J. D. Robb

Author of Divided in Death and 50+ Books

J. D. Robb

J. D. Robb is the pseudonym for a #1 New York Times bestselling author of over 200 novels including the In Death series bestseller. Over 500 million copies of her books are on print.

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Dammit All To Hell and Back Again!

That was a charming invitation," she murmured, then arched a brow when the man peeled open his fly patch and wagged his personality at her. "Oh, look, kitty. A teeny-tiny little penis." She smiled, leaned just a bit closer. "Better take care of it, asshole, or my pussy here might mistake it for a teeny-tiny little mouse and bite it off." It made her feel better to see what there was of his pride and joy shrivel before he closed his flaps.

It was a joint, which put it one slippery step up from a dive.

When you love someone, you have to be with them, don't you? To be part of their life, to have them be part of yours."
Glory in Death

The simple and most complex answer is love.

She had a rosebud on her ass, and wasn't happy about it. Standing naked in the bathroom, Eve adjusted the trifold mirror until she could get a good look.
"I think I could bust her for this," she muttered.
"Decorating a cop's posterior without a license?" Roarke suggested as he strolled in. "Felonious reproduction of floral imagery?''
"You're getting a big charge out of this, aren't you?" Miffed, Eve snagged a robe off the hook.
"Darling Eve, I thought I made it perfectly clear last night I was on your side of the issue. Didn't I do my best to chew it off?

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