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The Art of Fielding
The Art of Fielding
512 Pages


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    “You told me once that a soul isn't something a person is born with but something that must be built, by effort and error, study and love. And you did that with more dedication than most, that work of building a soul-not for your own benefit but for the benefit of those that knew you.”
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    “So much of one's life was spent reading; it made sense not to do it alone.”
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    “Literature could turn you into an asshole: he’d learned that teaching grad-school seminars. It could teach you to treat real people the way you did characters, as instruments of your own intellectual pleasure, cadavers on which to practice your critical faculties.”
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    “She hated the namelessness of women in stories, as if they lived and died so that men could have metaphysical insights.”
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    “It was strange the way he loved her; a side long and almost casual love, as if loving her were simply a matter of course, too natural to mention”
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