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Genre: Fiction

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Home Fire
Home Fire
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    “For a second I was almost jealous of the clouds. Why was he looking to them for an escape when I was right here beside him?”
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    “Her definition of romance was absentminded intimacy, the way someone else's hand stray to your plate of food.
    I replied: no, that's just friendship; romance is always knowing exactly where that someone else's hands are. She smiled and said, there was a time I thought that way, too. But at the heart of the romance is the knowledge that those hands may wander off elsewhere, but somehow through luck or destiny or plain blind groping they'll find a way back to you, and maybe you'll be smart enough then to be grateful for everything that's still possible, in spit of your own weaknesses- and his.”
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    “There is no mystery-- that's the beauty of it. We are entirely explicable to each other, and yet we stay. What a miracle that is.”
    #relationships#true love
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    “You have this ability to find beauty in weird places.”
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    “They adore you beacause they think you offer up your friendship and ask for nothing in return. But that's not true-' He took a deep breath. 'You do ask for something. You ask that we never expect you to need us.”
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