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Mila Gray

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Does he tell you that you’re all
he thinks about? Does he tell you that he lives for you?
That he breathes for you? That he dreams of you every
damn moment, awake and asleep? Does he tell you any
of that?’ He pauses to look at me and I try to keep a blank
face. ‘No, I didn’t think so,’ he says quietly.

Does he make you see stars?’ he asks in a low voice. ‘Does he call you his north star? Because that’s what you are to me. You’re the reason I made it home.

I think you still love me,’ he says, ‘even though you don’t want to.’
I glare at him, fury battling my instincts.
‘Because that kind of love, Jessa,’ Kit continues, ‘doesn’t just disappear. It doesn’t just fade. I still love you. I’ll always love you. And I think you feel the same way about me. And hell, I know I don’t deserve it. I know all I deserve is your hatred. But if there’s a chance, a single chance that you might still love me, then I’m not going to throw it away. Because I’ve been through hell and you’re the only reason I’m still standing.’ He pauses. ‘So tell me the truth. Do you love him?

You've been waiting in the bushes for half an hour just to speak to me?"
Kit shrugs. "I've done sniper training. I can sit for hours in the dark, waiting and watching."
"That's comforting." I say. "And not creepy in the slightest.

I'm going to inform her father from a separate state, maybe even from a separate continent. And I'll still be sure to wear a bullet-proof best because that man has connections.

Do you come here often?' I ask. As soon as the words are out of my mouth, I cringe. Way to go, Kit. Make it sound like you’re trying to pick him up, why don’t you?

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