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Arthur Golden Memoirs Of A Geisha

Arthur Golden was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was educated at Harvard College, where he graduated in Japanese art history. He graduated from Columbia University in 1980 with an M.A. in Japanese history, where he also learned Chinese Mandarin. He worked in Tokyo after a summer at Beijing University and earned an M.A. in English from Boston University after returning to the United States. He lives with his wife and two children in Brookline... , Massachusetts. MORE

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If Mother and Mameha couldn't come to an agreement, I would remain a maid all my life just as surely as a turtle remains a turtle

From this experience, I understood the danger of focusing only on what isn't there. What if I came to the end of my life and realized that I'd spent every day watching for a man who would never come to me? What an unbearable sorrow it would be, to realize I'd never really tasted the things I'd eaten, or seen the places I'd been, because I'd thought of nothing but the Chairman even while my life was drifting away from me. And yet if I drew my thoughts back from him, what life would I have? I would be like a dancer who had practiced since childhood for a performance she would never give.

If you aren't the woman I think you are, then this isn't the world I thought it was.

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Water is powerful. It can wash away earth, put out fire, and even destroy iron.

Sometimes we get through adversity only by imagining what the world might be like if our dreams should ever come true.

His face was very heavily creased, and into each crease he had tucked some worry or other, so that it wasn't really his face any longer, but more like a tree that had nests of birds in all of the branches. He had to struggle constantly to manage it and always looked worn out from the effort.

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