Lorelei James

Author of I Want You Back and 10+ Books

Lorelei James
Lorelei James

Lorelei James is the bestselling author of the Need You Series and the Blacktop Cowboys® Series in The New York Times and USA Today. Her books won both the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award and the CAPA Award....READ MORE

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    Fiction, Romance, Adult, Young Adult, Non-Fiction, Novella, Mystery & Suspense, Biography & Memoir, Cozy Mysteries







Popular quotes by Lorelei James

Jack: "For Christ's sake, it wasn't like I was on vacation. I've been in Iowa, in cornfield hell!
Keely: Did you just say you got cornholed in Iowa?

You actually fucked her? What, did her forked tongue feel exceptionally good on your dick or something?" —Keely to Jack after meeting his ex-girlfriend.

Sometimes you're so nice, I can't believe I ever hated you." —Keely to Jack

I know it’s stupid, but I’m just so crazy in love with her I wanted everyone to know it. To see how lucky I am. To brag that this…perfect woman is mine. That she picked
. That she loves
What do you care that the whole world knows that? Colt said. Jeez, Carter, the only important thing is
Colby and Cord both gave Colt an odd look.

Umm. Wow. Did it grow? Because it looks bigger."
"Kissin' your red-hot love flower made this stem grow big and hard just for you, baby doll."
AJ managed to meet his eyes. "Love flower?"
"Thought maybe you wanted some kinda sweet-talkin' love words first.

Because as proud as I am of you, I need to do something that makes me proud of myself" (Harper)

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