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100 Things I'm Loving: Being getting married. Cake. Cake. The Autumn Smell. Maternity. Books. Books. Elephants.. Elephants. Rubber back. Films on Demand. Actually going to films. Faith. Faith. Rolls on cinnamon. My family. My family. Butterfly. When cleaning my kitchen. Penguins. Rosa. Sacks tote. Ballroom dancing. Organizing by the coordination of colours. That it was tea length for my wedding dress, not floor. Baker. My house. My house. To wr... ite utensils. Paper. Paper. India. India. The Water Sound. Make videos. Buttons, buttons. The Episcopalian word. They make people laugh. Clothes layered. British accentuation. Pinterest: Pinterest. Entertainment. Fireworks - Fireworks. An Ocean's smell. Ringing my wedding. Aprons: Aprons. Sex. Reasons for getting dressed. Music pop. Stars. Stars. Take walks. Day triumphant. Including stickers. The Spirit of School. My girlfriends. Living in tiny town. Japan. Japan. To sing. She paints my toenails. Practical jokes / Pranks. Pictures. Canvas Stretch. Customs. Throwing my fingers into melted wax. Style. Style. Soda. Soda. Spend an hour in a coffee shop typing. Musicals. Musicals. Return to school season. Motorcycles. Good days on the hair. Snacks. Not walking up, but looking up on a beautiful escalator. Only driving. My goosebumps. Playbacks. Spending whole days in Pyjamas. Ferries. Stories to tell. To be spontaneous. Topic parks. Bookshelf. The Copacetic Word. Boxes. Boxes. Empty Newspapers. Surprises, surprises. Getting things done in groups. Doing things by themselves. Get real mail. To decorate. Small gabbling. Great hug. Donation cards. Goals to New Years. Out for dinner. When someone else remembers that I've forgotten some great story about me/us. Toy shops. Chimneys. Snacks for breakfast. Journal. A good reason to cry. Doorcloths. Good adventures. Vote. My anniversary. Reasons to wish for. Recycle.READ MORE

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Popular quotes by Kiera Cass

I only really ever hug my mother. Is this okay? he asked.
I laughed. It’s hard to get a hug wrong.

I sighed and went back to filling out the application. The whole thing made me feel like my family didn’t think I had any right to want something of my own. It bothered me, but I knew I couldn’t hold it against them in the long run. We couldn’t afford the luxury of wants. We had needs.

I couldn't joke about the person who'd saved me from facing absolute heartbreak at home, who fed my family boxes of sweets, who ran to me worried that i was hurt if I asked for him.
A month ago, I had looked at the TV and seen a stiff, distant, boring person-someone I couldn't imagine anyone loving. And while he wasn't anything close to the person I did love, he was worthy of having someone to love in his life.

He stood and went to read my pin as I approached. America, is it? he said, a smile playing on his lips.
Yes, it is. And I know I’ve heard your name before, but could you remind me?

Do you think the ability to sleep in counts as a special skill? I asked Dad, trying to sound torn over the decision.
Yes, list that. And don’t forget to write that you can eat an entire meal in under five minutes, he replied. I laughed. It was true; I did tend to inhale my food.
Oh, the both of you! Why don’t you just write down that you’re an absolute heathen! My mother went storming from the room.

True love is usually the most inconvenient kind.

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