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The Damned
The Damned
Fiction, Romance
416 Pages
The Beautiful
The Beautiful
Romance, Young Adult
448 Pages
Smoke in the Sun
Smoke in the Sun
Romance, Young Adult
408 Pages


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    “Heartbreak happens every day . . . anyone can break your heart if you let them.”
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    “I don't want to make sense anymore. I want to be happy. When I really stopped to think about it I realized I'm happiest when I'm with you”
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    “In the past, I used to think real love was anti-capitalistic.
    I believed love, as the modern world understood it, was an endless siege fueled by the impossibility of healthy co-dependence.
    One person always gave. One person always took.
    Selflessness and selfishness.
    I was wrong.
    Real love is unto itself. For every person, it’s different, and no one can presume to explain its complexity using mere words.
    For me, love comes down to the moments of pure, unadulterated happiness in your life.”