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Genres :Fiction , Romance , Mystery
Published By : Dutton Adult
Published On : Jul 27, 2010
ISBN : 0525951784 (ISBN13: 9780525951780)
Format :Hardcover
Language :English
No. of pages : 309
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    “After the woman left, I set my coffee down and opened the bag. Two muffins-double-chocolate and
    blueberry bran.
    I texted Adam a thank-you. I’d just started eating the chocolate muffin when he texted backPut that one
    down and eat the bran. It’s better foryou.”
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    “There are just as many bitches out there as bastards. Equal opportunity asshole-ism.”
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    “I blinked and wiped my hand over my face. My fingers came back damp. I glanced across the room and saw my reflection in the mirror, hair snarled, mascara running, face streaked with tears.
    "Yep, you look like shit," Adam said. "And I took plenty of pictures, which I will keep until an appropriate opportunity for blackmail arises.”
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    “So, is it too young for you?"
    He leaned over, lips coming to mine, arms pulling me into a kiss, soft at first, tentative, then ... wow. The guy could kiss. I finally had to pull back to catch my breath.
    "Good answer?" he said.
    "Yep. You like them young."
    He flushed. "That was
    the message."
    "Are you sure? Because it certainly seems--"
    He cut me off with another oxygen-depriving kiss.”
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    “Yep, Gin and Brandi. Call me crazy, but naming your daughters after alcoholic beverages is just asking for trouble.”

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