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Philip K. Dick was born in 1928 in Chicago and lived in California for most of his life. He started writing professionally in 1952 and went on to write numerous novels and collections of short stories. He won the 1962 Hugo Award for best novel for The Man in the High Castle and the 1974 John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best novel of the year for Flow My Tears, the Said of the Police. Philip K. Dick died of heart failure following a stroke on M... arch 2, 1982, in Santa Ana, California. In addition to 44 novels, Dick wrote about 121 short stories, most of which appeared during his lifetime in science fiction magazines. Although Dick spent most of his career as a writer in near-poverty, he has adapted ten of his stories to popular movies since his death, including Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Paycheck, Next, Screamers, and The Adjustment Bureau. Time magazine named Ubik in 2005 as one of the one hundred greatest English-language novels published since 1923. Dick became the first science fiction writer to be included in the series The Library of America in 2007.READ MORE

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Popular quotes by Philip K. Dick

It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

Science fiction writers, I am sorry to say, really do not know anything. We can't talk about science, because our knowledge of it is limited and unofficial, and usually our fiction is dreadful.

The true measure of a man is not his intelligence or how high he rises in this freak establishment. No, the true measure of a man is this: how quickly can he respond to the needs of others and how much of himself he can give.

A man is an angel that has gone deranged.

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use them.

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