stabenow, the Edgar® Award-winning author of seventeen crime novels, delivers a nail-biting, action-packed read that is both international in scope and chillingly real.



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