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Genres :Fiction , Romance , Young Adult , Childrens , Children's Picture Books
Published By : Doubleday Books for Young Readers
Published On : Aug 18, 2020
ISBN : (ISBN13: 9781984893765)
Format :Ebook
Language :English
No. of pages : 24
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    “...there are some things for which there are no answers, no matter how beautiful the words may be.”
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    “Sometimes poetry--words--give us a small, lovely look at ourselves. And sometimes that is enough.”
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    “Byrd: It is important because we are giving her something to take away with her when she goes.
    Lalo: What will she take with her?
    Byrd: Us.
    Sophie: And what will we have when she's gone?
    Byrd looked at Sophie and shook her head because she couldn't speak”

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